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Which is a suitable placement?

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  1. Whatever. Delete this I guess.
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  2. Just like the few previous people complaining about various ratings being supposedly negative or useless, you're silly, shush.
  3. Supposedly negative? Before the rating system was updated the Cat Like Typing Detected was a negative rating but what do I know?
  4. Nothing, clearly. :D
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  5. Jorick, I have social anxiety and depression. Please reconsider how you conduct yourself in public.
  6. I'm not sure what was originally here but lay off from him Jorick, seriously.
  7. Calm yourself. Notice how I said nothing more to her after she made that post above yours? That lack of continued interaction was intentional.
  8. Granted I'm not the most pleasant person to handle when I get into one of my moods but I couldn't find the humor in Jorick's words and instead took it as mockery. I don't expect an apology (sorry, I feel this needed to be said due to pass experience - just know I write this in earnest) but I will ask that he uses better discretion when tackling a topic with humor, especially when dealing with someone who doesn't know him very well
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