13 Internet terms you probably didn't know existed

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  1. And I'll never use those terms.

    Well except #12 of course.....
  2. Funny story about the image up top. I know the site, and even remember the thread where that particular "Threadjack" image originated. There was another thread that spawned so many variations of the "Ha-Ha Guy" macro that it nearly stopped being funny.
  3. I actually knew about Li-Fi, as I watched a TED talk about it a while back. ._.
  4. Most of these are about email...
    And here I've just been deleting it all.
  5. Email is still relevant enough to have words other than "spam"? I've heard them other than the email ones and "cornea gumbo" (some of my friends are graphic designers and don't know that one), just not wide enough that I actually thought they were considered internet terms.

    I've heard your social score is currently being used by some big-name employers to reject employees before looking too deep into a resume. They can choose not to hire you if your Facebook is too wild or inappropriate, and the social score made it easier on them.