INTEREST CHECK 1940's-50's Era Mafia RP


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Before anyone asks, YES I WAS INFLUENCED BY L.A NOIRE. But that's not all I'm basing it off of. Godfather, Good Fellas, Bound (if anyone's seen that), Donnie Brasco, all that good stuff.

In my free time, I wanted to make a mafia drama RP. The setting would be 1940-50's era in either Chicago, New York, or L.A, one of the big booming cities back in the day. Jazz, drugs, and everything in between.

A few things we'll (and I) need are

1: A mafia family (doi)
2: Some storyline and conflict
3: Cops or detectives, dirty or otherwise, to investigate or impede the mafia
4: A partner to help me think of plotlines and world info

Anyone interested in being partners or willing to help with anything, speak up.

October Knight (Psycho Gangster)
Lady Harpy (Family Member)
Cotillion (???)
I am interested. I played in a Mafia style RP once, I have this great psychopath type character too.
Oh~ I want to be family 8D
Sounds interesting. Let me know if this happens (taking a break from L.A. Noire at the moment, haha).
Good to hear, Harps! And Cotillion, I beat it the other night. Ending = Me sadface. :<
Duly noted!