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  1. Well if you look at content rating, I almost checked them all except gay, lesbian, LGBT, strict rules, premade character, and 18+ only since I'm up for anything except the one I unchecked. I usually play as a male and don't ask me to do females since I'm totally suck (my experience). I'm up for any genre, so.. if you have any idea PM me or post it in here~

    - I'm not worry about grammar nor spelling but please don't be a one liner at least 1 para per post.
    -I also don't expect much for your activeness, maybe twice a week? that shouldn't be too much
    -I sometimes forgot to reply my 1x1 so poke me all the time!

    here some ship I want to try: (x = FXM) (+= same gender~ bromance maybe?)
    Any side will do for me~

    Slice of life:
    Idol X otaku
    Fat male/female x bishie
    Football player + teammates
    mangaka x assistance

    Disney Crossover
    Pokemon Gijinka x Pokemon Gijinka
    Dynasty Warrior (well history but meh...)
    Guardian of Galaxy (ocs)

    Master X half monster
    Champion x newbie
    Wizard x apprentice
    Master X slave

    Hero x Demon queen

    Super power:
    Apprentice X Mentor
    Apprentice + Mentor
    Hero X Hero
    Hero X Civilian

    anything else beside this than you may PM me~
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  2. Heyo~!
    This sounds promising and I don't know why, but I think you are a great role player and a fantastic person and fabulous! I would be interested in some fantasy RP!
    PM me if you're interested too *wink*

    ~Roleplayer you don't know xD
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  3. To roleplayer I never seen,

    thank you for calling me Fabulous but I don't know why but I want to call you fabulous as well~ and thanks for stopping by~
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  4. Heeey!

    I'm new on this forum, and I'm search for a 1x1 RP-story. Especially the wizard x apprentice or apprentice x mentor relationships drew my attention since I already have a fitting character for those. Do you have plot ideas already?

  5. Well Hello there~

    Actually I don't have but we can brainstorm it together through PM~

    and don't need to be so formal lol~! chillex (my own language sorry X( )
  6. I send you a PM!

    And excuse me when I'm to formal. I'm Dutch actually and English in college is very formal-oriented. So when I'm to over-formal, you know why :P
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  7. Can I roleplay a fantasy with you please? :)
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  8. Heyy. Are you up for any more rp's?
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  9. Yes!! Although i'm not availble for this weekend
  10. That's okay :)
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  11. Okay so... PM me~?
  12. Ok :)
  13. Hi!

    If your still looking for roleplay partners, I would love to do the Hero X Civilian or Champion X Newbie. :)
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  14. champion and newbie

    ps:change of plans guy, I'll be online only for today in a while~
  15. I'm planning a DW/ROTK rp, if you're interested
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