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  1. Sup boz's?
  2. ^ I don't understand! :D

    But welcome! ^^ It's super awesome to have you here, I am Mitten Kitten! You can call me Mitten, or Kitten or pretty much anything that is a spin off on those names, or you can make up a new one! I love new nicknames! I hope you love Iwaku as much as everyone else does! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, other members (in green), staffers (in blue), or admins (in red)! We will all be happy to help you out! Hope to see you around! ^^
  3. Yayyyyys Social acceptance :D
  4. It was very hard to click the little - to get to this thread. Very, very hard. :|

    My name is Iliana and welcome to the community, Misa! If you need some assistance in navigating the forum, let me know and I'll be glad to help you. While I've got your attention, check out the
    Academy! It's got some extra sexy exercises that are always fun to do!

    Enjoy your stay and don't hog all the couch and all that jazz.
  5. ^_^ I have my table hogging wife.
  6. Greetings! Hello! How are ya? Welcome to Iwaku!

    I'm..some pirate, yes that's it.

    But anywho, Iliana has given you an excellent link, and surely you'll use it. If you need anything, come look for our staff and such.

    See you around.
  7. Yayyyyy XD
  8. Greetings, Misa! Welcome to Iwaku!

    I'm Hirohashi, at your service. The others have already given you advice for when you have any questions, so I'll show you to our JumpIn section. There you can find any plot available (or even make your own) and join in without having to write a character sheet or bio.

    See you around! ^^
  9. You owe me a table and a wife. Get crackin'. I don't have all day.
  10. Welcome to Iwaku.

    Enjoy your stay!