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232 teeth later

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Fijoli, Jul 24, 2014.

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  1. So this kid in India had 232 teeth chiseled out of his mouth.

    Clearly, the teeth range and vary in size, but damn if the thought of having teeth chiseled out of my face, at all, doesn't make bit squirm quite a bit.

    read article here
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  2. I swear that'll become a new surgeon simulator level >.< *imagines how it'll work*
  3. Eeeee this makes me shudder X_X

    (sounds like Ahnold)
  5. That's incredibly and terrible.

    However, I was in the middle of eating breakfast and should't have clicked the link. I felt my stomach begin to turn until I chugged down some OJ to settle it. Ugh.
  6. 232 teeth in the mouth, 232 teeth
    Chisel one out, pass it around, 231 teeth in the mouth
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  7. XD
  8. I saw this and it gave me such an aweful sinking feeling. I can only imaging how painful that must have been. Having my 4 compacted wisdom teeth out was bad enough XD.

    I wonder if his teeth will just keep coming back...

    We'll be that much closer to a real life Shark boy and Lava girl show. X3
  9. So... was it 232 pieces after they started breaking them with the chisel, or were there originally 232 whole teeth?
  10. 232 teeth I believe. They were really tiny and under developed, but they were still rooted teeth o.o
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Not open for further replies.