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  1. Well i have been approached to bring an old rp back from the hrave for a sequel. However i havent rp'ed here for a while so i would like to get my hands dirty a bit before i take on that challenege.

    That being said i have a mini idea of a goosebumps meets Saw horror/suspense type rp. Basically your character randonly awakens in some place (possibly a hotel, warehouse, or abandoned town...we can discuss that). Anyways, basically your character is given an ultimatum: live...or die. You will have 24 hours to try and escape without being killed (each post representing one hour). So basically 24 posts to pick your destiny. At the end of your posts I will provide you with two choices which will ultimately determine your fate after the 24th post.

    Bit rough but its an idea....so any takers? Or anyone want to help me elaborate this a bit? Im feeling inspired....
  2. That sounds like a really interesting idea :) I'm definitely interested.

    So the characters won't interact with each other at all just like in saw where jigsaw usually don't interact directly with his offers?
    Should it be decided randomly if the character is able to survive the trial or not? Like flipping a coin. Or is it more like one of the choices leads to certain death and one don't, or should I just decide if I think the character might be able to survive it?
  3. Ah character interaction will come into play which makes it a nice challenge as perhaps one character may home something that may help you or not or taht was my thought. And ultimately I haven't decided hard core the ending (maybe i'll be charitable maybe not >3 jk). although there will be a 'good' and a 'bad' choice one can make but it won't always be clear. Like i said it's a VERY rough idea but I awnted to see if anyone would want to partake before i even went with it
  4. Sounds awesome :3
    So did you want it to be a one x one or a group rp?
  5. I prefer smaller group rp's. For an idea like this i'd say probably no more than 3-5 characters at a time....would probably be harder after that. Could work one on one to trial it though....i'm not too picky
  6. Ok, you might want to edit you first post and say that you prefer it to be a smaller group rp :3 Personally I didn't feel like that came across very well, and some people do search one x one in this section ^^ Just a tip ;)

    I have some friends that might be interested, so I'll send out some messages and tipping them about this :9
  7. oh I don't mind either way I just want to see in general who thinks this would be something they'd jump in on. Once that's determined I make the thread and set up parameters. If I had a set idea of limits I would have just made the thread :p it is an 'interest check' after all :3
  8. Well as long as one person commits i may make an ooc thread....so you or anyone else wanna bite? *chompchomp*
  9. Hahah, yeah, usually more people comes once the OOC thread is created, so maybe we'll get a few more. Or else it might just be you and me xD
  10. hrmmm well guess before i begin the OOC i should think of a location to set this....any ideas? : D
  11. It seems like it would fit good in the modern roleplay section
  12. ah yes i was referring to actual rp setting like an abandoned hospital vs town vs something else random :D where shall we attempt the first trial?
  13. oh that, I think some kind of old abandoned building would make a more eerie setting. A hospital or prison maybe. Or maybe a different kind of setting people usually don't use, like catacombs underground that has rooms hidden here and there.
  14. For sake of logistics to see how this might work do you mind if i make a one on one with you and me initially so we can work out bugs? :D I think thsi setting I will trial in a mausoleum within a cemetery. There will be underground passages to the burial sites which is where the characters will awaken and start their journey.
  15. Yeah sure, I don't mind ^^
  16. Should I start the first post since my character is the one waking up?
  17. Sooooooo, are we going to do this?
  18. sorry! i posted it up finally got really busy at work recently X_X

    also I threw in a character for me too just to get back in the swing of actually rping. I'm going to have the first post sort of be an intro for the characters and then from there on out have each post represent 1 hour time span with choice to be made at end of each post.
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