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  2. I would LOVE to roleplay with you.
    I'm really interested in Fairy Tail, X-men: Evolution, K-Pop, NCIS, and anything Marvel or Disney.
  3. Please PM me.
  4. I am still looking. Please feel free to contact me!
  5. I'd be interested in a pokemon or Harry potter RP
  6. Please PM me.
  7. Pm me if you are still searching.
    The only place I don't seem to fit into is the adult part but I won't fuss if you are not interested.
    Either way~ have a great day.
  8. Still looking!
  9. Still looking!
  10. @Wing
    The Covenant as in the movie about the descendants of witches? If so, I'll be up for that.
  11. I would love to do a Harry Potter RP, Spirited Away, and even Ouran <3
  12. I'm willing to try out Supernatural, Young Justice, X-men Evolution, Fullmetal Panic or Fairy Tail :)
  13. I'm interested in the Full metal alchemist one and Fairy Tail.
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  15. I'm still looking!
  16. Still looking! Please don't hesitate to contact me.
  17. what kind of pairings do you do?
  18. Still looking!
  19. Still looking!
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