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    Hello all!

    Ever since I graduated High School I have been completely restless. I have no life. All my friends decided to go off and go to large colleges, but I decided to stay and go to the state college in my town. Unfortunately, I only have class on Monday and Wednesday. As you can imagine I am positively bored out of my skull. Which is why I am here!

    I am searching for a few 1x1 role plays. I do have some rules, but I don't think they are too unreasonable so please bear with me.


    • Please be able to reply every other day. I understand people have lives. So, if you are busy just let me know. Don't worry I won't bite!
    • Please be able to post at least 2 paragraphs per character you play. I know this is a lot to ask, but I generally just don't get into it if there is only a little bit there. I love detail and to see what the characters are thinking! I generally post more, but I will match what you do or try my best too. I will not put more effort into it than you do.
    • Please be willing to talk to me. I am very talkative and enjoy planning things out and just plain chit-chatting.
    • Please be willing to play the male or double. I can play the male don't get me wrong, but I don't usually get into it as much unless the plot is fantastical. So, if you have a really good plot feel free to ask, but be warned I may ask you to do another role play with you as the male. Also, I will most likely ask you if you would like to do another role play where you are the female if you are playing the male.
    • Please have decent spelling and grammar. I know no one is perfect, but it'd be great if you didn't say things like dewd, cuz, wat, lke, tew or any other things like that.
    • Last, but not least...Please let me know if you ever want to drop. I will do the same for you.
    • This really isn't a rule just a preference. When doing character Bios/Profiles I would prefer if the picture of your character is a real life person not an anime character. I have nothing against anime, but I just prefer real life.

    Now that the rules are out of the way we can get to the fun stuff! There are plenty of things I would love to role play so, I am going to list them all below.

    • Loki/OC
    • Captain America/OC
    Harry Potter
    • Fred Weasley/OC
    • George Weasley/OC
    • Draco/OC
    X-Men: The X-Team ( The team Wolverine is on in the beginning of X-men Origins: Wolverine )
    • Agent Zero/OC

    • Eric/OC

    Original Plots/Pairings

    • Arranged Marriage
    • Mononoke/ Human
    • Disney stories in real life
    • Demon/Human
    • Reaper/Human
    • Dark Angel/Human

    Assassin/Client ( Yay one I actually have a plot for! )

    During the Edo period in Japan, there is a group of vigilantes- they do anything even murder as long as you pay.
    One day a young woman's parents are falsely accused of a crime and are killed by the South wards magistrate. Filled with sadness and anger, she decides to one day kill the man who was responsible for the death of her parents. As she wonders from town to town she gets word of a group of vigilantes who will do anything so long as she pays them.
    The young woman soon tries to make contact with them, but gets no response. Just as she is about to leave one of the vigilantes appears and blindfolds her. When the blindfold is finally removed she finds herself in a tea house with the magistrate of the North ward sitting before her.
    He listens to her story and decides to help her. However, now that she knows who they are she has to stay with one of the vigilantes.

    Thank you so much for reading all this! If you are interested at all please message me or respond below!

  2. id like to snach up that divergent idea if you dont mind ill pm you in a sec about working out some details
  3. I don't have a plot for it, but that would be wonderful.
  4. I am up for the arranged marriage idea, if that suits your fancy!?
  5. Would you message me please?
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