1x1 College Plot (New York City)

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  1. Name: Alec
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: gay
    Appearance: (see photo)


    He is a college freshmen at NYU and tends to be a loner. He actually enjoys studying, and he spends most of his time reading or drawing.


    I just want a really simple role play with a few characters. 1x1 is fine, but I'm also fine with having 2-5 people join. I do want someone to join with a male character as a romantic interest, but beyond that just do whatever and have however many characters you want. It'll be pretty casual and I don't have much planned because I prefer to let the plots develop on their own, but if you have an interesting plot idea just let me know and I'm sure I'll be open to it. Other than that just comment your character info and then I'll create an RP in another forum or we can do it through messaging, whichever you prefer.
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  2. Name: Kyle Berkley
    Age: Twenty-One (21)
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Gay
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Kyle is a college sophomore transfer from IU. There was some trouble back at his old school so his parents shipped him east to a bigger, more diverse school. He's just a country boy, shammed by his community for being gay and looking to start a new. Thanks to the way he was treated all his life and not to mention growing up on a dairy farm, he is tough and strong. He tends to be out spoken and spontaneous. Kyle doesn't mind taking the lead and can be a real bad boy if the mood is right. He's just looking to have some fun in the Big Apple and maybe find that special someone.
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