3 Sentence Challenge #3

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  1. The objective of this challenge is to use 3 random sentences from below and include it in one of these:

    - A character
    - A story
    - A plot
    - Setting
    - Poetry
    - Song

    Requirement(s) or/and guides:

    - 2 or more paragraphs
    - Try to be descriptive
    - Let your mind wandered to places. Be creative!
    - Remember to have fun! This is for you to expand your horizons!


    - Chances come from change.
    - Living life in peace.
    - God put a smile up on your face.
    - Bells are ringing.
    - See the world in black and white.
  2. Beatrice was living life in peace, most of her days spent in the bunker at her home in South Carolina. She lived on a vast amount of land, which was adorned by tree's and nature of all sorts. The year was 1969, and she was waiting for Bobby on her porch in the rocking chair. Her mother was singing in the kitchen, an old folk song from the Celtic side of her family. "One I love, two she loves, three she's true to me. All of my friends fell out with me, because I kept your company. But let them say, whatever they will. I love my love with a free good will. One I love, two she loves, three she's true to me." Her mother's voice was melodic and rung through her ears, along with the splashing sounds of the water basin being filled with bubbles and soap for the dirty dishes to be washed.

    Bobby was something new in Beatrice's life. Her mother always told her, "Chances come from change." She needed every chance she could get if she was going to fulfill her life long dream of becoming a mother herself. She heard the sound of a car pull up, and her eyes opened wide, a smile spreading across her face as she jolted up in her dolly dress and victory curls running over to him.

    "Bobby!" She called out and swung her arms around him, whilst his rested around her waist. He smiled and placed her down, before wresting upon his knee and lifting a rose up to her, holding a hand on his chest.

    "From fairest creatures we desire increase,
    That thereby beauty's rose might never die." [~ William Shakespear]

    Her own hand rested on his cheek and she smiled so sweetly to him serenading her with poetry of such sorts. She could only think to herself when the two touched, 'My heart is pounding, bells are ringing, I don't know how I can contain myself around him.'Not long after within an instant, he pulled out the ring and held it up to her with a smile...
  3. The blizzard forced Sanzo inside of the dreary, run-down inn. He hated the snow; the cold, frozen sky, the silence, the inconvenience. He was already behind schedule and the blizzard made everything worse. He knew Inanna would never understand or forgive his lateness. She had a habit of only being able to see the world in black and white. He was wrong in either color. Sometimes he didn't want to bother with her at all.
    Walking up to the front desk, he saw an old woman behind the counter. She sighed, dreamily, reliving her youth, cackling in an old, dried up voice, "It is only noon and already the church bells are ringing, the children are throwing snow and making angels. Weren't those the days?"
    "Yeah, whatever. I need a room," snapped Sanzo, hastily. He was a grumpy man, with no patience for small talk. After filling out tedious and repetitive paperwork, he paid for the decently priced room. The old woman smiled at him as she handed him a small, decrepit key. "First door on the left," She croaked, smiling, "And may God put a smile up on your face, young man!"
  4. People always say,
    That you should seize the day.
    But wouldn't it be great;
    If everything was fate?

    I think chances come from change,
    Does that sound kinda strange?
    I think the future's always bright;
    I don't see the world in black and white.

    The world would be a better place
    If we could all have just a little grace.
    If these pointless wars would all just cease
    We could all go on living life in peace.
  5. Setting:

    The streets were just about completely deserted, all color completely bleached from the small town. It would make even tourists see the world in black and white. All of the people here were miserable and not of the friendly sort. You would be lucky if you weren't robbed while on your way to check your mail each morning. It's the type of place where only God could put a smile up on your face.

    The only sign of life in this desolate hell hole of a town are the church bells. Every hour the bells are ringing, making sure you always know the time. To be honest, it just makes the place that much more eerie.

    Not only the appearance, but to be truthful, no one is as they seem. Creatures lurk here and I would suggest you never visit in the first place. If you are ignorant and stupid enough to make a visit to the small town of Stull, I hope you get exactly what you're wishing for.
  6. The trees swayed softly, warm summer breeze pulling Celia's hair up into the air away from her shoulders. She looked about, the flowers with their petals thrust open and their leaves facing the sun. Sitting on the cool, lush grass, Celia would look to Garrett.

    "It's a beautiful day, you know. Why not smile some?" Garrett would grin at her.

    "I can't." Her voice was soft. "I may hear that the bells are ringing, and I may smell the freshly cut grass and the blooming flowers, but..." She would trail off before starting again. "See the world in black in white? It's so much harder than you think. I yearn to see the beautiful blues of the oceans, and to take in the pinks and oranges of a sunset. But, I only see in shades of gray. It's so frustrating." Celia sighed, running a hand through the grass beside her and watching how it moved.

    "Chances come from change. In the future, when we get older, they might have the technology to give you the gift of color. But until then, let God put a smile up on your face, dear." Garrett would reach to take her hand, watching as Celia finally smiled.
  7. "The bells are ringing. And do you know what that means?" She hissed, glaring at the boy opposite her. "It means you're supposed to be getting married!"
    He held out his hands. "Wait a second, you know I don't want to."
    "Then why are you still going ahead with it?" She was nearing hysteria.
    "I have no choice."
    "Chances come from change. If you change this, you have a chance to get away and live a proper life!"
    He shook his head. "Nothing is as straight forward as that." She just shrugged.
    "You want to marry her. So go ahead: but it's on your funeral." She tore herself away from him and slipped through the streets.
    "Isabella! Wait!" His words were lost on the wind.

    "You don't know me." She said, jutting her jaw as the coach man tried to raise the prices from what it should be. "But I know you. I have friends."
    "Friends and yet not enough money to pay my price? What sort of friends are they?"
    "I do buisness with them, just not for the normal currency."
    The man laughed more at this. "Living life in peace, that's me. If you want the coach, take it."
    He sat back, laughing while she climbed on board. Just before the driver left, he whispered in his ear;
    "Take the most dangerous route you can."
  8. The soft sounds of the rain were echoing as they hit the glass window. Tired eyes were watching the people running for cover from the unexpected rain. "Heh." A soft chuckle escaped his lips as he brought the glass of Rum to his lips taking a sip. "Pathetic." His voice was cold and harsh as he kept looking on out at the world from the window. See the world in black and white through his eyes, it was all he saw. Nothing of the butterflies and rainbows that people talked about. At least, not anymore. Letting out a low growl he gulped the last of his Rum before standing up and walking towards the counter refilling it up again; even almost overflowing the glass.

    Making his way towards his spot again he slumped back into the old wooden chair his eyes worn. Out in the distance he could that the bells are ringing which made him take another gulp, taking the glass half-full. "Those god forsaken bells..." He mumbled though no one would hear him. Oh how those bells brought painful memories. Memories he never wanted to remember. He tried to ignore them, but to no avail. He just basked in the memory. As quickly as it was it was gone. He wasn't sure how long it had been, but to him it felt like forever. And it ached his heart to know that they aren't forever anymore.

    Taking a look at the small table he was sitting at he placed his glass down as it made a sound as it contacted with the surface. Reaching past his glass he picked up a picture frame that held a picture showing a beautiful women who held a smile. One that just graced her lips perfectly with dimples to finish it off. He took her every feature in as he felt himself being overwhelmed with emotions that he hid and locked away for so long. "Elena..." Her voice rolled off his tongue, it was meant to be there and no one else could ever say her name. Remembering her smile it made him ache to see it again as he remembered her words. "God put a smile up on your face. It was the only time he felt himself smile for the first time, SHE was the only reason he smiled. Before she was taken away.

    After that he set the picture frame down, and picked up his glass again tipping it towards it. "Happy 10 year anniversary Elena." And with that he finished the rest of the Rum.