1x1 Open to any rp

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  1. Hello! My name is Krissi and well, I want to keep this short and sweet so let's go!

    * I love to rp so I would like a partner that is able to reply more than once a day.
    * I like playing the female so please be okay with the male or doubling up.
    * I love love love romance- this is a must.
    * I can do any rp so just ask me!
    * I can go mature if needed, but will respect if you don't want it.
    * I prefer to be messaged rather than just a comment, but if you can't - no problem either.

    I hope to have a partner soon (((:
  2. I'm new, but I rp on other sites. Hey, are you willing to rp with me?
  3. Sure- let's talk rp ideas ^^ I'll message you!
  4. KK (I'll use this lingo, although I prefer not to!)