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hello! my name is maycie, but you can call me whatever you want. i literally have no preference on what people call me. i'm 19, not actually when i'm posting this, but my birthday is literally this sunday coming up, so i'm saying i'm 19. i am one of the many transfers from feralfront, so i have very few threads here [i literally only have one roleplay and then my character index] so i would love to roleplay with both old friends and new friends. i do want to warn everyone though, i am a major chatterbox and i love talking to the people who roleplay with me!

1. i would prefer to roleplay with people who can post a minimum of two paragraphs. usually my posts are anywhere between 4-10 paragraphs, sometimes more, sometimes less depending on my muse and what my partner gives me to work with.
2. i don't really care much for activity as long as you post at least once a week or a couple times a week. i mostly work he night shift at work, from 4pm to 10pm or 12am sometimes, so i am mostly on in the mornings. i do check my notifications every morning, so i will more than likely see your post and read it and then get on to reply a few hours later.
3. i don't care if you want to roleplay smut, as long as it's not like in every single post. other than that, i don't care!
4. i still have no frickin' clue how this site works, so i may need some help navigating my way around. this isn't even a rule, i just put it here because i literally just thought of it as i was typing.

i do have some ideas of my own for those who want to know any of them.
some things that interest me is:

- gxb, gxg, bxb [i cannot play males for the life of me unless it's bxb]
- medieval type plots [love these soooo much!!!]
- supernatural [not the tv show, unfortunately but if you're into it, then we can work out a plot because i do actually love the show too.]
- fantasy
- college/high school
- faking dating and/or arrange marriages
- non-romantic/platonic/family relationships
- literally just ask me about anything you like, i'm will to expand as well.

here are a couple of idea that i found on tumblr, but i do have a lot of other ideas too!
- cliche plots, literally don't care!
muse a is a goody-two shoes, preacher's daughter, never had a drink in her life kinda girl while muse b has a reputation for being nothing but trouble. muse b, in dire need of cash and fast, accepts a bet that they can get muse a into bed by the end of the summer.
- muse a is the child of a power diplomat. after an attempt kidnapping, they need 24/7 security. muse b is an ex special forces and new to the bodyguarding profession. muse a doesn't want them around and muse b thinks they are a spoiled brat.
bonus points if they have to pretend to be a couple for security reasons.
- found this plot and loved it!!
immortal couple [maybe vampires?] that is constantly fighting back and forth since the turn of the century. they're messy af, like every couple of decades or so they break up, swear they'll never speak again, until one inevitably tracks the other down and shows up like "okay, im going to forgive you" and they other is basically like "i'm still made that you nearly started a f-ing apocolypse, you dummy" and then thy're arguing and making out, while the rest of the immortal community just rolls their eyes like 'not again'
maybe make is ares and aphrodite?? muse a [ares] is the cocky god of war who can't commit to a woman for anything but when comes muse b [aphrodite] who just shakes up his whole world ! extra bonus points with the angst due to her marriage with hephaestus [whatever his name is lmao]
- oh, oh! muse a is the eldest in a crime family, but his father decided he was too "soft" to be the boss so instead it's his younger brother, leaving muse a to be an outsider and considered the "weak link" of the family, even tho he's the eldest. cue muse b, a spy or something for a rival family, who works her way into muse a's hear, intending to kill him after she gets the secrets she needs, but she actually starts to fall for him??
- muse a used to be an ex mob wife who ran away from the mafia and ends up in a small town down south where she ends up working as a waitress with muse b, the charming chef who takes care of her as she adjusts. the two start to fall in love, until muse a's husband is back and they suddenly have to go on the run.
bonus points if she's pregnant from the mob boss
- literally so many mafia type roleplays!!!!
- mafia boss that dated this girl next door and they had a thrill of the chase, long romance together until some shit went down and the two of them had to split for a reason or another. cue two years later, when muse a shows up on muse b's door, frantic because his enemies have threatened her against him.
-- cliche alert!
bad boy staying in a small town for the summer falls in love with the perfect, innocent golden girl that everyone in town is very protective of!
- muse b (badass and lowkey kinda a jerk) makes a bet with his friends that he can take sweet lil angel muse a's virginity, but she somehow worms her way into his cold heart and... would you look at that ?? he's fallen in love with her, so now he's really set on losing this bet because he doesn't want to hurt her, but he accidentally takes her to a party where his friends spill
- muse a is a rlly powerful criminal. he basically has the world under his thumb. he's killed lots of people (or ordered a lot of people to be killed) and he's made a lot of money this way. muse b, meanwhile, is a relatively ordinary person - she's the girl next door. through a turn of events, the two meet and begin a fling (muse a may or may not have a SO at home, up to you). muse b knows muse a is a criminal - everyone does - but she enjoys the rush and excitement.
however, muse b finds out she's pregnant. she realizes that muse a is not a suitable father for her baby. he's too dangerous. death and destruction follow him everywhere he goes, and as much as she cares about him,she knows he's not exactly a good person. so she gives it to him straight: she's going to end their relationship, move, and raise their child alone, and muse a is going to stay away. muse a truly loves muse b, so he agrees to her terms, and does her one better: he'll send money to help raise the kid, and even pay for her new home.
fast forward a few months, a year. muse b is settled into her new life with her child, and muse a has stuck to hi promises. at least until one day, he shows up on her doorstep. he has several armed guards, and a car ready to go.
"grab our kid and get in the car," he says. "someone found out, and my enemies are after the two of you" !!!!!!!
- the opposite: local bad girl gets pregnant by the golden boy. he's got a full ride for soccer and she couch surfs.
-- modern day hades and persephone???
-- a messy young love plot?? like, two twenty-somethings living in an apartment together. they love each other more than anything, but they're struggling. some nights they cuddle on the sofa and watch netflix, but others they're screaming and shouting and bitterly tearing one another apart. their lives seem to be a mess of fighting and crying and making up.
- character a is a fireman and his life is pretty good because all he really does is work and then god home and relax, hit up bars and hooks up. then one night, he meets muse b who's a complete romantic at a bar and character a lies so that they can take muse b home. turns out character b lives really close near the fire station and what was meant to be a one night stand turned into a regular hook up whenever character a has time between shifts. like he would go to her house at odd times and leave immediately after bc duty calls so character b never had the chance to properly sit character a down and tell them they wanna stop bc they're interested in a relationship. but eventually character b finds an opportunity and character a realizes he can't lie out of this one so things end between the two of them but then character a realizes he can't stop thinking about her all day, all the time and decides to go find her as soon as they have time off, but they never seem to be able to find the right moment with the right words in mind??


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Hey! I'd love to do a BxB roleplay with you! I'm pretty much a sucker for everything you have listed to be absolutely honest! If you have anything in particular you've been craving, let me know!