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  1. *copy and pastes what I typed on Facebook to here*

    For anyone interested in poetry:

    3030poetry.com is hosting a 30 day poetry challenge during the month of April. You can subscribe to them by email and they will send you a daily writing prompt for you to write a poem on. Your poems can then be submitted to them by email and may hold a chance at being showcased on the site's main page. I think it's a great opportunity to challenge the creative side of you and to get those creative juices flowing. Link below if you want to get started!


    That was the gist of this challenge! Now, here's how this comes into play as an Iwaku poetry challenge:

    For the next thirty days, I want whoever decides to subscribe to 3030poetry, and who does the writing prompts, to ALSO post their poems on HERE. I will post the SAME writing prompts from 3030poetry here each day, as well, in case someone doesn't want to subscribe to them or whatevs.

    I really do think this will help creative minds flow with creativeness and all that goody-goodness.
    Reminder that these writing prompts belong to 3030poetry and all that goodness and I HIGHLY suggest that if you are going to write a poem from the prompts that you should go ahead and send them the same poem to their email: poems@3030poetry.com

    Of course, I'm kind of posting this a bit late, BUT here are the topics for April 1st and April 2nd:

    1) Things We Carry

    2) Knock on the Door
    (Again, please, please visit 3030poetry.com as that is where I got this idea from!)

    Note: All poems can be written in any format and style of your choosing, and they can be of any topic of your choosing!
  2. Prompt for April 3rd:

    Faces in the Street

    Prompt for April 4th:


    Prompt for April 5th:

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  3. Prompt for April 6th:
    Child's Garden

    Prompt for April 7th:

    Extremely Loud

    Prompt for April 8th:

    Walkers at Dawn

    Prompt for April 9th:

    Expect Nothing

    Prompt for April 10:

    Anywhere out of the World
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  4. Prompt for April 11:

    Constantly Risking Absurdity

    Prompt for April 12:

    Where the Sidewalk Ends

    Prompt for April 13:


    Prompt for April 14:


    Prompt for April 15:

    Instant Sorrow
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  5. Prompt for April 16:
    Small Things

    Prompt for April 17:

    5 a.m.

    Prompt for April 18:


    Prompt for April 19:

    The Old Man

    Prompt for April 20:

    Supermarket in California
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  6. I hope its okay some of the prompts i used some old poems of mine slightly modified :) I'll post a few a at a time:

    Week One:

    Prompt: Things We Carry

    Is it wrong that I left him?
    But he told me he’d be fine, he’d make it
    That everything would be okay
    Is it my fault that it happened?
    That on impulse I went first
    Never looking back until it was too late
    Why didn’t I see something was wrong?
    Every instinct told me so
    But I was blind, as I always am
    Blind as I ran over the tracks

    You have to be fast, no mistakes can be made
    If you want to make it alive crossing the tracks
    As the train comes your way
    But my friend, it was only his first real attempt
    I thought he was ready for the real thing
    After all the training we went through in my boot camp

    But in that last moment, he hesitated
    The number one thing not to do
    And in the blink of an eye, it was too late
    There was nothing I could do
    For the train was fast approaching
    There was no time for me to go back
    And in the blink of an eye I heart the train come
    But all I could do was run, run away
    And I still run from that day
    Until I know that I must go back

    Now as I stand on the tracks
    In the exact spot which took my friend
    Distorted images repeat in my mind
    Of the day when my best friend died
    And I stubbornly ran away
    And in that last slanted memory, before his death
    All I can do is collapse to the ground and cry
    Cry for not going back to help
    For the pain I’ve caused myself
    As off in the distance I hear a train’s lonely call

    This is the heavy burden I must carry around

    Prompt: Knock on the Door
    The Orphanage

    Room full of children sitting on the floor
    Pallid faces in the moonlight wishing for more
    A world free of hunger, violence, and hate
    Forgotten and alone they quietly wait

    A room with four corners and one window to see
    They dare not escape or even try to flee
    With fear and excitement they wait for the door
    To be knocked upon three times and no more

    Knock, knock, knock the sound comes through
    A look of bewilderment shows on the faces of a few
    Now opens the door ever so slowly and grand
    And there a dark figure regally stands

    A hand beckons forward to a child in need
    As they quickly stand and take the lead
    One other is chosen and follows the first
    Documents are signed, their new name is Hurst

    From the room they are watched as they leave the place
    The remaining children once more gather with haste
    To wait for the knocking upon the door
    They are the orphaned children left behind from the war

    Ever quietly they wait to be taken to away
    To a new life and home filled with better days

    Prompt: Faces in the Street

    Look at that frown!
    Such a hideous thing!
    Turn that frown upside-down
    And put a smile on your face!
    Walk around the block, but
    Keep that smile on!
    For they say a smile is contagious
    So spread that smile around!
    Smile at your neighbor, who smiles somewhere else
    Whose smile makes another smile
    As it spread around the world
    And you should go through your day
    Always with a smile on your face
    So you can brighten up someone’s life!
    And as you’re day comes to an end
    Keep your smile on and go to bed!
    Finally to relax your aching jaw
    But wait! What’s this? You can’t move your face?
    Oops I guess I forgot to warn
    Keep your face in a smile too long
    It just might freeze your face!
    Eh, well, so long! That look in your eyes
    Tells me I’m about to die!
    So with a smile I bid you adieu!
    Adios! And always keep that smile on dude!
    *exit stage left*

    Prompt: Mother

    A static breeze--
    The tigress leaps at its prey
    A mother feeds cubs

    Prompt: Desolation

    Night’s melody echoes gently in the background
    The stars and moon illuminate the sky
    A soft breeze shudders around our bodies
    Our warmth and our souls bound as one

    Silently we gaze at each other
    Your beautiful eyes reflect your content
    Your hands, your lips, your touch, your kiss
    Still reflecting fresh on my mind

    It seems only yesterday that we met
    And in that one moment beget our love
    But as the wind stirs stronger; you slowly disappear
    For you are only an illusion of which I feel

    But I can see you, feel you, smell your fragrance near
    But I know that you are gone
    A year now it has been; so long
    Since that fatal day when the accident occurred
    It did you in, left me detached, and alone again

    And as the wind sings and sighs
    It carries your presence away from my side
    Leaving me in the cold dusk of night
    Silent tears falling

    As I reflect alone on my lost love I’d held so tight
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  7. Prompt for April 21:

    Alone With Everybody

    Prompt for April 22:

    A Tear and a Smile

    Prompt for April 23:

    Wrong Way Home

    Prompt for April 24:

    Hot and Cold

    Prompt for April 25:

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  8. Week two:

    Prompt: Child's Garden

    Secret Garden

    Ladybug, ladybug so red, black, and white
    Spread your wings and fly
    The sky is clear, its sunny and bright
    As the mind is free to wander by

    The grass is green, it tickles the feet
    Your toes dig into the ground
    As you run to the shade to beat the heat
    You twirl and let yourself fall down

    Peering out from the tree you sit beneath
    Warm sun touches your face
    A smile spreads, showing teeth
    You have found your special place

    A secret garden of childhood wishes
    Full of whimsical riches

    Prompt: Extremely Loud

    I’m Sick of This World!

    I’m sick of this society
    I’m sick of the way we judge others
    The way we think we have to belittle others
    To make ourselves “cooler”;
    To fin in with a certain “clique”
    I’m sick that we look at appearance
    And then stick labels on those around
    I’m sick that we don’t get to “know” people
    Instead of pushing them down, because they’re different
    If by now I haven’t gotten my point across
    Then there must be no hope left for this world
    Because we can’t stop to see what the world has become
    Social groups, prejudice, hate, war, greed!
    The list goes on and on
    So stop trying to “fit-in” and just be you
    Don’t be afraid to be different;
    Be who you really are!
    And perhaps one day we won’t have
    So many negative differences
    And nobody will be left out
    Perhaps then when you say:
    “This is the real me; no strings attached!”
    You can truly mean it
    Instead of putting on another act!

    Prompt: Walkers at Dawn

    Morning's Rush

    Blazing forge
    Sparks of iridescent flame
    Red, orange, and yellow
    Bursting into life

    Pale blue ocean
    Frothy waves drifting by
    The vast openness; fresh air
    Feel the life rush by

    Blazing forge combines with the pale ocean
    Mixing into one giant radiant mesh
    Red, orange, blue, purple, yellow, white
    Beautiful Ocean; waves fading out

    Gazing at the sunrise in the morning sky

    Prompt: Expect Nothing


    Nothing more than useless rambling
    Other than the occasional witty comment
    That throws off everyone who is listening
    Having nothing to do with anything else
    It takes you by surprise and makes you think
    Never underestimate the power of words
    Given the proper placement in context

    Prompt: Anywhere out of the World


    Warm summer breeze--
    Diamonds glisten in water
    A breathless evening

    Prompt: Constantly Risking Absurdity

    A Series of Unfortunate Love Poems

    My Dear love,
    I wrote you some poems today
    To show how much you mean to me
    I hope you enjoy
    Let me start off with this one
    I hope they make your day

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    You got me mad today
    So i'm pointing a gun at you
    Only because, though
    I love you!

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I baked you some cookies!
    With a special ingredient called posion
    Just for you! Why?
    Because I really really like you!

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    You hurt my feelings today
    You didn't notice my new "do"!
    But you gave me a kiss
    As I threw the knife at you
    Oh how much i'm in love with you!

    Roses apparently aren't red
    Violets sure aren't blue
    But I do know this one fact
    I want to marry you!
    Just make sure not to get me mad!
    Beacuse my temper gets quite bad!
    But dont worry...I'd never do anything...
    To try to hurt you

    Much love,
    You're darling Sue.

    Prompt: Where the Sidewalk Ends

    Where the Sidewalk Ends

    Keys jingle in my purse as I leave
    Leave my thoughts wandering in my head
    Head to my next destination
    Destination is locked on autopilot in my mind
    Mind that I don’t forget to watch my step
    Step across the threshold of no return
    Return to my senses as I look up to see
    See that I’ve come too far
    Far away the screaming is heard
    Heard in my ears as I wait
    Wait to feel the final blow where
    Where the sidewalk ends
    Ends my life.[/B]
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  9. Prompt for April 26:

    Strange Wild Song

    Prompt for April 27:

    Unbearable Lightness

    Prompt for April 28:


    Prompt for April 29:

    One Hundred Years

    Prompt for April 30:

    All She Wrote
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  10. Okay, so that is all for the prompts! The end of April is here and thus the thirty days are over!

    With that said, if you wish to do all of these even after today, go right ahead! I would love to read any poems that venture onto here. <3
    And feel free to pick and choose whatever prompts you want to do! :D
  11. Things To Carry For Life

    For a happy and fruitful life,
    Carry with you this
    To help you forget your strife
    So that you may find bliss:

    Love every person,
    Everything great and small,
    Share the love with each and all.

    Hope with all your heart,
    Believe with all your might,
    Never let go of your inner light.

    Wonder fills the world around you,
    Look at it with youthful eyes,
    To embrace this wonder you will be wise.

    Memories remind you who you are,
    Provide lessons for you to heed,
    They are there to guide you along the life you lead.
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  12. My Door

    I heard a knock upon my door
    One dark and stormy night dreary.
    It was yet a quarter to four,
    Lack of sleep had left me weary.

    From my thoughts I gave a start when
    I heard a knock upon my door.
    I answered when it came again
    On none but the torrential pour.

    Twas not a dream I was assured
    By the cold touch of falling rain
    I heard a knock upon my door,
    Perhaps I was simply insane.

    It was in my mind people say,
    That it must have just been the storm,
    And I've not told that yesterday
    I heard a knock upon my door.
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  13. Faces

    are many.
    Passing carelessly by,
    flowing continuously they are.
    Infinite are fragile facets
    hiding deeply seeded
    - emotions -
    seeded deeply hiding.
    Facets fragile are infinite.
    They are continuously flowing
    by, carelessly passing.
    Many are
  14. Ode to Mother

    So dear is a mother
    How shall I convey,
    Like her there is no other
    She is special in every way.

    Her love is unconditional,
    Without fail she is always there.
    A person truly exceptional,
    To her no one can compare.

    Gentle is her touch,
    Warm is her embrace.
    Nothing lifts the heart so much
    As the smile on her face.

    A mother is to be adored,
    A mother is a gift divine.
    For my mother, I thank the Lord
    For I am blessed that she is mine.
  15. All That Remains

    Of this world, we are all that remains.
    Desolation claimed all that we knew.
    By his own hands did mankind undo
    What he for centuries worked to gain.

    Across rugged and baron terrain,
    Ruins are by seered shadows of the dead imbued.
    Of this world, we are all that remains.
    Desolation claimed all that we knew.

    Broken and bruised and by blood stained,
    We will go hand in hand just us two,
    Away from the chaos and corpses strew,
    To a place where we can leave behind our pain.
    Of this world, we are all that remains.
  16. Imagination Garden

    A child's imagination is a garden
    Where dreams bright like colorful wild flowers grow.
    Tis a magical place where none can darken
    The sunshine and hope that set it all aglow.

    A place of whimsy where fantasies flourish,
    In children does its many marvels nourish
    An eye for beauty and wonder taken thence
    Shall ever instill a life-long innocence.
  17. Trumpet

    Trumpets sound within the clouds

    Is it angels' song?

    Or the end?