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  1. I'm new to the site, but not to rping! I’ll get right to it- below are what you need to know about me, then my plots. PM me if you’re interested or have any questions. I’ll add more roleplays to the list as the ideas come to me or I get a craving.

    • I usually respond once or twice a day, sometimes every other day (it all really depends on when you post and how long the responses are)
    • I’ve written from one paragraph up to 3 pages, so for me it really all depends on what you give me. I do want to establish beforehand, however, how you expect it to go, because if it goes below a couple paragraphs on a regular basis in MOST cases I’ll get bored.
    • I NEED characters with depth, with feelings, and wants, and dreams, and fears, and I want to know all of them throughout the rp. Also on your end: I get mistakes, but constant grammar errors are a no-no. You know what I mean.
    • Though listed below are only female characters on my part, I’m very capable of and do play both genders. I only do fxm however as the main romance, but mxm on the side if you are wanting to include it. If you have an idea and want to PM me about it, like I said I can play both genders.
    • I'm not afraid of adult topics or scenes, but I can also fade to black if you need to. Don't be afraid to ask!


    What Doesn’t Kill You
    [set in 1800s or so England, loosely using some assassin’s creed terms and concepts to make things easier. High-casual to advanced, focused on both action and character development][/i]

    A female assassin (my character) has quickly over the years moved her way up the ranks within the Brotherhood, but that doesn’t mean she’s well liked even within the higher-ups. Her methods of killing aren’t exactly up to code, though they don’t break any laws and she gets the job done, so nobody can really complain. To make it worse, she’s a woman, and soon enough she’ll be at master level, high enough to take an apprentice on. Problem is, who would want to train under a female?

    One of her missions has finally proven to become just a bit too difficult for one person to handle, and that’s when (not telling anyone), the young adult hires a slightly younger homeless teenager (your character) to do a little work for her, promising more gold than he’d ever seen in his life. If he does everything correctly, there might just be a future for him at the Brotherhood, if our assassin can pull a few strings… This rp will involve a big time skip to where they're both a few years older and adults.

    You’ve Got Mail

    [And no, not like the movie. This is probably the most mellow, non-plot oriented rp I’ve ever wanted, because I usually need a lot of structure. That being said, I think it’ll take someone with talent to pull this off and not let it flop cause it’s boring. I love character development, and that’s the entire point of this. If you get bored by long thought processes and conversations, obviously not for you. If you DON’T, however, I’d love to give this a shot. Could have some serious mature topics, actions, and repercussions involved]

    Being a freshman in college can have its ups and downs, but this girl would rather chat online about it than go outside and figure it out on most nights. Don’t get me wrong, she’s social enough, but cuddling up on an online chat site (what kind of site we can discuss if needed) sounds much more appealing than getting drunk at a frat party. Besides, it looks like she might have actually found someone she can cry tell her life story to, as well as get a few laughs. Of course she would never meet him in real life- stranger danger and all that. Or would she? This is very ‘character development’ focused, not a lot of action, especially at first.

    This could go a number of ways. They end up already being friends in rl, he goes to her school, they are long distance but one moves eventually to be closer for the summer…see? Lots of options. Just tell me what you’re thinking, I have no limits for adult topics either. Partner should be 18+.

    Let's be Realistic.

    A young woman in college (my character) is doing her best to work through nursing school, getting all As just like her parents have always demanded. Because of the lack of attention and love growing up she's always had a bad habit of hooking up with the wrong guy. This time she's gone too far, her boyfriend being abusive verbally and sometimes physically.

    Thankfully she isn't living with him. Instead she's in the same apartment as a young man she grew up living beside, neighbors all through high school. They never really hung out, but when they both wanted to live in the same area a couple hours from home it seemed to work out perfectly. He's in a band that is slowly getting big and has a lot more drive to do what HE wants than she does. Problem is...the drug habit he and his friends have. Becoming better friends now that they've lived together for a few months, will they find out about one anothers problems and help out or just make things worse?

    [this rp needs a partner that's willing to help make plot points and isn't afraid of drama ;) A lot of fights, slamming of doors, and tough situations and conversations. A number of side characters from both of us needed. We could include anything and everything, just tell me your limits.]


    Books, shows, or movies I might do that you probably haven’t heard of: (OCs only)
    Queen’s Arrow trilogy
    Hush, Hush

    Other thoughts not quite developed:
    Guardian angel or nephilim
    Anything with wolf shifters (I have a couple plots for this)

    That's all I have right now. If you have a plot idea that’s not there (since there’s only a couple right now) please don’t hesitate to throw it out. I’m not the best at coming up with things and would love a great one given to me I love anything with a great action plot (especially fantasy, medieval, or western) with some romance to it .
  2. I would love to try "Let's be realistic!" :)
  3. the assassin RP sounds interesting
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