1x1 Have idea's...PLUS+?

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  1. I am a daily person!!! I could even make more the one post every day OMG^^

    Anyway I do have a few idea's leaning towards fantasy, mythical, and fighting. I am wanting to make a story that LASTS! You can have multi characters. I don't care about the darn literate stuff so long as I can understand it cause its scientifically proven if the first and the last letter of a word is there with the middle parts rearranged you can still comprehend it. Besides, I believe there are others out there like me that have spellcheck their best friend in the world! My hopeful
    candies I would like to put in this...see resume for details...

    So plz PM if you would enjoy this!!!!!!!!....or here....which ever...^0^
  2. Interested. Check out the blog section of my profile for my character sheets.