3 Sentence Challenge #1

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  1. The objective of this challenge is to use 3 random sentences from below and include it in one of these:

    - A character
    - A story
    - A plot
    - Setting
    - Poetry
    - Song

    Requirement(s) or/and guides:

    - 2 or more paragraphs
    - Try to be descriptive
    - Let your mind wandered to places. Be creative!
    - Remember to have fun! This is for you to expand your horizons!


    - Each thought was carefully honed to it's brutal conclusion
    - Fall of a valiant soldier
    - It was the world that we have come to love
    - Have you no respect
    - You are unaware of your own mistakes

    By completing this challenge you will earn reputation from me ^=^
  2. "Have you no respect?" I, Jess, cried out.
    I was pushed to the floor by three hot guys. Well, she shouldn' think they were hot but they were. Two were twins with blonde hair and muscular bodies, while the one in the middle stood with messy black hair and a model's body. I couldn't help but think the one in the middle looked familar somehow.
    "Oh no!" One of the twins mocked. "The poor student council president has fallen."
    "Oh no!" The other repeated.
    I glared at them. Hopefully, I could reach my books. Then I could slam them on the toe of the middle one. Reaching for them, they were kicked away by the twin on the left's feet. "Nuh uh uh!"
    I hissed silently, angrily.
    "What do you want?" i demanded.
    "Oh being a big girl now? Hoping someone will come by and save you?" THe right twin said.
    "Fall of a valient soilder," The other twin mocked in a girlish voice.
    I looked to the boy in the middle. he hadn't said a word. He kept staring at me. I saw his mouth move, but could make out the words.
    "You are unaware of your own mistakes," I warned. They could be expelled for assualting a student, the student council president at that.
    "Oh yeah Princess--?" THe left twin was cut off by the middle boy.
    "Tayler, tell Tison to shut the H*** up!" He barked.
    "yes Caleb," Tayler answered and punched Tison in the shoulder.
    Caleb took a good look at me. I decided to run then. I had seen cop shows, and this Caleb guy was a creeper.
    I got up and stumbling, i started to run. I had almost made it to the corner when my wrist was grabbed. I was jerked back and fell to the floor once again. I glared at Caleb.
    "Do you not remember me?" he asked.
    "I don't know who you are!" I yelled.
    "Ciel, do you really not know?" He asked softer.
    Ciel? Who was Ciel?
    "You must have me mistaken, my name is Jess," I said, venom in my words.
    He needed to let go of me now before i punched him.
    "Did they take away your memories too?" He asked another confusing question.
    That was it, I reared back my arm and swung with all my force. His head was knocked to the side.
    I got up and RAN, faster than anytime i had run before.
    "Ciel! DOn't go!" He called out as i ran further away. "It was the world that wa have come to love! It made us this way!"
    I ran until i was back at my car outside.
    My heart was pounding. Then my heart clenched inside my chest.
    Something was missing.
  3. I'd like to state that I have absolutely no issues with the military. In fact, I'm an army brat. And no, I'm not psycho. I just like the challenge of writing from the villain's point of view. For this little blurb, I was inspired by a two part episode of NCIS and I thought credit was due.

    There'd been several ideas and of course many thoughts on how to voice the statement that needed to be made. And now that each thought was carefully honed to its brutal conclusion there was nothing left but to put the plan into action. Every detail I'd perfected, every choice I'd made up to this very point in time... None of it could be taken back now. I couldn't put all of my hard work to waste, not even if by some chance of utter luck that I suddenly felt for the first time in my life 'regret'.

    I'm not like everyone else.

    I'm an anomaly.

    A defective harddrive.

    You know what happiness feels like. I don't feel. I simply see. Emotions are a math equation; words written in a book, a foreign concept. My actions are based on necessity and these thoughts, these ideas... They are necessary.

    Most of you would be nervous in my stead. It's because you are unaware of your own mistakes, the flaws in the plan you would have created, but nevertheless you sense they are there. I lack that doubt now as I wait patiently under the cover of darkness. The stench of urine and old alcohol keeps me company with occasional inclusion of music from the bar.

    And I wait, tasks pending in a specific order: Subdue, transport, decorate.

    Now here he comes - the model for my statement, still wearing his dress blues. I've been trained for this, by the very same mentors as the man in front of me. No one will suspect me, least of all him, considering my talent for mimicking what the rest of you would claim is 'sanity'.

    He walks to his car, so trusting, so ignorant. A gloved hand firmly clamped over his mouth, drawing his face upward as he is held against my chest. A flash of steel catches dim lighting from a nearby streetlamp. A metallic odor in the air. His struggle halts.

    The fall of a valiant soldier.


    I run the list through my head once more, striking out 'subdue'. What is left? Subdue, transport, decorate. Flashbacks of a sand-cursed place momentarily interupt my thought process. This situation is so very similar to ones from my past. The weight of a dead body is nothing new to me, though lifting him into a vehicle proves more difficult than expected.

    Subdue, transport, decorate.

    Wrapped in plastic like a cellophane mummy, sleeping forever on a lush green field. It's his cocoon that keeps his head from flopping away from his body. It seems random to you, unless you've been following me from port to port, witnessing my other messages. My statements. My beautiful models.

    Subdue, transport, decorate.

    Halt program.

  4. Ah, you are finally awake. Welcome to the Temple of Jarice.</SPAN>

    Have you no respect? You should be bowing to this great man’s statue’s feet. You should be kissing them even! Do you not realize who Jarice is? He is none other than your savior!
    Do you not remember, so long ago, the Fall of Mankind? Nature was being destroyed, science ran supreme. Technology held a firm grasp as our ruler, and it was all thanks to us. Humankind had focused too much on advancing, trying to improve their medicine, trying to improve their electronics, trying to improve everything. Even things that were already perfect, like a flower, would become genetically modified to do something like glow in the dark. It was a world of the future; </SPAN>it was the world that we have come to love. Nobody ever thought twice about cutting down a forest to make room for another plantation, or to eat a species to it’s extinction. You were there! You participated in the world’s destruction, and yet still you seem to act like you are unaware of your own mistakes!</SPAN></SPAN>
    It is truly a miracle Jarice saved you.</SPAN>
    You still question me? On Him, no less? You will not live long. Jarice is the man who had foreseen all of this, tried to warn the rest of mankind of its own downfall, but they took no head of his words and rushed themselves to an early death. In their last moments, as they tried to reach for a mask of oxygen, or starved from lack of food, they died with tears, questioning how it could all happen. Truly, man remained an idiot to the very end.
    But some of us, we listened. The voice of logic cleared our minds, and we followed him. Some of us were not that intelligent, but Jarice spared them anyways. Like you. Let’s see how long you survive here. There is little food, and you cannot leave this domed Temple without an oxygen mask. You will have to prove your usefulness to remain here. You must be an excellent Hunter, a Warrior, or a man with a mind of extreme intelligence. If you prove to be weak, in mind and in body, than you shall be killed. And we shall eat you. It is, after all, our main source of food in this emptied world.</SPAN></SPAN>
  5. "Congratulations, Mikal. You have singlehandedly brought about the fall of a valiant soldier and set events into motion that I doubt you can even comprehend. It was the world that we have come to love in place of our homeland, and now what? An utter waste. Have you no respect for those who have laid down their lives to provide for others? It stuns me that you would betray your own people this way, but then again, I never did pay heed to those who said you were not one to be trusted. I shall blame myself until the end of my days, but for now, I will do what good I can. You are unaware of your own mistakes, it seems. I will have to teach you."

    The man speaking had his back turned on the prisoner. Sharp gray eyes gazed out of the barred window onto the fields, which until yesterday had been lush and green. Today they were blackened and pouring smoke. The pair were alone in the room - if one could even call it such. Chained to the wall was the prisoner, a thin man with pale skin and long blonde hair that hung in such a way that suggested he had not bathed for days. Normally punishment would be carried out by somebody else, but the Captain had requested this duty tonight, and none would dare deny him.

    He turned and eyed the prisoner, then ran his gaze over the instruments that had been laid out for his personal use. Already he was creating a plan in his mind. He knew that he could draw this out for days if he wanted, but he would likely only last hours before fury caused him to go too far and kill the man. As such, he planned on inflicting as much pain as possible without killing the man. Each thought was carefully honed to its brutal conclusion, until he had his every motion decided upon. Now was not the time to act in haste. This was a time for beautiful vengeance.