INTEREST CHECK 1920's Murder Mystery?

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  1. Would anyone be interested in a mystery RP? It'd be set at a mansion in the 20's, probably at one of those famous Roaring 20's parties. I'm looking for a group of at least 5, preferably more. It would require a decent amount of up front planning, then the game itself would be trying to figure out who murdered the host. Think Clue but a little more in depth.

    If anyone's interested or has any suggested, it'd be much appreciated!
  2. Why, hello again, Moon!
    I'd certainly be interested - just let me know what I can do to assist.
    Alas, I'm not horribly familiar with mystery roleplays, so no suggestions from me... yet.
  3. I would love to be apart of this. I can try and help with the mystery part. Ex: We should have all the characters have something equally suspicious about them and a game master kind of person to hand out the roles ( Murder ).
  4. That's exactly what I was thinking. I have a system in mind for how to do this. All the characters would have a secret they'd kill over, known only to themselves and the GM. Then I'd randomly pick a murderer and we'd get the party started.
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  5. Funny... I don't think any of my characters have ever actually killed before. Huh.

    Who plays victim?
  6. No one plays the victim. The victim's dead at the start. (though that doesn't mean that more characters might not start dying off later... heh heh)
  7. I must say I'm excited to see this kick off... We need more people though.

    Totally a Mr. Blore kind of thing is going to go on with my character...
  8. Ok 8bit, since you've basically been on your knees here, begging me to join... I'm interested. Happy? You should be. ^_^ It's me.
  9. Assuming Chaos actually wants to play... We're getting there. I'll wait a couple more days then put up the OOC.
  10. Hey hey, sounds like fun! Totally down for it, just let me know what you need from me (and then tell me how to do it because I'm ridiculously new here). But yeah, I'm more than willing to join, if that's alright. C:
  11. Ack! Guys, i don't know what to do for game mechanics because I just thought of a bunch of potential difficulties and aaaaaaaaaah. I've never GM'd before. XDD
    How do y'all think we should approach the mystery aspect? How are the other characters gonna figure out who the murderer is? <_>
  12. Well we could have the characters figure out themselves and have the murderer commit more murders if they want... Mystery, select a random player tell him you are the killer and bla bla is your helper or something like that.
  13. Well, yes. XD. But What about clues and stuff? It won't be any fun if we have /nothing/ to go on... Maybe my character could point people in the right direction? (or wrong, depending on how cruel I'm feeling. >:3)
  14. Yesss... Or you could have a PM going on with the murderer and ask him how he does the murder and what clues would be left behind...
  15. Yeah, that sounds like a good plan... You're smart. ^_^
  16. Thank you! I try to be when I can... P.S. I would make a good killer :D >:3 Mwuhahahahah *Voice cracks in the middle of laugh* aHAHaha... #DoctorHorrible
  17. Perhaps with you as the GM, you could point out the clues to us. For example....

    GM: In the corner of the room there is a shattered window and a desk with an open drawer.

    Player: Lisa examines the desk drawer for clues.

    GM: In the drawer are some scissors and cut up newspaper.

    Player: Lisa looks at the newspaper bits, wondering why someone would attack a poor, defenceless news article.

    GM: It seems words have been cut out of the newspaper at random.

    Player: "Eureka!" Lisa exclaims, "I found the source of the ransom notes!"

    The murderer and the GM would have to meticulously plan out the murder beforehand, but it can be done. And if the GM had a character... Might complicate things, unless they're really talented. Thoughts?
  18. That sounds pretty good, actually. You're smart too, Koene. A system like that would definitely be a thing for chat RP though, which might limit the amount of time we can actually spend playing.
  19. 8BitMoon brings up a good point, it would take massively more time to play and personally doing it that way feels to cheap and fabricated.. I don't like it from experience. I mean it takes a little more setup but it does let you have a little more interaction. I dunno...

    I think the GM can try not to metagame or if they are in someway the killers assistant...
  20. If we're all detectives, basically, how is having the GM as the killer's assistant going to help? I don't quite understand where you're coming from.
    We can't all go around making up clues as we play, or have everyone totally unobservant besides the killer. ...and why would the killer help, anyways? He'd be the one lying to us the whole time. And we'd immediately know who the killer was by that fact alone.
    I do not comprehend! :0