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pre or post American civil war?

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  1. My brain and all it's many ideas formed the thought of an RP in the 19th century and I was wanting to test the waters for a reaction to something like this. This RP in my head would be either a true to form gritty retelling of life back then or the setting could be off the wall and be high fantasy but with characters from the 1800s.
  2. Possibly a Which Hunter (paranormal investigator) set in the Victorian era?
  3. (Sorry it took me so long I just got home) Kinda I was thinking either a group of people dealing with the supernatural after the war because of all that negative energy made during the war or a group dealing with fantasy aspects kinda like a magic meets gunpowder type deal, where some humans get transported to a world not our own just to tweak a high fantasy story but feel free to share any ideas you have.
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