1x1 miscelanous roleplay thing :P

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  1. Here's where we plot the roleplay and put out character sheets and stuff :3
  2. Have you thought of your character yet Bob~? ^3^
  3. Well, we need a character sheet thingy (and it would be preferable if you posted your character sheet first) before I can properly think of one XD got a basic idea though o.o
  4. Name: Karen Smith

    Race/Class/Type: Human/Fox

    Appearance: Short red hair with piercing green eyes. Her skin tone is pale and she wears/keeps a gas mask with her. She wears black sweaters and ripped skinny jeans, with black converse.

    Normal Equipment: Gun Or Knife

    Special Equipment: None

    General Abilities: Drawing

    Special Abilites: None
    Weaknesses: Anything that a normal human weakness would be.

    ( I hope this is what you meant? ;w; )
  5. Mhm :3 I shall get a character going o.o
  6. Go Bob go! :'D Make me proud! XD
  7. Whoops! Forgot to ask the age of your character o.o
  8. 19. ;w;
  9. XD Just so I have a better reference as to how she looks o.o (gonna use a picture as my character's appearance, makes it easier to describe him :P
  10. Okay Bobby bear!
  11. Name: Callan Enzo

    Age: 18

    Race/Class/Type: Human

    appearance (open)


    Normal Equipment: Small pocket knife (for emergencies)

    Special Equipment: N/A

    General Abilities: Staying out of sight

    Special Abilites: Keen hearing

    Weaknesses: Large crowds, too much physical contact, eye contact (these are more of things that scare him/make him nervous)
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  13. Heh thanks o.o glad you like him X3
  14. Could you start the role play?
  15. Sure o.o it'll take a bit to actually get the plot going though XD
  16. Thats what I'm saying XD I have no ideas ;-; I can't think hhhhhh
  17. Don't worry X3 I shall brainstorm something good (hopefully >.<)
  18. Go Boobbyy!! Make me proud again! X3
  19. Hmm... Do you want your character to have escaped the laboratory already, held captive, or just recently escaping o.o that should set the general plot :P
  20. Whatever you want ^-^