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  1. Expectations-
    Limitations: more than one sentence please. It is very hard to work with them and it makes the RP itself unappealing.
    Posting times: Anytime preferably 3-4 posts a day at minimum
    Genres / types of role plays: Fantasy,sci-fi,
    Plot ideas & cravings: Anything we can come up with and agree on

    Fandom (Bold is who i will play) :

    Avengers/Marvel (I will double)
    Loki x OC

    I hope i did this right!
    Message below or PM me if you are interested!

    ~Thank you~
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  2. BUMP
    Am i allowed to do this?
  3. Yes, once per 24 hours, using a sentence that provides information such as "I'm still looking!" Or "updated first post" or "this is still open"

    Posts that just say 'bump' or something similarly random/non-informative are deleted as spam
  4. Ahhh Thank you so much! <3
  5. Still searching!!
  6. Stilllll looking!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.