1x1 Marvel or DC Rp?

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  1. This is just an interest check for an adult 1x1 or group Marvel or DC rp. Let me be clear when I say that adult does NOT mean all smut or libertine. Just that there will be suggestive themes and intense gore, explicit posts, and the more smutty sides will be allowed though not the main focus of the rp. Multiple characters are allowed also, we will discuss main characters once people responds. So yeah!!! Reply which rp you'd be interested in (1x1 or Group)

  2. I am willing to try either or. =)
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  3. What character would you want to play? :D
  4. An original character, of course. Because superheroes. I have a few character concepts floating around. My most recent character I was unable to use because the rp died that I wouldn't mind trying him out here. He has the power of Density Manipulation.
  5. I literally just joined this site so I could voice my interest in this rp- I've been looking for a good superpowered roleplay for quite a while and couldn't pass the opportunity up. I'm cool with either group or 1X1 :)
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  6. I would be interested if this was a 1x1x1
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  7. Glad to see so much interest guys! ^_^ Just as a note on DC side I'd probably be Raven. On Marvel side I'm thinking either Sersi or Carol Danvers.
  8. Is it strictly canon characters or are OCs allowed to be mixed in?
  9. Would anyone have restrictions about rping the cinematic Marvel or DC universe?
  10. OC's I'll accept since Gotham and Agents of SHIELD does, but note characters may not be as prominent with story arcs.
  11. I'm not as experienced doing canon characters (i.e. not at all), so I think I'll bow out of this one. I wouldn't want to just up and disappear on you or do a really shitty job IC. Thanks for the opportunity though!
  12. I said I accept OC's but in any event okee doke!
  13. Any OC's will be welcomed.
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