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  1. Hey there! I'm one of those people who like to double up on their role plays, how about you? Anyways, I'm looking to start a few role plays so if someone already commented, I would like you to comment anyways! So, right now I don't have any ideas in mind so I'd like you to share with me :D. And I must say I do have a thing for romance, but I do like there to be a plot and a story behind the emotion... you know? Thanks, hope to hear from you :)
  2. Hi there! I'm also looking for a romance thread. Not like AWWW YEAH GIRL TAKE THEM CLOTHES OFF but like. You know. Cute romance, haha. Probably not a good description. But yeah, if you'd be interested in coming up with something let me know!
  3. Hahaha! It's the perfect description and exactly what I'm looking for :D and I'd love to come up with something with you!
  4. Sweetness. Well, let's start of with a basic. Do you want to play male or female for you main? I'm really okay with either I suppose, though I guess it may also depend on the pairing we pick... Hm...

    Do you have any past pairings that you've done that you may want to do again?
  5. I prefer female.. but I've done this thing in the past where we have 4 characters, 2 female and 2 male. I'd write one of each and you'd write one of each, so that way we can both play female.. if you want to play female. Ehh, not particularly... Are there any that you want to try again? And are we looking for something modern, like high school or something that's probable in real life.. or fantasy or futuristic/apocalypse type deal? (By the way, I'm fine with all those categories I just listed and others.)

    Also, for the romance element I don't really want it to be love at first sight unless we come up with an awesome role play where love at first sight is necessary haha
  6. Okay like three things:
    I know what you're talking about with the two & two, and I'd prefer not to do that. I much prefer to have a main character, and bring in my own sides as we go. I'm fine with playing males. I have a few in store that could be used & adapted easily.
    I don't like to do high school role plays. It's uncomfortable for me to play someone that young. I enjoy characters in their twenties, so as an alternative we could to a college setting?
    And third. I have a few pairings and plots I've done in the past that never took off. Take a look.

    vampire* x human
    arranged marriage
    single mom x male
    beauty & the beast
    self harmer x former self harmer
    friends with benefits
    abusive boyfriend x girlfriend
    best friend x best friend
    drug addict x pregnant girlfriend
    runaway teen x person who finds her
    rape victim x ex boyfriend
    counselor x mute patient
    supernatural beings
    drug addict x sheltered
    drug addict x recovered addict

    Idea: he's the rich boy being groomed for daddy’s company. So rich they have a summer home in North Carolina, right on the coast. She comes from a family that has battled addictions among other things, and is on the poorer side. A resident of the vacation hot spot year round. They meet by chance on the boardwalk and fall under the spell of love at first sight.

    Idea: She has lost her courage to speak. Raised by her deaf father, her mother was killed in a grocery store robbery gone wrong when she was only eight months old. Her father hired people to help him take care of his infant daughter. Growing up she never thought it odd that her dad never spoke and only signed. She herself was taught how to sign from the start, and could ask for the basics that way before she could speak. However her father caught ill with cancer and died when she was nine, and she was sent to be taken care of by a man who ran a group home by the name of davenport. But he was a sick man, who had the tendency to sexually abuse his wards, male or female. He took a special liking to her and the way she never screamed or called for help. This was all discovered when she was sixteen. The police raided the place, he went to jail, and she was sent to a nice family. But she still hadn't spoken since she was twelve, when he had started touching her every night before escalating to a few times a day. Enter the male role. A neighbor of her foster family, she was graduating high school the year she started at her new school. He tried to befriend her in any way he could but she never spoke. He thought he was just annoying her, and he never knew that she enjoyed his company. He went on to college and was only around during the summers. But now she’s been out of high school for three years. It is fall and she’s just gotten her own apartment above a little bookstore when they meet again. He’s picked up some sign language and they get to 'talking'. He'd always thought she was deaf and had confided many personal things to her when they'd been neighbors. But the more time he spends with her, the more he notices how she reacts to sound. He picks up on the fact that she's chosen this way and is determined to help her speak again.

    Idea: A young doctor/resident meets a young woman through an accident involving her son/daughter. Throughout the child's hospital stay, the two get to know each other and afterwards, the doctor/resident finds the woman to continue their friendship, which eventually sparks a few feelings.

    Idea: A young woman is raped by her mother's boyfriend, yet no one believes her and he denies that he was even in the mother's home at the time of the attack. The police don't even issue a rape kit to her. Devastated, she is changed and even her boyfriend, who picked her up from her mother's afterwards, can't handle what she's not telling him (she can't bring herself to tell him she was raped). He breaks up with her, saying that she has become distant. Sucking it up, she moves back in with her mother and they pretend nothing ever happened. Two months later, she takes a home pregnancy test and it turns out positive. She has a break down before storming out and showing up on the ex's doorstep.

    Some of those, I prefer to have female. Because I already have them made and well, they're the reason I had the ideas.
  7. Okay.. haha
    ~ First, I'm kinda glad you don't want to do the 4 character thing. I just thought I'd offer it up in case
    ~Second, totally fine about the high school thing.

    I like the arranged marriage, beauty and the beast (would this be like a modern take on it type of thing?), supernatural beings.. and curious about the drug addict and sheltered (as in, do you mean one person is a drug addict and the other is in some sort of poor shelter?)
    Also, are the bolded roles the ones you are interested in playing?

    I like the first one about the rich boy and the poorer girl and the doctor one seems interesting.
    The idea about the silent girl sounds really interesting
  8. We'll continue talking tomorrow. I'm heading to bed and have back to back exams in the morning. But for right now real quick:
    I'm always up for arranged marriages.
    Drug addict x sheltered, it would mean that the sheltered person was like, raised by over protective parents or something along those lines.
    Yes, bolded is what I would prefer. I didn't realize it was still bolded since I copied and pasted it from a word document, haha.

    As for ideas, I'm fine with any of those. I would just prefer, if doing the silent one, that I could have female.

    Also I'm not opposed to doing to different threads with you at once.
  9. I'm kinda liking the idea of an arranged marriage right now, so maybe we could give that one a shot?
    and I'm not opposed to different threads either

    I guess we'll chat more tomorrow about that though :p

    oh, and GOOD LUCK and have fun haha
  10. If you don't know what to call it, just call it fluff or romantic fluff if you want it to be more specific.
  11. Thank you! Haha. I definitely just bombed my philosophy exam. I reaaaally really hate Plato and his damn Republic, and apparently all I did for my notes was write a commentary on how big of a prick he is. >< Woops. My next should go over well.

    Also, arranged marriage is fine with me! What kind of setting would you like? Modern, etc.
  12. Oh no o.O! Haha, hope your next one is better!
    And ya I think modern would be good
  13. Okay well, I'm pretty much ready when you are. So when you're ready, just you can go ahead and start it off. ^^
  14. Alright, quick question though... Where do you want to start? Like when they are first set up, after a few 'dates'..?
  15. Let's have it after a few dates. Avoid the awkward introductions.
  16. okay ahah sounds good.. I'm going to make another thread, if that's okay.. I'll post the link in a sec
  17. and are we doing first person or third?