20 Questions: Tell us something different

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  1. Well how this game works is very simple. Tell us 10 things we either do not know about you, and 10 things you want to know about the next poster. He/she/other who gets each question down without being repetitive wins. so you don't have to do the whole typing 1-20, I will post a number sheet so all you have to do is copy and paste. However, there are rules:

    1. Do NOT give your first, last or middle name out to anyone
    2. Do NOT give your email, or mailing address (but come on, that is common sense, yes?)
    3. No sexual questions (orientation is find but if someone puts a N/A, they are excused from any question)
    4. No too personal questions

    With that being said, here it is:

    10 things about me you may or may not have known
    10 things I want to know about you


    Here is mine:

    10 things about me you may or may not have known
    1. I am a brony. Anything having to do with My Little Pony, I usually enjoy unless they are rps or Equestria Girls.
    2. I am transgender (F to M)
    3. LogicfromLogic has been my username for over six years
    4. I am only 5'0 tall
    5. I have three Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches named; Scotty, Bilbo Buggins and Harry Bugger
    6. I am a blackbelt in mixed martial arts
    7. I love the comic Hellboy (I'm sure nobody noticed that though)
    8. I work with felons
    9. I once broke my big toe by dropping a crock pot on it from the counter
    10. I can't drive
    10 things I want to know about you

    11. How many pets do you have?
    12. What is your favourite colour?
    13. Cheese its or Cheese nips?
    14. Star trek or Star Wars?
    15. Have you ever rode a horse without a saddle?
    16. Do you do any kind of sport?
    17. What brought you to Iwaku?
    18. Do you listen to music while you roleplay?
    19. What is the best character you've ever made?
    20. what is the worst character you've ever made?
  2. (Am I understanding correctly, we answer the previous questions and then post 10 of our own for the next player?)

    10 things about me you may or may not have known

    1. I have one fabulously fluffy dog.
    2. Raspberry pink is my favorite color.
    3. If my taste buds must suffer, give me Cheese nips over Cheese its.
    4. Star Wars <3
    5. Until I fell off, yes, I rode a horse bareback.
    6. I was on the tennis and volleyball teams back in the day, so no, no sports actually, I currently play none.
    7. I stumbled across a list of top 50 rp sites and the description of Iwaku exactly matched my love of rp.
    8. Instrumental music always gets my creative juices flowing; lately Lindsey Sterling has been my background artist of choice.
    9. The best rp character I have made thus far is a gypsy named Jess who travels and performs with her family, and has a knack for wandering off alone.
    10. The worst character I have ever created was a sobbing sniveling brat, (and a poor judge of character,) whose best friend poisoned her dog.

    10 things I want to know about you
    11. If the world ran out of chocolate ice-cream how would you react?
    12. In general, the books are considered better than the movies, but, do you think the manga is better than the anime?
    13. Hot or cold shower?
    14. What do you do when the power goes out?
    15. Would you like a bird for a pet?
    16. What was the last road trip you took?
    17. What is the best rp you have ever been a part of?
    18. Sweet or unsweet Tea?
    19. What is your favorite rp setting?
    20. What is your favorite movie quote?
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  3. 10 things about me you may or may not have known
    1. "Meh....Vanilla is better!"
    2. Yes. To a degree. I've taught myself how to draw some pretty cool eyeballs from manga, but I love the actual action in anime! :D
    3. Hot <3
    4. Cry in a corner with my blankets Q^Q
    5. Yes! :D They are so pretty!
    6. I went to the bigger city with my A.L. to go to the zoo! :D
    7. Guh. Ummmmmm probably the one I'm doing with Fluffy, I love it so much <3
    8. Sweettttt
    9. Modern with some Sci-Fi drama-y horror! :D
    10. Slowking: "I could use some pants..." -Pokemon: The Movie 2000

    10 things I want to know about you

    11. Who is your idol?
    12. What's your favorite kind of video game?
    13. If you were suddenly transformed into a cat, what would you do?
    14. What was your favorite show as a kid?
    15. Who would you want to go see a horror movie with?
    16. Which do you prefer: Chocolate or White milk?
    17. If you were to become President/Prime Minister, what would be the first thing you would do, without any sort of limitations?
    18. Spaghetti or meatballs?
    19. What's your favorite number?
    20. Do you have a comfort object? (ex: blanket, pillow, stuffed animal)
  4. 1) Stephen Fry. I've yet to see something to make me hate him.
    2) I'd say visual novels, but they're more animated book than game. So, I'll say Action-RPG. Because action and the satisfaction of levelling up is pretty cool.
    3) Lay about all day, licking myself and eating things people told me not to.
    Oh, if I was a cat? Not much else, i guess.
    4) Bobobo-bo bo-bobo, without a doubt. I can't count the number of hours I;d spend laughing at it with my little sister.
    5) Me. No, as in, a clone of me, jsut so I could see the look on my face.
    6) White milk. Otherwise, it just isn't milk. If I want chocolate, I eat chocolate.
    7) Quit. Like hell I'm taking on a position with that much power and responsibility.
    8) Spaghetti. There are a lot of things better than well-cooked spaghetti, but meatballs are not among them.
    9) 42
    10) Nothing in particular, no.

    1) What would you consider to be your specialist subject? (Maths, science, etcetera)
    2) What's your favourite piece of useless trivia?
    3) What's the stupidest thing you've ever seen someone do/hear someone say?
    4) If you could make any food into an ice cream flavour, which one would you choose?
    5) Who turned out the lights?
    6) Have you ever fanboyed/girled/variations-thereupon-ed over someone/something? If so, what?
    7) Have you ever had to just back away from something because it was just that weird? Details not needed, but greatly appreciated.
    8) You are standing in the middle of four paths, each one leading either North, South, East or West. Which one do you take?
    9) Why do you think kids love the taste of Cinnamon Crunch?
    10) Do you know where the trigger is?