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  1. <v:shape style="Z-INDEX: 1; POSITION: absolute; MARGIN-TOP: 13.95pt; WIDTH: 138pt; HEIGHT: 184.5pt; MARGIN-LEFT: 2.65pt; mso-position-horizontal-relative: text; mso-position-vertical-relative: text" id=_x0000_s1026 type="#_x0000_t75"><v:imagedata src="file:///C:\DOCUME~1\FUJITS~1\LOKALA~1\Temp\msohtml1\01\clip_image001.jpg" o:title="4052491265_accaef801d_o"></v:imagedata><w:wrap type="square"></w:wrap></v:shape>Lydia starred out threw the hospital window, this was unbelievable. She was about to die. The doctor had told her just an hour earlier that they couldn’t do anything about the cancer, she would die in a year, less if she was unlucky. She was eighteen years old and shortly after she would turn nineteen she would die. She maybe wouldn’t be able to even see her nineteenth birthday. Why did some people die so young? It wasn’t fair at all.

    Lydia had forced herself not to cry, she had forced herself to stay calm. She would die even if she hated it, even if she cried over it, nothing would change that fact. She would be forced to leave her friends behind, but if she distanced herself from them then they wouldn’t like her anymore. Then they wouldn’t take her death so badly when it came. A plan formed in her head, she wouldn’t talk to anyone, she would be cold to everyone, she wouldn’t let anyone in because if she did then they would get hurtened when she left this world.

    Four days later she got out of the hospital, she had waited for this moment for so long. She had been in the hospital for three weeks, it was so boring in there. Mostly she just looked up in the white painted cieling and didn’t do anything. But now she would be able to go back to school. It was weird that she wanted to go to school, she wouldn’t talk to anyone anyways, why did she even need to study? She wouldn’t live long enough to use the information she learned. Well, it was better to study than not doing anything at all during the days. And even if she couldn’t talk to her friends she could at least watch them have fun and smile, she could remember the good times they had together. The way she was doing this would hurt them, but it would hurt them more when she died if they were to close.

    She walked towards the school, hadn’t her friends told her that some knew guy had started in their class while she was in the hospital? She had talked to them a lot before she got to know that she were going to die, but after she got the news she didn’t let anyone visit her if they weren’t her family members. She felt really bad for ignoring everyone but she didn’t have any choise.

    Walking in to the classroom she saw a guy sitting there, someone she had never seen before. Her friend had been right, he was really hot. Not because she cared, she wouldn’t let anyone in to her life again, she couldn’t let them get hurtened. Lydia walked past the new guy and towards her own desk, it was just beside that guy. She hoped no one would talk to her because if they did then she would need to ignore them, or maybe say something mean to them to make them let her be. She didn’t like to hurt people or be mean to them, she wasn’t that kind of person. But as long as no one talked to her it would be good, then she could feel at ease. <o:p></o:p>

    Sitting in her desk her thoughts went in to a different direction, 361 days left to live, if she were lucky then it would be more if she were unlucky it would be less. But for now she would count everyday she had left from the day she got to know about her death sentence.

    What would happen with her after she died? Would there be a heaven and hell and if there were which one would she end up in then? Maybe there wasn’t anything after death, would she forget this life and just disappear in to nothingness? It scared her to think about this things, she was scared of death. She didn’t want to die, she wanted to live like all the other teenagers. Why did she have to die? What had she done to deserve to die? There was so many other people in her class, in the school and in the whole world that deserve to get sick and die more than her. But she understood, even the nicest of people could get sick and die or get in to an accident. She wasn’t the nicest person in the world but she wasn’t a bad person.

    Why was she thinking about these stupid things? She should just concentrate on the lesson instead and get her mind of death and all things related to it. The teacher hadn’t even came yet, on a normal day she would talk to people but she couldn’t now, then she would be friendly and they would get more hurt when she died. One of her friends walk towards her and started to talk but she turned her head away and looked out of the window. When she noticed that Lydia wouldn’t talk to her she started to walk away while whispering some stuff about Lydia being weird. Who cares, it was better this way anyways. They wouldn’t get hurt this way.

  2. Despite being an early riser when Joshua woke up his parents had already gone to work, after a quick shower he pulled on some clothes before heading for the kitchen to eat some breakfast. The apartment was large and open but lacked the strong warm sunlight that had poured into their house in Miami, here the balcony door couldn't stand open almost all the time without it getting cold inside.

    Casting a brown eye at the microwave clock Joshua rose and put his bowl and spoon in the dishwasher before grabbing a light jacket and his backpack in his room before leaving.

    Joshua stepped out of the apartment, locking it behind him before heading down the stairs and out on the street. The school lay only about fifteen minutes away but he was still not used to the fresh and clear air here compared to the constant heat and humidity in Miami and in his opinion was too chilly and he probably had one more layer of clothes than needed. No palm trees lined the streets, no ocean filled with crystal clear warm water just outside the streets and no alligators wandered into town every now and then.

    Pulling his backpack higher on his shoulder Joshua walked in on the school grounds, the yard was filled with students making their way inside the large building, watching the crowd with dark eyes he quietly made his way to the classroom. He'd only been here a week but had already made some friends, that was the only good part about moving, he thought to himself, that he had an easy time meeting new people, unlike his sister.

    "Hey Travis," Joshua called out over the crowd, looking over the students to where his blonde friend stood.

    "Hey," Travis zigzagged his way across the corridor. "Not gone into hibernation yet I see," he said with a grin. "I wonder how you'll make it in winter Joshua?"

    Joshua rolled his eyes at his friend, "well, I think I'll migrate back to Miami to survive." He grinned, the thought was indeed very tempting. "I'll see you later then," the clock would soon ring in for class and Joshua made his way to his class room. Travis and him only had a few classes together but Joshua hadn't bothered too much making many new friends, he was still a bit sour over his parents decision to move.

    While waiting for the teacher the empty desk beside him was taken for the first time since he had started at the school, a blonde girl he'd never seen before sat down beside him, seemingly ignoring everyone in the room. Joshua saw how another girl, he was quite sure her name was Sarah but he wasn't certain, walked up to the blonde, he assumed it was her friend until the blonde just the girl.

    He heard her mutter something about the blonde girl and got curious, she was very good looking as well albeit a bit tired it seemed, or maybe she was just not the social type. "Hey," he said turning his dark brown eyes to the girl. "How come I haven't seen you before?" Joshua was about to continue with another line but then the teacher walked in and he slowly turned his attention to the front of the room and opened his notebook, determined to continue his talk with the blonde when he had a chance.

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  3. Lydia sat deep inside of her own thoughts when the guy that sat beside her suddenly started to talk to her, he was new at the school and didn't know her so if she just gave a bad first impression then he probably wouldn't talk to her again. But how could she make him think badly about her by answering that question? If she didn't answer then he probably would be more curious and try to make her talk, so she would need to answer so he wouldn't feel like talking to her.

    Before she was able to answer the teacher came in to the classroom and everyone became silent. Maybe this would make the guy forget that he was talking to her and leave her alone. She glansed a litle at the guy, he was really good looking. She shoke her head a litle, how could she think about those kind of things now? She weren't even going to get to know him so adoring his looks was a bad idea, that would lead to talking which would lead to liking and that would lead to them getting hurt when the year was over. Even if that was her thoughts she glansed towards the guy many times during the lesson, he was somewhat facinating even though she didn't know why she thought so. It was probably his looks that made her think like that, if she would learn to know him then she wouldn't like him anymore, but she wouldn't get to know him.

    Suddenly the teacher slammed her hand in Lydias desk which forced her to wake up from her thoughts. "It's nice to have you back Lydia, but if you could come down from the clouds and listen to the lesson that would be wonderful." Lydia blinked a couple of times before being able to take in with the teacher had said, then she excused herself for daydreaming. A small blush spread on her face because she noticed how some people had started to giggle a litle. The first day in school for some weeks and she already embarrased herself, just her luck.

    The rest of the lesson went really slow, Lydia almost wanted to shout of happiness when the teacher got a call ten minutes before the lesson should have ended and she needed to leave them. Her first lesson in so long and she ended it earlier than she should have, for once she was actually lucky. But then she remembered, if they didn't have lessons then people would try to talk to her, which meant that she either needed to be mean or ignore them. She really didn't like to do either of them. But that would be better than how they would feel in a year when she soon would die.

    How long would it take before people got to know about how sick she really were? The cancer could give her really bad attacks and it was impossible to know when they would start and for how long they would be going on, the doctor had explained to her what happened when she got the attacks and how the cancer was spreading, but she hadn't understood a word of what he was saying. Maybe it was better that she didn't understand it, it would probably be scarier if she knew what happened inside of her.

    She started to put her books in to her backpack, begging that no one of her friends would come forward and talk to her. If she just wished strong enough maybe she would become invinsible, it felt weird just thinking it but she could at least try, which she actually did.
  4. Joshua turned his attention to the teacher as she entered, his attention wasn't entirely pulled away from the girl though, he took some notes of the subject, he didn't really need anymore help than that when he liked a subject, which was just as good as Joshua was quite busy cursing his luck of changing sunny Miami to this quite cold city. Joshua was lost in his comparison between this place and his last home, which Miami was winning so far, it had the heat, the beach, the sun while this place had, well not much as of yet, though the future was promising when the teacher stopped by the blonde girl beside him, slamming her hand on the desk making the girl jump.

    So the girl's name was Lydia then, Joshua looked at her seeing an embarrased blush spread on her face, but he didn't chuckle like some others did he could space out al lot as well and knew the feeling when a teacher caught you being unattentive, instead he was also getting more intrigued, she had apparently been away for quite some time and with his curious personality Joshua was determined to find out why. He didn't get much chance during the lesson for much else than listening and taking notes and most of his concentration was on the teacher, and finally after being awarded homework the teacher left after a phone call a whole ten minutes early, perfect time to continue his try at getting to know this Lydia.

    "So," he said to her while stuffing his books into his backback looking at Lydia. "Have you been away on something, I've been here for two weeks soon and I'm pretty sure I'd remembered your face if I'd met you." He said with an askew smile, the two small scars on his upper lip giving his voice a slight distinct sound with some words. The room was emptying quickly with bustling students wanting to take the most out of their extra freedom but Joshua was intent on talking to Lydia, following her out if she left the room as well. "I'm Joshua Hearn," he added as he realised she most likely didn't know him at all. "I just moved here, though I guess that's quite obvious."


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  5. Lydia sighted, it didn't work to become invincible, to bad. The most important now was to make him dislike her or at least uninterested in her. But that was so hard, she had always been the kind of person everyone liked to talk to, and she didn't like to be mean to people. What could she do or say to make him dislike her? What her friends had teached her was that if you didn't show any interest in a guy then they would get interested but they would also like it if you showed interest. So how to get rid of a guy if he gets interested whatever you do? She just needed to act in some way and hope he would find it annoying and leave.

    "Yeah, I have been away." She said shortly, hopefully he wouldn't like it if she didn't show him any interest. It could backfire on her though, but whatever she said or did it could always do that so it didn't matter. She didn't know him good enough to know what he would like and dislike. Well even if he tried to get closer because he became curious then she could just do the opposit and show interest, maybe he would stop being curious after that.

    She looked a litle at him, she had wondered during class over the scars on his upper lip, but if she asked then she would show that she were curious. But she were to curious so she would ask him sooner or later anyway, and they had a conversation now so why not now before she made him loose interest? They weren't that big so maybe some people didn't even notice them, but she always kept a close eye on people even the once she didn't know and often noticed those things. She made a loud sight inside of her head because of her uncurable curiousity, it would kill her one day, if not the cancer would take her life first which it probably would.

    "How did you get those scars?" She asked but tried to sound a bit uninterested, it probably didn't go so well. She felt how her curiousity came out with the word, but maybe this would make him think she were insensitive and make him loose interest, that would be a good thing to.

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  6. The girl looked less than happy at his approach and following question but she eventually gave in and answered, her reluctance made Joshua curious and despite her obviously uninterested facade he wanted to get to know her. It had nothing to do with love at first sight, Joshua had never believed in that saying anyway, no he was just curious and also stubborn, when he set his sights on something he was not easily distracted or stopped, the other thing that would keep him interested was the challenge in befriending someone who didn't seem to like him. In his life so far he'd learned that if he wanted it he could usually get close to people no matter how they started out, it had made Joshua quite self assured in his charms and that could get to his head actually.

    Joshua snapped back to reality just in time to hear her question about his scars, glad over her sudden interest and also filled with assurance again, if only he knew how hard his goal could be to reach this time. "Well I wish I could tell you it was from some sort of working accident or some other cooler stuff but in reality it's quite embarrassing actually," he said with a low chuckle, eyes slightly narrowed. Scratching at the back of his neck through his dark hair, a habit of his since years back.

    "I must have been around ten or eleven perhaps, I was trying to catch a cat, an old and fierce one it showed later, she was wounded and scared and yet I chased after her wildly instead of being more cautious. After a long, tiresome race through the city I did catch the poor thing and she decided to show me her gratitude by sharpening her claws on me, nothing went very deep except her slash at my mouth. But still I got her home and dad took care of her wounds which was the important thing. I couldn't bear let her loose on the streets again though, so when dad released her from the clinic I kept her, and she actually got very kind and social after awhile of being cared for." Joushua finished his story with a crooked smile, he'd never been one to shorten his words when talking and when it came to his interests or a good subject he could talk a lot.

    He hoisted his backpack higher on his shoulder, it wasn't exactly heavy as he kept most books at home save for those he needed but it was not feather light either. "Seeing it from the bright side I was actually lucky, despite what my parents though at the time," he said, eyes glinting. "It could have been an aligator I tried to help. It would probably not have been as humble as the poor cat was." Having inherited his love for animals from his father Joshua wished he could help all the homeless animals, give them a home where they were safe, though it was a futile wish and he knew it.

    "Seeing as you got to know something about me it's only fair I can ask you something, right?" Joshua said, hoping he'd found a way to get her to talk more. "Why did you ignore that girl earlier, it seemed like she knew you?" He'd been curious about that since the start of the lesson and he wondered if they'd hd a fight or if he read into it too much and Lydia didn't know the girl so well.


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  7. Lydia tried to think about what could have happened and got many ideas of what could have happened before she got her answer. Maybe he had gotten in to a fight because he were trying to help someone in need or maybe he had started a fight and gotten wounded. Some other thoughts run threw her mind at the same time as she tried to figuring out what kind of person he were, if she got to know that then it maybe would be easier to think about what he could have done. He hadn’t said much to her yet so she hadn’t that much to go on which meant she had no chance to figuring out his personality during the few seconds it took before he answered her.

    He surprised her a bit because he told her it was something embarrasing and uncool. That made her think even more of what it could be. Maybe he had just tripped and hit something sharp, that could in worse case leave a scar and would be a bit embarrasing. It didn’t take him long to continue and even if she didn’t want to show how interested she really was she couldn’t help but to show how interested she were with her eyes. The rest of her face stayed in the same half bored, half uninterested expression, but her eyes gave her away, if he would look in to her eyes then he would probably see her every thought. But she herself didn’t notice it, if she knew she would have tried to hide it as fast as possible.

    She tried to hold back a small laugh when she heard his story, it was a bit cute that he had saved a cat like that and she didn’t think it was embarrasing at all. But it was a bit funny when he told her how the cat had showed him gratitued. The laugh came out even though she tried not to let it out, it was always hard for her to hide her feelings, the way she had tried to act was so hard for her so it was just a matter of time before she would let something slip out. But it was better that it was laughter instead of tears. She liked that he hadn’t had shorten down the story at all, the most people would probably have said ‘A cat did it’ and then they would be done with the story. Instead he had made it pretty interesting to listen to. <o:p></o:p>

    <o:p> </o:p>
    She had finnished packing her backpack and noticed that everyone had left the classroom except them, she didn’t understand people that always hurried like that. The only thing they did outside were talking to eachother which they could do inside the classroom to without being in a hurry. If she remembered correctly they had a pretty long break before the next lesson would start, but she had been gone for three weeks so she could just be thinking about the wrong day.

    As she took up her backpack she was thinking about what he had continued to tell her, what a crazy kid he must have been if he even would have tried to help an aligator. He must really like animals if he would get close to that kind of animal.

    The thing he said after that disturbed her a bit, she knew she could just reject to answer whatever he asked or make up a lie about what had happened, but it was a bit unfair that she had gotten to hear something about him and then she would just lie to him about whatever he were going to ask. She decided to just say the truth, he would probably just ask about something easy to answer anyways. But her hopes disappeard fast, were he forced to ask about that? The only way for her to explain it would be to tell him about that she were going to try to reject everyone around her because she were going to die. But she didn’t want anyone to know about that thing so she couldn’t tell him about it. But if she just said that she just don’t feel like talking to anyone then he would probably not accept that answer, or maybe he would.

    “I just haven’t felt like being social with people since I got out from the hospital.” She said, a bit of it was a lie but it was also true. She wanted to be with people but at the same time she didn’t want to because they would be hurtened later, so it was better to just stay away.
    “It has been some tough weeks so I’m not in a good mood, that’s all.” It felt so easy to lie but at the same time it felt hard, it stung everytime she made a lie but it was better to protect the secret than letting everyone know about it. If one person got to know about it then it would soon have spread through the whole school and everyone would pitty her which would make her last year in life miserable. <o:p></o:p>
  8. As the girl let out a laugh at his story Joshua grinned back at her. "I knew you hid a smile somewhere," Glad to have caused her to open up a little and his resolve getting stronger to learn her secrets. "It suits you much better than the look you have when you try to shut out others." He added. Joshua generally prefered it when others where happy or at least not angry but he'd learned early on he couldn't keep everybody happy though to get people to laugh was always a rewarding thing.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Her short answer and obvious discomfort with the subject caused Joshua to actually listen to his better instincts and let the subject drop, really who could blame her for being tired and a bit unsocial after being in the hospital for as long as it sounded. He had no experience himself with a hopital, except when his mother took him in to look at his lip but he barely remembered that, but he could imagine the boredom of spending days or weeks in a single room and corridor, sre there were books and TV but in the end it wasn't really enough he guessed.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "So, do you like animals?" Probably a lame opening, almost like the overdone question about </SPAN>favourite</SPAN> colour</SPAN> but you had to start somewhere right. Besides animals was often a good subject to start a conversation over, at least most of the time. "If you do there is plenty of animals from large to small at my dad's veterinary clinic slash shelter and I can guarantee you that there will be something there that you'll like." It was almost an understatment, lately his father had gotten in a lot of homeless animals, mostly cats and dogs, and also a few other small animals that people had left when they were on vacation or similar.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Joshua cast a look around, realizing the empty class room and then remembering the long break before the next class. "Do you somewhere to be before class or can I steal more of your time? " He asked, smiling askew. "I'm still not entirely at home here, are there somewhere you go between classes or do I fall under the category 'annoying new student following you around when you're tired'?"</SPAN></SPAN>


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  9. As he complimented her laugh a blush spread over her cheeks, she let her blond hair fall over her face so that she could hide that she were blushing and giving him the wrong idea. She had her reasons for shutting people out and he didn't need to hear it. 361 days left then this would be over, she wouldn't have to lie or pretend not to notice people, she wouldn't need to act cold anymore. When she left this world then it would be over and she didn't need to do things she didn't like. To talk like that to him weren't something she should do, she should ignore him and pretend he weren't there. But he talked in such a cute way so it was hard not to listen.

    His next question surprised her, but she were happy that he didn't try to keep going on the former subject. It would be hard to keep talking about it, if they talked about that topic for to long then maybe she would tell him even though she didn't want to. But it was a pretty lame opening he had done, he could have done that topic change a bit better. Before she had answered his first question he seemed to notice that no other people than they were in the classroom.

    "I don't really have anywhere to go or anything to do before the next lesson, I'm often in the library on the breaks but normal people always just hang around around the lockers." Lydia said before answering his first question. "I like animals but my dad is allergic so we can't have animals at home. We had fished before but our aquarium broke and all the water and fishes got thrown out on the floor. Since then we haven't had any water living animals either." Lydia told him with a small smile on her lips.

    She had once again not followed her own rules, she started to talk a bit friendly with him. She shouldn't even care about him, if she thought about his own best then she would leave him alone already. But she had of some reason forgotten about her own rules to keep away from everyone untill she died, afterall, it would be easier for everyone else to go on when she were dead if they didn't like her anymore. This was something she shouldn't do, and even so she did.
  10. For a moment Joshua thought he saw her blush but her hair fell forward hiding his view, shielding her face, so he couldn't be sure, but being him he liked the challenge of figuring her out. It was like she built a wall for everyone to shut them out, or at least shut him out, but it cracked easily showing a much friendlier side. Used to get what he wanted, curious and a fan of mystery books Joshua pretty much promised himself to solve her riddle and get to know her better and learn if she was just shy or not very sociable though he didn't really believe in the last one, he hadn't seen much but to him Lydia didn't seem asocial under the surface.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Maybe she just didn't like him personally or perhaps she was in some kind of trouble that made her distant, like a gang or drugs, but in all honesty he couldn't picture this girl in any of those situations at all, he probably went over board with ideas, it was most likely as she said, she was tired after being the hospital and that's that. But then again he wondered what she'd been in for, had she been sick, injured herself badly or had some kind of surgery? With so many possible ideas Joshua just had to wait until he got the question answered by Lydia instead of trying to figure it out on his own, of course this could take time, but he wasn't picky and he did have quite a lot of patience, at least most of the time.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "Too bad," Joshua remarked about her father's allergy. Having grown up with animals he couldn't imagine living without them at all, of course if he never could have had animals he wouldn't miss the feeling but it was still hard to wrap his head around it. It was a comfort thing to hear claws clicking against the floor and hear animals moving around the house, especially when Joshua as a kid was afraid of the dark, it still was soothing though he was not afraid anymore. "Animals are one of the best things in life, they give without demanding anything in return, humans could learn a lot from animals if we just could look beyond our superiority."</SPAN></SPAN>

    Feeling a bit foolish over his last words Joshua grinned slightly and his hand went up to scratch his neck without he really noticing it himself, glad no other was nearby as he probably would never hear the end of it otherwise. "So if you aren't totally bored with me could you show me to the library, it seems like you're heading there anyway right?" He asked. "My friends seems to be of the locker hanging types so I have not seen much else between classes as of yet, just because they like sport seems to make it impossible for them to visit a library to read. Personally I can't really see the problem, but it's really their problem if they can't see the value in books." Joshua didn't mean to sound like he dissed his new friends as he liked them quite much, but he freely admitted they had split interests leaving him to have some fun alone, or not alone if he could get Lydia to continue wanting to talk with him.

    (So sorry for the long delay:/)</SPAN></SPAN>