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  1. Long term, please. PM me if you are interested.

    Looking for an older sister or brother for the RP. The original idea was for an older sister, but brother works the same. Read the plot for more info on the character.

    I feel that I can put a strong effort into my writing skills to keep the RP alive and well for quite some time, and of course introduce new elements to keep it from going stale. My requirements are only that you match the effort that I put into the RP.

    Expectations for RP

    Check my profile.

    World History / Setting

    "The vast Empire of Eternus covers nearly all the known lands of the world, ruling nearly every known civilization within its reach. Regardless of how small or limited in resources its towns may be, the Empire makes it a top priority that everyone within its realm is taken care of. Taken care of… and watched. The lands are filled with all kinds of beasts and magickal creatures, some intelligent enough to live in a functioning society, such as the elves and humans, while the rest are savage and take refuge within the wilds of the land, like the terrifying barghests lurking in the forests or the wicked goblins who claim the mountains. Then there are those who may choose not to live within city limits or societies, retaining their lifestyle in the wilds with their own brethren, such as the faeries or merfolk.

    The Empire has always been known as a fair and decent place to dwell. Poverty was low, employment and occupation was high and steady, taxes were reasonable, and society was peaceful. The only problem its denizens had frequently struggled with was the monstrosities that infested the wilds, savage beings that hunger for the flesh of the civilized. Traveling alone from city to city could prove dangerous to the unexperienced warrior. But even with this complication, the Empire has always offered its hand in protecting its travelers with escorts and entourages.

    The figurehead of the Empire is, of course, the Emperor. The will of the Emperor is absolute; none dare challenge the finality of their ruler in any decision or thought that leaves his lips. His councilmen are his close advisors. An Emperor or Empress can only be chosen by one of two methods: the Emperor must be killed in a battle set by his own terms, or the alternative, his councilmen decide to replace him with another of their choosing if his duty has run its course or if he passes on through natural death. Killing the Emperor is most often the more difficult of choices since he chooses the method of battle and sets the rules for the fight. The second choice may prove to be just as difficult, however, as a person must win the favor of all councilmen unanimously. This means that the candidate must pull the counsel’s favor away from the current Emperor, as he would have their support as their prior chosen to begin with.

    The Empire is mostly compromised of human kind, as is its political office, but others of different ethnicity had eventually integrated themselves with the humans and rose through the rankings of their administration. Elves were commonly found in higher political positions, as were a handful of dwarves, gnomes, and when they chose to leave their sacred wild lands, faeries. There weren’t restrictions on whom or what could rise in rank within the Empire. But there was a rule that governed who could actually become the Emperor of Eternus, a tiny detail that would eventually lead to the undoing of the Emperor himself. The rule was that only those of a human descent could be Emperor. Though not many people really believed there was a reason for a new Emperor, since it was he who had maintained the land’s peace for so long, this rule had planted a dark seed of hatred and jealousy within a group of non-humans. There was one in this group whose sole desire was to become Emperor, but he knew that he would never be accepted as Emperor unless he was a human.

    This man shot through the rankings of the Empire, rising far above all of his peers and even befriending the Emperor himself. As time passed, the man had begun to weave a spell of the darkest magicks. This spell was cast upon the Emperor, binding him in the mind and putting his every action under the command of his close friend. This man was filled with hatred, anger, and jealousy, and he would have his revenge on the world for not giving him a chance, not allowing him to show that he could be just as good, if not better, than a human leader. Humans, the weak, magickless beings that claimed this world as their own, would pay for the unjust Empire they ran. No one suspected what was going on; no one batted an eye at the changes the Emperor was going through, not until it was too late. He announced that a bright, new future would begin in his Empire, and that the new era would be the grounding point for a future worth living for, a future that would embrace magick as the tool of innovation. Shortly after his announcement, each human holding a position in his counsel was murdered in cold blood. From there, every other human being that played a part in the running of the Empire was annihilated. Their families were next, and it continued until the entire capital of Eternus was cleared of the human filth. Enslavement, torture, and genocidal camps were among the worst atrocities that had begun under the “new rule” of the Emperor.

    This friend of the Emperor was drowning in the pleasure of his tyranny, a little too obviously for his own good. The humans started to pick up on the strange relationship between him and the Emperor: how they were always secretly communication, how they would shut the world out for extended amounts of time, how they both laughed at the terror he created. The laugh, it was so similar between them, as if it were the same. The humans had become suspicious, beginning to believe that dark magicks were involved, that a malevolent force of evil had taken their Emperor from them. While they still had a small bit of hope left in them, they banded together. They fought back against the oppression and rescued many from the clutches of the unjust ruler. A guild was formed, the liberators of mankind, The Legion of the Empyrean. They marched through the country and recruited any human willing to fight until their numbers had outnumbered the Emperor’s now non-human army. They marched faster than word could travel, until they found themselves standing on the doorstep of the Emperor himself. In only one night, one swift raid, the Emperor’s manipulator was run through by more than just one blade. Everyone wanted their bit of revenge on the maniac that killed so many of their kind. After the last drop of blood fell from his body, the dark haze in the Emperor’s mind had diminished, and he returned to his normal self. Everyone thought that they would fall into peaceful times once again. This was far from the truth.

    After hearing the story of how he was controlled by a non-human, he instantly set in place a new regimen of ruling. First, he knighted the entirety of the new guild and called them heroes. He bound them by a blood pact to the duty of the eternal protection of his existence. They now are his guardsmen and soldiers of his armies. You can’t go more than a hundred feet without seeing one in any town. Second, a ban on Magick was put into place. Anyone performing even the slightest bit of sorcery would be killed without question. And finally, his last regulation was that all non-humans were to be excommunicated from human society, and that those who were not of pure human blood still living in his lands would be extinguished. What is known as The Purge had begun. Creatures of all races, genders and ages were killed. Humans were the only ones safe in Eternus anymore. The Emperor stopped at nothing to snuff any inhuman creature from his realm: burning through his forests to set ablaze any elf or faerie body he could find, collapsing the entrances to the caves of the mountain dwarves and leaving them to starve trapped in their holes and homes, and even sending his best hunters and fishers to catch any merfolk too close to the surface of the ocean to use them as food for his people and sport their heads as war trophies.

    The world is a different place now. The Purge still goes on, but the races of the world are few. It’s seldom that you see anyone other than humans anymore. And those who aren't human must conceal themselves to avoid the risk of drawing any attention from the members of Legion, who actively carry out The Purge as the word of the Emperor. Magick has been declared an abomination that has no place in the Empire of Eternus or its future, magick or magick folk."

    *Basic Starting Point

    A pair of children hastily stomped through a deep bog. One child looked only to be a little more than a decade old, the second, a small boy trailing the older sibling, only a couple years more. They took heavy breaths, ragged and painful, their mouths clawing at the thinned air around them as they hopped over low branches, weaved around thorn bushes, and yanked their small feet from the maw of the sludgy mud that had engulfed them every step they took. But they weren't just sprinting through the swamp without reason, not in these deepest hours of the night, where creatures of all kinds ruled by the light of the moon. The fear plastered across their faces hinted that they were running from something else, something worse than what lurked in the swamp, hoping to stumble upon two little kids just ripe for the picking. Such a meal for a monster. Fear induced adrenaline running through the veins always tasted better than one who wasn't afraid, or who was already dead. But whatever was chasing them was much worse. They continued trotting through the swamp, never looking back and never slowing down, but stayed attentive to the sounds following them.
    Only when they were absolutely sure that the pursuer had given up did they come to a halt, the small boy at the rear practically collapsing under his heavy wheezing, arms wrapped around his belly. For the moment, they were safe. The older child turned and reached down into his side satchel. What he pulled out made both of them smile: a pair of big, red apples. The small boy grabbed at one of them, minding no etiquette as his pointed teeth tore into the flesh of the fruit. He gulped the large bites almost as heavily as he had been gasping for air. It was the first meal they had had in three days. The older child smiled, ruffled his/her little brother's hair with his/her free hand, and bit into his/her own morsel. All of a sudden, before his/her teeth could bare down on the doomed fruit, he/she stopped, glaring past the small boy in front of him deep into the swamp. A pair of red eyes, narrow and hungry, stared back at him/her. He/She grabbed his/her brother at the arm and pulled, yanking him back into a sprint.

    The story I have (started...) is of a young boy (aged 12, my character) and his sibling (M or F, 13-14, your character). They live in a world of magic. Faeries, demons, monsters, elves, all kinds of creatures infest the land with their terror and hunger, their desire to feed on anything that steps in their path. Unfortunately, the most dangerous creature of this land are the Humans. With self-righteousness and superiority-complexes lifting their egos beyond all levels of sanity, they rule the land despising all other beings who are different from them. The ones they hate the most, the monsters that are the biggest insult to their pride, are half breeds. The thought their own blood blended together with the essence of an impure, non-human creature coursing through the veins of a living being is sickening. The pair of siblings just happen to be half breeds. Both share their roots with Faeries and Humans. Under constant oppression by society, the pair of faeries run across the lands, stealing, fighting, surviving the world of the humans while their own race is slowly being eradicated from the realm. Their parents are dead, a guild of demon hunters actively pursue them, and they are hungry, lost.

    Faeries in this world aren't like our common folklore. They are horned, have large bird-like wings, are just as tall as average sized people, and magical. However, those born with some human blood are tainted. These creatures don't have wings, but are horned like goats, have ominous luminescent eyes, have hooked prehensile tails, and their hands and feet have dangerous claws. Of course, each person's attributes are different and can be very subtle, or extremely grotesque. The characters are based loosely off of Tieflings. The magic in the two characters here are only starting to surface at such a young age. We can talk about the rules of magic and what abilities they should or shouldn't have.

    With this story, I'd like to see:

    • Friendship with other characters, as well as betrayals
    • Dark twists, abuse, and brutal fatalities that inject fear into the theme of the story, but also a feeling of triumph when overcome
    • The two siblings struggle to survive the harsh world with barely anything covering their hides, only hoping that one day they will find a place that accepts them for what they are.
    • There will be battles and struggles to the death. The main characters wont die, but others might.
    • I'd like to see a plot develop, to see the characters show mental growth as they survive the world.
    • Push the characters to do drastic things. They are trying to survive. If fighting back even against another child means surviving, then so be it.
    • Form political devices in the story that act as another challenge to the two siblings, so that they aren't just chased around all the time and have to survive urban interactions as well.
    • Introduction of new characters that play minor or major roles in the siblings lives, evil or good.
    • Create conflict, but also try to resolve conflict too so that the story continues. Treat your characters like living, breathing creatures.
    • Branch the story into a new one if the previous concludes. Let's keep it going. I'll enjoy this, and I hope you will too

    World History / Setting
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  2. This sounds interesting, I would like to play the role of the sister (: I don't know if you want to discuss it here or by pm.
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  3. Cool! I'll message you through PM. I'll put together a character profile for my character and send it to you, and you can do the same. We can talk about plot and history a bit too. I'm completely open to input.
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  4. I'm still taking requests too! Keep then coming!
  5. I added the background for the RP.
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