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  1. Honestly, I have no particular ideas or thoughts for a 1v1 of any sort; for the content ratings I just highlighted more along the lines of what I'd be okay doing, not what necessarily will be used.

    Hi. I'm Rainjay. Call me Rain, Jay, or by my real name, Sarah- take your pick. All of them work. I'm newly 16 and have been roleplaying since I was 7 on MMO forum platforms & stuff like that. Before coming to Iwaku, though, I guess I was on a multi-year hiatus, where I only really roleplayed with two of my friends, doing silly roleplays. But I dreamed of group roleplays and more serious forum roleplays! So here I am.

    I'm a little dodgey with certain parts of roleplay (romance I can be great at, or I can be iffy at. I'm learning) but I'm willing to learn, adapt, etc. So most importantly, I'm looking for someone that isn't looking for perfect. Just for something fun, but not silly give-no-fucks one liners. Someone who doesn't mind mistakes & stuff like that.

    Requests of you (potential partners):
    - Please be active! Don't just ditch the roleplay, either. Let me know if you're going to be busy or something. Even if you reply just once or twice a week, I'm fine with it. But keep me informed!
    - Male/female characters are both okay.
    - Please help drive the plot! And plan it, as I've currently no tropes or ideas I have wanting filled.
    - Friendly. Weird thing to 'request', but I don't just do roleplay to roleplay and write. I like to do it with friends, or at least, people I can talk to. OOC chatter isn't out of sight/mind to me.

    More About Me:
    - My RP resume has my don'ts: Please, no horror, nothing incredibly religious, no furries, Mary Sues, and for this, I'd rather keep anime out of it.
    - For romance, I only do F/F or M/F, playing a female role. I feel most comfortable with F/F (I've done it more often than M/F) but I will do both.
    - For smut and explicit content- Iwaku rules, gotta be under 18 (as I'm only 16). Unfortunate, yes, but still a rule. I don't do a lot of smutty stuff. I guess light-smut, but heavily explicit content for me, is a no-thank-you.
    - I'm running a group roleplay and am in several other group roleplays. If I don't respond immediately after you reply to our 1v1, don't fret! I usually get to all roleplays within 1-3 days of my response being needed. I will reply.
    - I have school coming up on September 3rd. A ways off, but when it does happen, and if we are still roleplaying, please note: I will be taking AP English and two other honors courses, more course work then I've taken on yet. So I might be a bit busy. But I will still reply!
    * I'll also be trying to get a job, which may hinder posting ability. But I won't drop our roleplay because of it. If anything, group roleplays are the first to go. It's harder to keep up with a group than a 1v1 *

    And... for now, that's all I've got. Lemme know here or in a PM if you're interested or have any questions!
  2. Hello Rain,

    If you're still looking for a fun 1x1 then i would like to try. I have a few ideas but to me the fun in an rp is most important so if you have favorites i'd rather play those. PM me if you're interested too ^^
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