[1x1] Walk the Earth (Horror/Supernatural RP)



He shivered as the rain poured down on his head, his hoodie doing nothing to keep out the cold. There wasn't a building, or bus stop in sight, and Cody was starting to lose hope that he'd even be able to make it the next five blocks, where he knew there was a public restroom. He figured that sleeping there, and out of the rain, was better then nothing at all.

Every step he took was painful. He was sure his lips had turned blue. But he pushed forwards, otherwise, everything he had been through would be for nothing. He refused to die like some dog. He grit his teeth, and kept moving, one foot in front of the other. Sometimes he'd stumble, but he never let himself fall on the ground. If he fell, he wouldn't be able to pick himself up again.

He laminated on the fact that he really had done it to himself. Was living with his parents so bad, that he was willing to freeze to death in a park, in a city where no one knew who he was? Yes. The answer was yes a million times over.

He almost cried in relief when he saw the small concrete building that was standing only a few yards away. He rushed inside, then collapsed on the floor as soon as he was out of the doorway. He slumped against the wall, letting his head rest on his shoulder. It was so much warmer in there then outside, but the smell left something to be desired. Still...he was glad that he would get to live another day.




The demon was out in the city.

Well, the edge of the city to be more precise. Baal's latest human had died just that morning, by Baal's own hand; She simply got boring. He obviously didnt think this through, as searching for a new mortal is a dull and time consuming task. It was difficult to find someone desperate enough to follow a strange man back to his 'house' (lair would be more appropriate in Baal's case), since Baal wasn't a fan of taking his new playthings by force; why ruin a perfectly good toy ahead of time? Baal sighed as he reached a safe house, happy for the break. He wasn't used to walking, as he had wings to carry him around. Before he entered, he messed up his ruby colored hair to hide his horns, tying it back with a black ribbon. His wings folded up and could pass as a cape to all those who didn't look very closely.

When he entered the building, what he saw was upset him greatly. A mere four people were inside; an old man of about seventy who seemed to be dying, a woman of about seventeen who was caring for a baby, and a young boy of around sixteen. Baal grinned, though his true feelings were anything but happy for this measly bunch. He'd be very lucky to take one home.

"So, who here needs a place to spend the night? Mattress and breakfast included!"
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The other people around him looked extremely uncomfortable. Cody looked at the stranger, feeling the hair on the back of his neck stand on end when their eyes met. He quickly looked away. Those eyes were...so intense. "Just for the night." Cody said, using the wall to lift himself up. "I only need a place to stay for one night, or until the rain stops. I'll be gone before morning even comes." He promised, slowly taking tentative steps towards him. He could feel his heart racing, and a strange panic was settling in his stomach, telling him that he was in danger, but he ignored it. The offer of a warm place to sleep was far too tempting. He stood there, looking at the ground, waiting for the man to say something. He chewed on his bottom lips and gripped the hem of his soaked hoodie, wringing some of the water from it.

He felt a hand grip his arm. He turned around, and the young girl with the child was looking at him in panic. "No, sweetie. People who go with strangers often never come back. It's dangerous baby, please don't go." She begged him, her voice surprisingly strong.

He pulled his arm away from her slowly. He looked up at the man. "You're not going to murder me tonight, are you sir?" Cody asked, a small teasing smile on his lips. Yes, he knew it was dangerous, he'd heard stories of mutilated corpses of homeless people showing up at the side of the road, but really what other choices were there?