4.1.8 Bug Reports Thread

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Nov 26, 2011.

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  1. Just updated the forums with the latest 4.1.8 version.


    For the love of Pete, don't send them to my PM, IMs, in the Cbox. etc. D: I will NOT remember to get it fixed if it's not here where I can go down the list.


    Currently repairing funny looking templates.
  2. The quick reply box is almost always pure white. Cannot read text without highlighting the text..
  3. That should be fixed now!
  4. Not sure if this is because of the update or not, but using the Gold layout this problem occurs. When you go to add an image to a post, the box that comes up is completely black. You can't read the text so you gotta highlight.
  5. when i Pm some one it sometimes gose over the lay out and makes the message box bigger than its suppose to be.
  6. I'm having a problem with editing a post.
    The text is appearing all black for me and must be highlighted. This is also true for my moderation controls (e.g attempting to move threads). They also show up as black text.

    I'm using the default layout.
  7. Trying to make a blog post. I refreshed a good 10,15 timeas and everytime it still comes up the exact same way. Because of whatever is fucking up it will type behind the sidebar on the right where you can't see it...

    Blog Post Bug.png
  8. Hello, I just joined and was going to fill out the Roleplay Resume, but I clicked on several links and it never comes up.
  9. Roleplay Resume is fixed!

    The editor text colors should be fixed now!

    I'm still trying to figure out the issue with the editor. I haven't been able to recreate that yet. o__o
  10. Ok. My notification button continues to read 1 unread message, despite the fact that ALL have been read.

  11. When you click it, what message does it give? Unread subscribed thread?

    It might be there because I bumped your roleplay OOC the other day. You'll have to click the "mark forums read" link under Forum Actions in the navbar.
  12. Another bug! I found out that the coins don't work for me as they used to. I mean, I get coins for every respond in groups and for every short, uncolored post in a thread. But when I use colors and write a long post, I don't get any coins at all.
  13. Diana, I think you turned a bunch of extra text on the frontpage yellow when you switched out the Featured Roleplays.
  14. Yes, Yes I did. D: I just fixed it.

    I'll look in to the coins problem. That's a strange one and going to take me a bit to figure out where the cause is! o_o
  15. I thought this problem would fix itself eventually...

    For some reason whenever I go to edit a post, I find that sometimes all of the text will get bunched together. Or when I change the font, size, or color in my posts, it goes ballistic and doesn't change the color, changes the size of some of the text or deletes everything. X_X It can't be my browser because my boyfriend uses Chrome as well and he isn't having any problems. I have no idea what it is but perhaps you might know why?
  16. It may be on my end but it's not letting me use the enter key to line down. Actually, I don't have the cursor line either appearing and can only work on a single base line which is becoming increasingly difficult. If I hit enter it shifted this ENTIRE grouping down instead of going to a new line and won't let me start a new one nor use the delete key(backspace goes back though ironically). May just be me and something I missed. I use Firefox- Default skin
  17. Okay, you guys with text box issues, this sounds like something browser-side or computer side is going really weird. But lets test and see!

    First: Clean out your browser history/cache. It might not have refreshed the recent forum updates.

    Second: Try going to your Settings -> General Settings and seeing if changing the "Message Editor Interface" to a different one changes the problem you're having. (this will tell me if it's specifically one of the text boxes.)

    Third: Try a different browser on YOUR computer (IF you're using Firefox try IE or Chrome, if you're using Chrome, try IE or Firefox, etc.) That'll tell me if it's the specific browser, or your computer.

    And let me know your results!
  18. Huh, one of the things I did unintentionally today was zoom in on the page and it fixed the problem... If it continues, I'll let you know Diana.
  19. Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing
    Seemed to be the problem actually. I switched to standard and all is well again.
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