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  1. Hey. So. Yeah. I am new and am looking for some roleplaying on here. So lets just get started with a bit about me/what I'm looking for.

    I can post regularly, I'm a bit of a internet-nerd, always on. My posts will likely be a couple paragraphs, Im not gonna post a book each time I post, just know its quality over quantity.
    I only ask that whoever decides to RP with me just have some stuff to contribute to the plot of the RP, to make it interesting...Be fairly active, and please follow common sense and how roleplaying works...I'm a bit anal about how stuff is presented. To most likely everyone you should know how RPing works. Actions "Speaking" 'Thinking'. its pretty simple. Write it like writing a book, sense in essence, its what we're doing.
    Oh and you'll find out, I REALLY like OC's over canon, just saying...OC will be common.

    Im a straight male, so sorry, I dont play girls, I don't do yaoi. I want a female RPing partner, but guys don't rule yourselves out yet...I love to fight in RP.

    Alright, what I'm looking to RP. If its listed first, thats what I plan to play...

    These are different fandoms I'm interested in, I might just say a general theme like "Naruto" or I might be more specific.

    Naruto (I like RPing OC's in AU plots, but if you're a fan of Canon I'm always down for OCxHinata...Oh and I LOVE to fight Naruto style, if you ever just wanna have a battle...Cooount me in.)
    -Asgardian OC x OC
    -Thor x OC
    -X-Men OC x OC
    Fullmetal Alchemist
    -OC x OC
    -OC x Winry
    -OC x Sheska (dont ask, I love nerdy girls.)
    Sword Art Online <33333
    -OC x OC
    -OC x Suguha/Leafa <3
    -OC x Sachi
    -Kirito X OC (Might take convincing...)
    -OC x Asa
    -OC x Nerine

    This Im going to list a theme, and then list pairings.

    Modern Reality
    Bandmate x Bandmate
    Famous Musician x Fan
    Famous Musician x Childhood friend <3
    Musician x Photographer (Can do either role)
    Photographer x Model/Childhood friend.
    Garage Worker/Street Drifter x Whatever (Friend, person coming to the garage, another street drifter/racer, IDC. Basically lets do some Fast and Furious shit.)

    Modern Supernatural (None Reality)
    Gifted Student x Gifted Student (Basically AU X-Men)
    Supernatural being x Supernatural being
    Supernatural being x Human

    Feudal-Era/Edo Period Japan
    Samurai x Samurai
    Ninja X Samurai
    Ninja x Ninja
    Ninja/Samurai x Normal Citizen

    Preferred character-types. Clearly I like romance RPs, and I do have preferences on the types of girls for RPs...I don't like "bad bitches" usually, I like sweet girls, shy, affectionate, since I usually play a sweet protective guy...I don't find 'bad bitches' appealing. This don't mean they gotta be weak (in something like Naruto or where fighting is involved), they can still be badass, just not a cold bitch personality wise. Thaank yooou : D

    If you have any questions, ideas, or pairings you wanna suggest, please go ahead. : D
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  2. Hey,

    I'd love to do a Thor x OC, I have a couple of ideas ^^

    Or I wouldn't mind playing around with any of your non-fandoms =)
  3. I would like to do the ninja/Samurai. I have a sweet female ninja that could use a good fight. I got some ideas if you are interested.
  4. @H20: I did just post on another thread about a Thor x OC thing, so I'd like to see what her response is before I go getting into one just yet. What non-fandoms are you interested in? I am particular to playing Modern ones, just saying, but any on the list is cool.

    @Saphhire: Lets hear your ideas, a good fight and possible romance sounds fun lol.
  5. very nice. I am thinking sides apart. You know like a forbidden love that starts out as a fight to lice and die. Asian cultures seemed to love to hate each other... So all the movies portray -.-
  6. Bandmate / Bandmate
    Bandmate / Childhood friend

    or Street Drifter / Mechanic
  7. @Saphhire: Alright that sounds awesome. Was you wanting me to play a samurai or ninja? There could be reason for the fighting for a few reasons depending on what. Ninjas have clan wars, Ninja and Samurai hate eachother, could be a few reasons. Although I do say if you want me to play a Samurai, my characters are typically ronin so they won't be working under any lord.

    @H20: Im cool with the bandmates or musician/childhood friend, up to you. I have a short list of characters for these kind of plots if you want to hear about them.
  8. Sure! Should we start a PM so we don't clutter your request thread?

    Sadly, I have ONE more class to get to, but I shall be back in a couple of hours.
  9. if you feel up to a ninja I am ok with that.. You choice I am flexable.
  10. Alright messaging you both
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