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    i n t r o .
    ⋅ a teen in secondary school.
    (can get quite hectic at times)

    ⋅ has trypophobia.
    (clearly irrelevant)

    m i n e .
    ⋅ a proficient writer
    (able to write two plus paragraphs (or slightly more), and have good grammar)

    ⋅ has a slightly slow posting speed.
    (but will one-hundred-percent crank a reply out every saturday)

    ⋅ flexible with all genders, and sexualities.
    (however, slightly inexperienced with roleplaying as females)

    ⋅ my normality is using realistic anime images, however i can adapt.

    y o u r s .
    ⋅ around my age range.
    (exceptions can and or will be made)

    ⋅ also a proficient writer.
    (able to match my posting length or slightly less or more, and also have good grammar)

    ⋅ partakes in plotting the roleplay.
    (able to give ideas and suggestions.)

    r u l e s .
    ⋅ smut is optional.
    (but not the key element of the roleplay. you can go to the liberteen section if you want more porn that plot)

    ⋅ comply to all iwaku rules.
    (the basics.)

    ⋅ no doubling up, tripling up, etc.
    (unless it is a key element in the plot, i will not comply.)

    ⋅ basic character sheets are required.
    (name, alias, age, personality traits, etc.)


    p l o t s .
    ⊗ = craving
    striked off = closed
    not striked off = open
    (in parenthesis) = desired role

    GEISHA || [ female x male ]
    muse a
    muse b

    muse a is beloved member of the imperial family. during a surprise birthday celebration, muse a is presented with a beautiful performance by muse b, a very popular geisha. muse b sings like an angel and is the most graceful dancer that muse a has ever laid eyes upon. after just one evening, muse a is enchanted by muse b and insists on becoming their danna (patron). muse b will enjoy all of the luxuries afforded by muse a's riches upon the condition that muse b be available to entertain muse a whenever asked.

    1989 || [female x male]
    muse a
    muse b

    most people don’t give muse a enough credit. she’s a sassy diva who tends to be the center of attention wherever she goes, but people tend to think that's because she’s trendy and popular, she’s a complete space cadet. muse b has always been her biggest tormentor. rich, pompous, and snarky, he’s always run in the same crowd with muse a, and has always resented her for her ability to make and keep friends despite being such a diva. a typical asshole, he tries to cut her down any chance he gets, but when the two of them are voted homecoming king and queen of the 1989 graduating class, they’re forced to spend a lot more time together. muse b starts to realize that muse a is much more than she seems, and as they start getting closer, has to question whether he’s ready to compromise who he’s been all his life to better accommodate her.

    DUTCH TULIPS & ARABIC COFFEE || [ female x male] [ female x female ] ⊗
    muse a
    (muse b)

    muse a owns a flower shop next to the cozy cafe where muse b works as a barista. despite seeing muse b every morning and having pleasant chats with them when they go to the cafe to order coffee, muse a is too shy to tell muse b about the romantic feelings they’ve been harboring for them for the last few months. one day, muse b heads into the flower shop and places an order for a beautiful bouquet to be sent to a special someone. muse a is terribly jealous, wishing that muse b would show such interest in them, so they impulsively put a nasty message in the blank card and sign it with muse b’s name before sending the delivery out. muse b storms into the shop after the flowers have been delivered, demanding to know why muse a sent such a terrible note to their mother, whom the flower order was intended. now muse a must explain themselves and confess how they really feel and hope that Muse b will forgive them/feel the same.

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  2. Hello, hello!

    For reference, I am personally in the 9th grade, if that is of any concern to you, aha. I think we'll get along just swimmingly. I may be rather poofy, admittedly, with school and the like, though I can assure replies every other day, in the least, aside from weekends. I can rp males and females freely, and am open to any pairings as far as sexuality is concerned, however i am not the most comfortable with smut(heavy stuff, though I can handle it if you're craving it). Other than that, I guess I'll let you know that I had my eyes on, 'Dutch Tulips & Arabic Coffee' if you'll have my company? Thanks in advance for reading, I hope to hear back from ya, but in any case, good luck!
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  3. Hello my dear! Your plots are quite interesting, but if you're open to it, perhaps you could listen to some of mine? PM me if interested. Have a swell day!

    EDIT: I see you're looking for people your age. If that excludes me (I turn 22 in March), I understand!
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