12th Harvest: Iwaku Edition

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  1. 12th Harvest
    Inspired by Blood...
    [[Link will be here, once stuff happens]]

    Welcome to the world of Nocturne, a place formed from the dreams of Elder Gods that have long passed. A macabre place that holds things we'd call monsters, demons, some strange fetish fantasy; I'm talking Vampires, Werewolves, Gatormen, and other such mythical beasts.
    This world much like ours (actually it's a carbon copy with some terrain and 'slight' changes), everything is where it should be. Although much of it has been renamed to reflect the culture of the world.


    It's 11H, Year: 1925. You belong to one of two classes, the Ritz, or the Shufflers. The Ritz, live above the electro-storm clouds in large airships having lavish surroundings and extravagant parties; only coming below the clouds to help with the 'relief' efforts. The Shufflers however is a slang term for "poor" which is pretty much everyone else, you go to work, deal with the grind, and shuffle on back to your hovel, hoping you don't get struck by lighting. Or worse.

    However this is just in the cities. Outside those tall-black walls that shelter it's citizens from the outside, is a dangerous and mysterious world... nah, not really. Outside everyone is an equal, working on farms or helping their small town communities. So it's tons more peaceful than inside.

    The City of Thurnoth:

    I will probably never add anything here, as I want the city to be a mysterious place that has no set structure or limits. That way the players can imagine the city's planning how they want it to be.

    While the city planning is up to the player's imagination, the city itself is heavily inspired by real-life, New York City (circa, 1920s). With glitz nightclubs, the bright-lights of Broadway, and the underground drug dens all being present.
    It is also the most technically advanced city in the world, as it is the first city to be powered electrically through a series of (underground) turbines that share a similar appearance with a Tesla-Coil. But at a cost, the man power and emissions from these machines have polluted the skies with electrified-ebony clouds that cover the skies of the city. Meaning it's always night, and rain/lightning storms are always in the forecast.

    Outside the walls is a much different story, as they take on a more humble "Salem" appearance. Cottages and small farm plots are speckled around the walls and hills of Thurnoth. It's also a ton more safer there than in the inner-city.

    Yep, crime is about as bad as the damn pollution. Stabbings, Cult Rituals, Unlawful Hangings, etc... The place is like the damn wild west, everyone that doesn't live in those nice high-rises gets to fight for survival in the streets and alleyways. The only place to find any peace is indoors.

    [Note: The city is named after the (in-lore) god, "Thurnoth, The Lord of The Harvest and Blood]

    They're fleshy meatbags that are considered the minority of Nocturne, as most humans have turned towards Vampirism or Lycanism to keep them safe and sane. Even if most of them are unimpressive and it seems like they're were stuck here because the gods found it funny, they're actually the most 'magically' inclined on a scale rivaling even the Gatormen. Making for perfect Holy Men, or Warlocks if you swing that way.

    Even the ones that don't focus on the Magics are still powerful, as they put more focus in the sciences (something that is starting to bring Magic-users to their knees).

    Classic example of a vampire, they burn/melt in sunlight, need to drink blood or plasma, and are shunned by mostly everyone. Only becoming accepted in the recent era. Unlike the usual brooding vampires though that hate their powers, these vampires revel in the fact that they are the scourge of the night... mainly due to how feeding has become much harder than it used to. Most vampires are forced to become socialites in order to feed, using their status or "charm" to feed without repercussion.
    As such, most Vampires in this world are held in high regard, with many being politicians, actors, musicians, or artists.

    Furries Humans that can turn into beasts at their own discretion. The beasts that they turn into it dependent on what they were bit by, where, how- (huge BS explanation with more holes than Swiss Cheese, basically you get to choose what you turn into), however all of them must be a animal variant (in case Ron Burgundy is your spirit animal or something). While they are expected to act like insane blood-lusting beasts... they normally don't. When in their 'beast-form' they gain increased intellect, become more 'tuned-in' with nature, and generally become more peaceful and focused. If you piss them off however, I only have two words of advice, "Fucking run."

    You're a decaying corpse that has been revived by the power of technological or magical necromancy, congrats! You're shunned by everyone except the vampires (who treat you like slaves or kin, depends on your 'living' status before reanimation), most of your kind is either enslaved, shunned, or get to be the victim of racism. Even with all that hypocritical nonsense though, you have tons of perks. For starters, you aren't affected by Magic (Holy Magic is another story however) or paranormal things like possession. You can't die from physical trauma, that being said it still hurts and can still injure you. So you can't die, unless some divine intervention or holy somethings happen... or if you manage to survive long enough. You simply decay far enough for your brain functions to cease.

    Large, hulking, aggressive, and mysterious voodoo lizard-like people that inhabit the frozen-melting swamps of Nocturne. Their hard skin makes them resistant to most physical damage or magical damage if their scales have the proper runes etched into the scales. They are also not socially inclined at all, most of them steer away from large population centers (like cities). They are however are naturally born with the talent to use voodoo magic, along with a very strong immune system.

    Living Ectoplasm:
    Specters or ghosts that are 'attached' to something that held great significance in their living life. They're made of a strange ectoplasm that glows different colors that are dependent on unknown factors (choose your color basically). If their object is destroyed they pass onto the next life. Not much else is known about these creatures.


    The technology is slightly more advanced and bulky than the real 1920s. Tesla Coils, airships, sophisticated electronics (computers, TVs, etc...), being the most advanced things in Nocturne and are almost all exclusive to Thurnoth. All the electronics are styled in classic 20s art decor though, with a taste of class on the most basic of appliances.

    For weaponry I want to keep it around the days of WWI and the final days of the western frontier. Along with a mix of stuff you'd find in Van Helsing or something similar. However, I will allow things like or similar to Tommy guns; because Tommy guns are awesome.

    There will only have blimps/airships, trains, monorail systems, and animal transportation in the beginning of the RP. Cars will start to appear as time goes on however.

    Magic is magic, It's random, half the time non-effective, and when used will normally be addlibbed by everyone. Because I think writing a full manual on Magic use, would make it lose it's well... "magic" if anything I'll allow magic-focused characters write a guide on it, as magic is a dying thing in the world of Nocturne as time goes ever onwards. However the magic must be somewhat 'grim' or 'unreliable', with the use of large runes, sacrifices (of ones self, unless it's cult related), or the use of a object to base it off of (yes, you can use a microwave or TV as a basis for your magic).

    Magic is passing, the world is actually becoming more tame and sane. So something as chaotic and unexplainable as Magic should feel out of place.

    The Timeline

    In the future this will be replaced by an actual timeline, but I just wanted to put this out there. I'm expecting the RP to do a "trip through the ages", with each passing year hinting at darker events coming. As magic dies and technology rises, everyone grows more ignorant as a result.

    The 12th Harvest:
    Is the end of the world event. What does this mean for the people, that the RP will shift into a GM'd event (unless other plans come to fruition).

    What does it even mean? Harvest(s) have happened before, 11 times to be exact. Which is why there is a 11H before the year, showing that the current plane of existence is the 11th Dream. Basically a Harvest is when the Elder Gods are awoken, the world begins to fade and the gods begin to bring their creations into their world. Literally wiping the world clean of life, only leaving a small few behind to rebuild and repopulate the next 'Dream' once they fall back into their slumber, to dream up a new world and universe.

    This is basically a never-ending cycle... that can be broken. However, all of this is Meta knowledge. The RP will start with a 'plot hook' post by me to kickstart the events, so if you begin the RP trying to figure out how to stop the Harvest. I'll gib you, or let you off with a warning. Technically no one knows what the event is, only a select few actually know what it is.

    Basically: No one knows what the "11H" stands for or means, it's been there since the beginning of time. Only a select few (mainly cultists or elders) know what it is.

    Character Application:
    Race: [If Lycan, also put what beast you turn into.]

    Wielding: [weapons, if you don't want any weapons. Don't put anything. Also try to restrain yourself, don't give yourself a Tommy gun that fires flaming holy acid bullets.]

    Inclination: [Technology or Magic. If Magic, put what you practice; this can be as wacky as you want]

    Back story:


    Basic Rules:
    1. Don't murderbone/godmode: Basically, don't player kill or go on a NPC massacre without my permission. (killing a few NPCs is fine, but don't godmode.)
    2. Stay within the boundaries of the universe: While it is a wacky universe going to be filled with references and jokes like the game(s) it's inspired by. Please, try to have some form of restraint when making a character. There will be some serious moments that could easily be nullified by a 'LOLRANDOM' character.
    3. Make sure no more rules are added: Play nice, don't piss off me or any of the players. The reason I have rules is due to players exploiting what used to be a 'no-rules' environment.

    1 Note(s) so far:

    If you and your character is accepted, you'll be PM'd an invite and given a link/invite to the group (ChillRP). Where me and several fellow friends and GMs RP.​
  2. Name: Khorloog Ilssin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 43
    Race: GatorMan
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Wearing: A leather harness, from which hang multiple pouches that hold voodoo materials and medicines and dusts, etc.
    Wielding: Claws, Voodoo Magic, a springfield rifle with runes engraved in it's stock and in the bullets.
    Inventory: 50 bullets

    Inclination: Magic, though he is unusually techy, for a Gatorman
    Skills: Healing, Voodoo curses, blessings

    Personality: Reclusive, Xenophob, very reclusive and silent, more of a listener
    Back story: Khorloogin was spawned in the swamp, and was designated from birth to be a shaman. He lived all his life as an apprentice to Ghobo, his mentor. Khorloogin learned many different rituals, and the spells and materials used for the spells. Khorloogin only entered into the city when it was absolutely necessary, and mostly stayed in the swamp and ministered to his village.
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