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    Olivia :: 18 :: X :: Weakness-Water :: Demon-Water/Mystery

    Olivia rolled her eyes as she glared at the new girl. How pathetic could people get, she thought she had seen it all, apparently not. "Get lost loser" she hissed, flicking her wrist and snapping as she shot eyes like daggers at the strawberry blonde haired teen trying to get by. Behind her, two identical girls with dark golden hair chuckled. Turning back to her minions she spun around and headed down to the edge of the beach, setting her towel down just before the tide. Unfortunately she didn't notice what time it was, because the tide became a high tide, engulfing everything in its path. Releasing a shrill shriek, the dark eyed teen began to panic when she was ankle deep in the sea water. Mumbling some spell she had read about, Olivia hoped desperately it might make the tide succeed.


    Carly :: 19 :: X :: Weakness-Heights/Flying :: Demon-Bird/Terk

    Walking around is great fun, until you find yourself on the edge of a cliff because you weren't paying attention. Eyes wide, Carly, the normally brave, tomboyish daredevil was frozen with fear as the tips of her sneakers just barely peaked over the edge of the cliff. If her fear was bad before it just got worse when a few loose clumps of dirt and a few stones fell from the cliff. Gulping, the steely eyed girl clenched her fists as fear rooted her feet in place. "h-help" she squeaked out, hoping someone might help her.


    Sidney :: 18 :: X X :: Weakness-Bullied :: Demon-Protector/Tyslo

    Sidney quickly cast her gaze downward, staring at her flipflops and quickly tucking a stray strand of still damp hair back behind her ear after it escaped her french braid, the teen tried not to pay attention to the words that this other girl and her identical twin minions were saying. As soon as they turned to walk away, Sid grabbed her surfboard again and headed back up the beach until she saw the back barn door and let out a sigh of relief. Setting hr things down just outside, Sidney tiptoed into the barn office and lifted a book off the shelf. Opening it she saw some weird print that looked almost like some form of welsh or something. After pathetically reading a page, Sid gave up and put the book back down. She would have to do some research before opening that unknown spellbook up again.


    Timber :: 19 :: X :: Weakness-Attachment :: Demon-Wolves/Derek

    Timber sat with her back against a large oak tree at the back of her property. Looking up as she heard a bark, Timmie smiled when she saw her wolf dog, Alaska, trotting over. When the dog stopped in front of her, Timber reached out and pulled the piece of paper off of her dogs paw. Reading it aloud, Timmie stumbled it a bit but eventually shrugged, crumpled up the paper strip and shoved it into her pocket while she spent some quality time with Alaska, the only living being she didn't try to distance herself from.


    Hana :: 18 :: X :: Weakness-Love :: Demon-Seduction/Sal

    After playing the last five notes perfectly for what seemed the one thousandth time, Hana finally put the delicate violin back in its case and stood the instrument up on it's stand before heading toward her room. On the way Hana stopped in the library with some Tea for her father and to grab a book before continuing on her merry way. As the Japanese girl climbed the spiral staircase to the second floor and entered her room, Hana quietly sat down on her windowsill and began riding the ancient magic book. The 'pretend' spells always sounded so pretty in her mind.​
  2. The water seemed to only rise higher on the girl as she read the spell and then it engulfed her, but she didn't drown she could dreath and she was face to face with a massive sea dragon, the creature glowing red eyes stood out easlily as it glowed so deeply it could make any girl and boy no matter how proud they where learn their place. it stared at her sharply looking at her soul seeing she was a heartless girl with too cocky and eyes went black and the water droped the girl on the sand soaking wet. standing before her was amale with golden hair and deep blue eyes "Human scum you summoned me?" he said darkly his eyes glowing deeply it was scary actually.

    The bird demon eyes glowed deeply as he hears his summoner's call forth for his aid. he shot through the sky with sonic speeds and flew over swiftly and grabbed her hands in his massive talons and flew her gently to safer grounds, away from the cliff. the demon then turned human letting go and stood there "hello young one, I am your summoned demon, I am Terk" he said witha friendly smile

    In the room now stood a demon his eyes glowing deeply a glowing orange color. he folded his arms as he looked at the girl as his oice was that of razors and knives "I am summoned before you. Do you need anything ? I can sense you get bullied" he said looking deep into her soul his golden hair blazed in the world of the house. His eyes narrowed deeply but said nothing else.

    The wind howled in the area of the property, there was a howl that made any living creature shake in fear coming from the forest was a large black fox with nine tails, eyes pure red color. it stood before the girl towering over her before lowering its head as its fur fell off and standing there now was a male with green eyes "I am Derek, I am summoned for you" he said slowly.

    The demon of love yawned gently as he sat in the girls room above her bed in his naga form, he had eyes sharper then a human but friendly and kind "hello, I do belive you summoned me girl" he said as he looked down at her with kindness and love looking at her slowly seeing she had issues with something, she needed something in her life she was missing. He smirks gently as he jumped down and stood there "I am Sal the demon of Love" tipped his golden blue cowbow hat to her​
  3. Shaking with fear and dripping wet, Olivia was pleasantly surprised when she was able to breathe under the murky water. "I-I did no such thing" she stammered slightly, her voice still indignant. "But do not do that to me again, I hate the sea... it's murky water... just ew" she hissed, narrowing her eyes to try and compete with his menacing look.

    Lips parted in a silent scream as she was lifted higher into the air but quickly put down on flat, normal elevated ground again. Carly stood in shock as she glanced at her savior. Blinking twice as if usure what she had just witnessed was real, Carly closed her still open mouth and took a short breath before looking up at Terk "Hi, um... thanks for saving me... I'm Carly" she said, trying not to feel awkward as she stuck out her hand. Since when did the tiny blonde teen have a demon?

    Letting out a quick, nearly inaudible "eep" when the demon appeared, Sidney quickly glanced around her surroundings, hoping he hadn't been talking to her... but there was no doubt that she really was the only one in the room at the moment. The painfully shy and softspoken teen gave a brief nod of her head in reply. Yes, Sid did get bullied, she always had... but did she need anything? no, not really... she was used to the bullies and it didn't make much difference anymore.

    Timmie gasped when the kitsune creature was above her, but relaxed a bit once he turned into a human "I..uh, I don't think I summoned anyone... I mean, I don't really know anyone." Timber said, standing up and meeting the man's gaze. What was the wolf thing, a costume? Shrugging, the red head glanced down at Alaska who was tentatively sniffing the semi-wolf creature-man person-thing.

    "Oh my, um, does that mean this ancient book is actually real spells?" she asked lightly. Sure, that probbly wasn't the reaction most girls would give an attractive demon when they first meet, but Hana never did fit stereotypes very well. Giving a slight but still respectful bow, Hana stood up and looked at Sal "I am Hana...um... human, the good twin" she said lightly, trying to match the kind demons introduction.
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