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  1. Name: Grey

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Timezone: CST

    Occupation: Full time student

    OC or Fandom: Strictly OC! I'm a sucker for exploring each other's characters, especially how deep we can get into their backstories.

    Smut/Language/Violence: Although I don't like smut-only rps, I'm a huge fan of intimate scenes when they're warranted! I do not like insta-romance at all; I want to watch the relationship between the two characters develop. This does mean that romance, for me, is required. I especially love romantic tension! When it comes to language, I don't mind swearing. Some of my characters have sailor mouths, others are quite tasteful. As for violence, I don't mind gore. In fact I tend not to blink an eye to it. ;) I a huge fan of angst, drama, betrayal, dark, and troubling themes.

    Limits: None! I welcome any kinks, since I haven't had anything deter me yet. Because of my lack of limits, especially when it comes to smut, my partners must be 18+!

    What characters would you like to play against?: I enjoy playing against diverse, multi-dimensional characters. I love realism! Flaws without it being a crutch! But of course I'm not overly selective; where's the fun in that? I also don't mind it if your character has a handicap, if he's blind in one eye, or even both, or lost a limb or two. I do not like mary sues or gary stues, however, or characters that won't speak to you no matter what.

    Qualities in partners?: I like partnering up with people that I can be friends with and feel comfortable speaking OOC with! If I do feel like we'll become friends, I'll gladly give you my Skype name before we start the rp, in case we want to plan anything out or just chat. :) When it comes to grammar and spelling, an acceptable ability is required! I don't want to feel as if I need to translate your writing. Informal OOC chat is fine though! Detail in writing! Of course not purple prose but enough to where I feel like the characters are at least a little bit real, as well as the environment. If he's afraid of lightening and thunder, show that he is by having him jump to any flash of light in the rain. If his bed is old and worn, have the bed creak and rain dust from beneath the mattress.


    Modern Genre = MxM Orphan teens

    We play as teens in London, England (don't worry, you don't have to have been to the real place; we can make stuff up) who grew up in an old, creaky orphanage. As long as they remain unadopted, they are forced to work around the orphanage as labor slaves by the overseer, an old cranky woman with her middle-aged son. The overseer pays off the agents of child protective services so that the kids are not taken away. Small children are forced to clean and help do jobs for the overseer, such as swindling money from people in the streets. They're looked after by the overseer's 'nuns,' whom are just as bad as her (save for a few). The teenagers do odd jobs around the orphanage, such as fixing the building up, cleaning the more dangerous parts the smaller ones couldn't, commiting bugarlies for the overseer, or being sold for sexual favors. The only thing keeping our two teens with hope was the thought that, at the age of 18, they would become adults in the eyes of the law and be released from the orphanage. But it turns out that the orphanage has a policy that they cannot release unadopted children until the age of 21. Not wanting to wait that long, our teens will plot their escape, which is more difficult than it seems.

    In this plot, I welcome all kinds of themes, from drug-use to abuse (any kind) to gangs to whatever you can think of. Once the teens have escaped the orphanage, we can have them explore the city, join/create gangs, stow their ways onto ships to travel, etc. There's all kinds of ideas that I have for this! :)

    Note that you may feel free to add any ideas if you wish. Although I will do some planning, I will not plan the entire rp out. I cannot keep track of all of that. XD But I do offer freedoms such as adding whatever characters you want to the mix; if you want the teens to be introduced into a gang, create a leader and begin that way! I wouldn't mind also adding a little bit of low fantasy; whether it's vampires (not twilight) or that they have kind of a supernatural ability they never knew they possessed (e.g, telekenises). But because this is low fantasy, no cat-people or fox demons or elves anything like that. And if you want elemental powers (ice, fire, etc), I'd prefer the character not to, like, breathe dragon-fire at the very beginning. XD I'd like a subtle kind of fantasy :3

    I only rp through email! You can message me here or through PM but the rp must go to email! I will give that out to you (as well as Skype if you want to chat (no video chat) over the rp when you contact me.

    Please these to me if you contact me through PM:

    Supernatural elements or no? And if so, what kind?:
  2. I'd definitely be interested, sounds really unique, I'll send you a pm now
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