1x1 RP Grab Bag

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  1. Happy New Year!
    I.. I'm sorry for the way these are written.. this is just how the ideas come out of my brain QvQ

    Why stay on Earth1 when you can take a train to Earth2? A girl who's never been out traveling suddenly decides to quit her job at the factory making everyday appliances and go traveling! And of course, she's not just planning on getting out of the state, but off of Earth; Good idea.. but it seems she's not the only one who wants to go traveling, as she meets a rebel with a questionable background at the station and somehow gets dragged into his affairs!

    Strange place for a safe haven.. smack in the middle of another World War, a soldier makes his way through the forest, running away, or rather towards something in the distance. A light? A clearing. There, he's met by an injured man from the opposing nations and a quiet girl tending to her garden.

    Overly conscious and expectant of men, ___ has never been able to get along with males. Perhaps all those dating simulations and visual novels made her socially infertile? On one of her guy hunting escapades, she gets into an accident with a handsome stranger on the street. Completely turned off by his jerky demeanor, she decides that maybe this ass can show her a few things about getting a guy. Reluctantly, he agrees-but their relationship grows into something much more.. Will this dating-sim loving dreamer ever learn?

    I'm not covering up for you anymore!: Start taking some responsibility for your actions! A world renowned detective is fed up with coming up with excuses to cover up for the head of an infamous crime syndicate. He tells the gangster to meet him at a cafe with plans of telling him that he's sick of it, but realizes.. who ever asked him to do it in the first place?

    A loan shark and a hard worker: My earnings against your earnings, my work against your work, you've got it easy! Two different worlds meet when a hard working man/woman's debt reaches an all time high. When loan sharks start pounding on him/her, there's no way he/she's putting up with it! He/She lets a few of them drone on, but finally lets his/her pent up anger out on the last person she owed money to. Expecting a quiet, uncaring response, ____ never saw the moneylender's speach coming! A hard time?! Who has a hard time!? And that's when they were both hit with a risky, but totally-worth-it idea. "Let's switch places!"

    Guys in costumes are always dreamy, but maybe that's because they're from paralell universes? Ever wonder how those guys at the expos can look so cool with their awesome hand-made costumes and bishie-like features? A dense college student is ready to find out! For the first time in her life.. she's going to be.. outspoken..? Nervous, and overly expectant, a head-in-the-clouds _____ plunges into the Convention with hopes of uncovering the secret to these hunky cosplayers, but what she finds out may be different, or even better than what she expected.

    If anyone's interested PM me or post a reply ^^. I wrote them like book summaries because I didn't know what else to do, guhhh x| I'm open to suggestions as well, and the genders can be changed in any of them, but I prefer bxb and gxb couplings.

    Blarg in advanced, I write.. a lot. And I tend to make up sound effects, but I'm trying to limit myself xI - I really love these oddball, polar opposite pairings, as you can see. Sorry if they all seem similar, it's just what I like xD

  2. I would like to do the Overly conscious and expectant of men with you.

    I also enjoy sound effects, so do not feel like you have to limit yourself.
  3. Weee thanks, I'm glad you don't find them annoying <v> haha.
    And sure! Did you want to play the guy or the girl?
  4. I think it is cute that you wrote the plots like book summaries. Do not be so worried about annoying people.
    I would prefer the guy, if you do not mind.
  5. Oh, thanks! Blarg I think my confidence just shot up by 10+ points.
    Of course I don't mind! I don't think I'm a girl in any of the rps I'm in right now xD
    Should I start it, or did you want to?
  6. I'm interested in Why stay on Earth1 when you can take a train to Earth2?‚Äč. I will play either role, it's fine with me.
  7. The more confidence you have, the better you tend to feel. There is no need for you to ever feel ashamed of yourself for being who you are.
    I would prefer it if you were to start, if you do not mind.
  8. @Kid: Okay! Would you mind playing the guy?
    Also, should I start it?

    @Pilot: You're so nice QvQ You need to be my life coach. xD Just kidding~
    I'll try to have something tomorrow [evening's my latest], if that's alright?
  9. No, I don't mind playing the guy. And I'd like you to start it if you don't mind ^.^"
    I wouldn't know how to start this one.
  10. @Kid: Sure thing, I'll send you a link when I'm done! ^^
  11. If you ever need anything, do feel free to ask. I do a lot of work with people who have anxiety, or are depressed, but that also bleeds into self-esteem issues, and the like. No one ever has to be alone.
    Do take your time, quality over speed has always been an important thing to me.