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    Aika Natasha Mizushima

    The smog that was now clouded around Tokyo City had managed to get into the head of a particular blond female . It didn't help that she was attracting quite a bit of attention . Not only did she not look like a typical Japanese citizen , she was stumbling ever so slightly at the sudden dizzines that hit her , and she could speak fluent Japanese like any other Japanese . Of course , Aika Mizushima was a citizen , who was anyone kidding ? She merely grew up in a small town located in the South of Osaka . What brings her to the very heart of this bustling country ? Well , she could thank the brown envelope she had received a few days prior and probably the God she has as a father .

    "Really , do you have to attract attention everywhere you go ?" , she asked to no one in particular . In fact , she was hoping the Russian God , Perun would hear her complains . Maybe he'd retaliate by sending a shock wave of thunder in her direction . Yeah , like that was going to happen .

    After having walked around aimlessly for about half an hour , alongside asking directions from many passersby , she had managed to locate the three story building which address was written neatly on a piece of paper . Aika almost kissed the group on which the building rose from as the thought of finally being able to rest her feet emerged . Let's not forget that that toddler sitting next to me on the plane practically stood on my feet the whole two hour flight . Shaking the memory off , the Russian-Japanese reached into her jacket pocket to retrieve a set of keys that was enclosed in her received envelope . "I'm guessing this is the right one ." , she mumbled in concentration as she inserted the metal object into the keyhole .

    Hearing a small 'click' , she turned the knob of the door clockwise before pushing the door open widely . The place was like Heaven on Earth ! It was so spacious that it probably was about three times the size of her own dwelling in Hokkaido . "Talk about comfort living ." , the blond jested in amazement before pulling her relatively small luggage bag behind her . Not sure what to do just yet , she sat herself on one of the whitest sofas she has seen in her life , as she awaited , hopefully , for someone to arrive .

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    Location: "Lost... but at my destination" Somewhere in Tokyo
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    He was standing rather lost among the people that were just pushing past him. Everyone seemed to have a destination around him as the immense pressure of all those thoughts just overwhelmed him. Normally he was quite good at locking the thoughts of other out, of being deaf to those constant voices whispering in his head, but that was in Italy. Not in Japan, Tokyo precise, one of the busiest cities in the word. His hand moved up, pressing and massaging his temples as he grabbed his trolly. The fact that he didn't speak a word Japanese didn't help much, as he just followed the icons on the signs that hung around, hoping he was going the right way. There was at least one little light in the darkess, this people spoke English. With a accent of course, but at least he would be able to converse without having to use signlanguage.

    Look at that...
    Such a Foreigner..
    Hmm cute ass~!
    Has he never heard of fashion?

    Thoughts off others were plagueing him, automatically tuning in on those that had himself as subject. Despite not being able to understand a word the people were saying, he could understand their thoughts loud and clear, whether he wanted to or not. You see, the mental language was a language on its own. It was an universal language so to speak, an language no-one know consciously. You may think your thoughts are in English, or French or Japanese and they may sound like that for you, but for someone else they would sound in their language. So all those Japanese thoughts were easily translated to Italian, the mother language of this male. Thank god for that, because otherwise he would truly have gone insane. Hearing all those different voices was enough to drive him crazy, let alone if they would have been in a language he didn't understand.

    Finally he made his way out of the airport, to what hopefully where cabs as he walked up to a black car and a man in uniform standing beside it. It was so weird that it was only on hour later than the two hours later here, than the time he had left. Yet an entire day had passed, though he had not spend 24 hours flying. To be precise he had spend 15 hours in a plane, and 3 hours waiting for his connection in London. At least it didn't give him much of a jetlag, though he was still dead tired from all the sitting around. "Excuse me, Sir, I need to go here" He said as he held out the letter that he had received. He had no idea if the place was close to the airport or not, but he had no intention of getting lost in this craze. The driver just looked him up and down, before taking the paper. I hope he has enough money to pay. So, the drive was not close to the airport. Money was not really a problem as he had taken up all his Euros and converted them to Yen, without much thought for how the current was. It didn't matter after all. The male didn't speak as he just nodded and moved to pick up his trolley. His bagage was placed in the back as the Italian male stepped into the car.

    The drive was silent, which the male didn't mind at all as he looked out through the big city they moved through. An half an hour, or maybe an hour, he had lost his perception of time with all the traveling, the car pulled up to a three story building. The male spoke some words, Japanese of course, but he just read the thoughts of the male as he took out the right amount of money from his wallet. He tipped the male quite a bit, just grateful that he had finally arrived at his destination. The driver took his luggage out, gave another bow, before getting in the cab and leaving him alone on that curb. The male took a deep breath, the air here smelled far more polluted compared to Venice and Rome. Yet who was he to complain? He didn't have the slightest clue what brought him here, but it was not like he had anything better to do in his homecountry, so why not follow the directions of a strange letter?

    The letter had come with a key, and he just assumed that it belonged to this door as he walked up to the building. The key effortlessly slid into the hole as he twisted it and the door swung open. For a moment he just stood in the dooropening, before stepping into the quite luxurious building. The set up was quite simple, earthly tones that were pleasant for the eye as he stepped inside and closed the door behind him. He placed his black trolley aside, against the wall so it would be out of the way. Not that it was heavy, he only had the most basic necesarities with him, but he didn't feel like rolling it through the entire place, nor wanted anyone to stumble over it. Next was taking of his black coat and hanging it on one of the hooks. Wasn't it custome in Japan to take of ones shoes? The male didn't know, yet he bend forward, taking off his oxfords. Now he stood there dressed in black pants with two redbrown leather belts as decoration. On top of it was a simple red shirt and black hoodie that hung open. His fashion style was quite unique so to say.

    He took a few more moments as the thoughts in his head finally died out. Peace... at last. Another sigh, before he walked into the living room and was greeted with the sight of a blonde female sitting on the white couch. Right, other people. "Salve" He greeted her in a formal way, that was if she understood any Italian. He took on of the black chairs that were standing next to him as he turned them to sit down. He had no idea who this female was, the letter had not spoken about that. Had she arrived under the same circumstances like him? He could see a small luggage bag next to her, which told him she was probably not from here. Maybe he should have opted for English instead of Italian, but right now he was too tired to care. Besides he still had a lingering headache and he reached into his pocket for an Advil. He stood up again to grab himself the bottle of water from his own lugage before returning to the living room. All in silence, he had never been a real people person. Nor one to strike up meaningless conversations with strangers.

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    Aika Natasha Mizushima

    The blond female had found herself quite enjoying the activity of observing , or more like admiring , the interior of the spacious building she was to call home for who knows how long . Mentioning the word 'home' served to remind herself of the day before . Yesterday had been a month since she had found out Papa wasn't....actually her real Papa . Aika remembered them waving her goodbye as she took a taxi to the airport . Also , the fact that her mother asked her to take photos of anyone famous she was to encounter in Tokyo .

    "Mama...." , the Russian-Japanese muttered before sighing playfully , as though she had given up and was willing to follow her mother's antics .

    Her train of thoughts was interrupted by the sound of footsteps and soon , a male voice .

    "Salve ." .

    The female blinked a few times as her eyes followed the movements of the man . Advil from pocket , bottle from lugagge bag and back to the living room . I'm glad I'm not the only one... , Aika thought to herself as she frowned , being reminded of her headache . She was about to continue her thoughts when she realized she hasn't responded to him . Oh goodness , what should I say ? First of all , what did he say ? , she thought to herself , almost about to panic . But then again , he could be just wishing me .

    Plastering her sincerest smile , Aika replied , "Hello there , sir ." . Maybe calling him sir wasn't the best idea . I hope he doesn't think I'm insinuating he's old , the blond thought before asking again , "How was your trip ?" .


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    I am glad I am not the only one.

    The voice was soft as it entered his mind. Erelius didn't respond to it as he tried to figure out what the girl meant with that. He did feel rude for invading her thoughts just like that, but it was not like he could help himself at the moment. His gaze flicked up towards the woman again, she sounded friendly at least. Plus it was quite cute how she paniced.

    First of all, what did he say?

    Only now he realized he had been speaking Italian before as his lips parted to correct himself. However he caught himself right in time. It would have been weird to answer her questions right away, he had no intention of making an even worse impression all ready. Besides there was no way for any other person to be able to tell what she was thinking.

    Her mouth opened as the voice sounded the same, just a little louder now. Sir? An eyebrow quirked, however in an amused way now. His earlier irritation slowly fading now that he was at the place he had to be and there were not a million voices bothering him. Furthermore the Advil started to work rather quickly as his headache subdued, while he sipped from the rest of the water bottle.

    I hope he doesn't think I am insuating that he is old.

    The way she was so self concious about her self and the impression she would leave was cute actually. Her voice sounding louder now she actually did speak to him. "Long and awful" He answered, maybe a bit short answer, but he didn't know how or feel like elaborating on that. His eyes flicked towards her own luggage again. "What about your trip?" He asked, trying to seem at least a bit friendly. Well actually that opened the door to a follow up question and if they were gonna stay here for a long time, he might better get her to know a bit right? They were gonna share the house after all. "Where are you from, if I may ask?"


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    ~ The House ~


    "Mom, yes I-, Mom... I am fine Mom- I got here safely, I wouldn't be talking to you otherwise... MOM! I understand, but I have to get going, I just pulled up to the house now. No mom, I will call you when I get settled in. Kay, I love you too, bye" Jocelyn hung up the phone and glanced at the driver. Giving a slight shrug and muttered "Mothers, you know" as an excuse. The whole ride from the airport was spent trying to get a word in edge wise to her mother, who wouldn't be satisfied until she actually saw her face when she'd Skype them later. Normally her mother's over-protectiveness would have bothered Jocelyn, but since she left Canada for the very first time, and by herself, she welcomed the familiarity.

    After struggling to pay the driver, Jocelyn didn't really know how the Yen worked, whom she tipped graciously, she turned to the house. Having lived near Vancouver she was almost shocked at the size. From her research she had thought she would be living in an apartment or something, not a house, and certainly not one the size that it was. She turned around to ask the driver if she was in the right place, but he was already gone, and her bags were on the sidewalk.

    Taking a deep breath, Jocelyn grabbed her suitcase and walked up to the door. Should she just enter the house? She has a set of keys, but what if they didn't work and she wound out trying to break into someones home? That would be totally embarrassing and quite possibly end up with her in jail. It took Jocelyn about five minutes before she made up her mind to just try the keys, if it didn't work then she would wonder around the streets until she found a hotel or a car to take her to one. Finally putting the key into the lock she opened the door.

    Sighing in relief, Jocelyn grabbed her suitcase and slowly walked inside, her eyes getting wider and wider the more she moved into the house. She quickly took her turquoise flats off and glanced around. Apparently she wasn't the first one here going by the black luggage nearby. Grabbing her own red and white suitcase she placed it near the other and walked further into the house, cursing slightly as her bare feet touched the ground. It was a very long flight, and she was almost dead on her feet. The time difference was so drastic, 16 hours is hell on anyone, and she just knew that she was going to have a problem adjusting.

    As she entered what she could only guess was the living room she caught sight of the two people in the room. Feeling self-conscious over the fact she was in in a pullover hoodie, that looked and smelled like it had had better days, and a pair of grey sweat pants. She had been travelling in coach for over 10 hours, and was now regretting wearing the comfiest things she owned. She had no make-up on, and her hair was most likely greasy from being in a bun all day basically. This was just not her day.

    This is why she hated traveling anywhere, especially to parts unknown to meet with people she didn't know either. Mentally sighing, Jocelyn flashed them a small smile and waved at them. "Hello." She ended up saying with a slight voice crack, most likely from not talking most of her flight, and the awkward tension. Maybe there is a bathroom or powder room she could freshen up in, but at this point the damage was done, and they probably think she is some slob who wondered in off the streets. God, could this day get any worse?

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    Aika Natasha Mizushima

    "Long and awful"
    "What about your trip?"
    "Where are you from, if I may ask?"

    My trip was awful and I think I might have cause asthma from all the smog , she thought to herself before internally sighing before she continued thinking to herself , but I guess Tokyo isn't bad . I really liked seeing their facial reaction when I spoke in Japanese . Aika then laughed almost evilly , or at least attempted to , internally before smiling , "Well , it was not the most comfortable , but I guess others had it worse ." . "As for where I am from , I was born in Russia before moving to Hokkaido , another state in Japan ." , the blond continued as she began to wonder where the male stranger came from .

    She was about to voice her thought out to him when the sudden realization hit her - she was starving . This caused her to frown albeit . Food , I need food . Foooood . Maybe I should wait for the others , or at least....Mr.Sir to eat then I should eat . Her thoughts were interrupted when the arrival of another individual caught her attention . This time it was a female .

    So pretty , the Russian-Japanese thought to herself before replying enthusiastically , "Hello ! What's your name ?" . It then occured to her that she didn't know the name of Mr.Sir . Oh well .

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  7. ♬ Soρнια Aѕтσя♬[​IMG]

    " Daddy! Daddy! You know that I adore you and mom right? Oh and snowflakes! It's mom snowflakes than you! Heh heh. "
    " You right missy? " Man this guy has some terrible English. I feel like laughing but that's rude.

    " Yes sir. " She said this briskly and smiled but it was pretty fake. He wouldn't know, like most people.
    She looked out the window blankly and twirled her hair absent mindlessly. Her wrist hurt like hell. I fricking hate my step mom. She gripped her sleeves tighter as she got out of the car and tipped the driver, tipping exactly two dollar extra in U.S currency. She kicked a stray can all the way up to the house as she opened the door and saw the luggage. Wow. The last owner didn't even care to lock the door.

    Then she looked at her luggage. These aren't my bags. Wait there's other people? No, no. Hahaha.... Where is...? She carefully balanced the cage on top of her head as she put her things down. One, two, three, four suitcases. Also one cat named Chatte.
    She held the cat close as she calmly took off her combat boots and sighed.
    She took some Advil as her cat rubbed himself against literally everything. If people were here they had better stay out of her sights. Not even like they'd want to be friends. Better be the unknown stranger than the bitter roommate or whatever. She took a fluffy fake alpaca wool blanket and put it over her and settled on a couch laying down as her cat jumped on her and sat on her. She muttered, "Fine cat. I'm sleeping. "

    She slept even though it was in the afternoon. She did not care at all. Chatte just sat on top of Sophia and glared at a wall. Very productive the cat thought to himself. He though, made sure not to step on any hidden daggers or knives she just happened to hide, he made that mistake once and the human called Sophia freaked out and pushed buttons. It wasn't fun going to the 'vet'. Especially when guns and knives were flying. The cat soon got tired and flopped facing the opposite direction. Change in the new environment was thrilling, they were probably heading home soon though. With the weird tom cat and the show off Persian.
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    Erelius was about to answer, when he realized that once again there was no spoken out question. "I am from Italy" He said none the less, that didn't seem weird as she had just told where she was from as well. He frowned slightly as her thoughts suddenly craved for food, though he could not disagree. THe food on the plane was simply horrible! He was just about to suggest something when another person came in, another lady.

    I hope they don't think I am a slob

    Her thoughts reached him before the hoarse hello was spoken. To be honest yeah, she didn't look at her best. Then again he couldn't care less about her looks. His eyebrow quirked a slight bit as the first female immediately asked for the newcomers name, before smiling amused about her thought. Yeah, she had noticed as well. Not that it really mattered. He opened his mouth for a general introduction when another female came in. Was he seriously gonna be the only male? This girl was more... excentric so to say as she immediately walked over towards the couch with her cat and just lay down to sleep. What? Really? Now, that was something he did judge.

    "Anyway. I am Erelius Augustine Accardi" He introduced himself finally. Definitely not liking the cat, since he had a slight allergy for them. He turned away form the girl on the couch, instead directing his attention back towards the other two, waiting for their introductions. This was getting awkward... and he really didn't feel like hanging around, but yeah. He had tuned out on the thoughts for now, as he got up from the chair. "Shall we see if there is some food in this house? I can make some spaghetti or something" Spaghetti was the easiest to make, after all you could make it so that everyone liked it. What was there not to like about some simple pasta anyway!

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    ~ The House ~

    The two people, one male and the other female, turned at Jocelyn's entrance into the room, and Jocelyn noted that they both looked just as foreign as her. The female let out a happy chirp in response to her appearance, and Jocelyn could only guess it was some form of hello. Just as she was about to respond however, she felt a breeze at her back and turned around to watch as a girl stormed into the room and practically collapsed on the couch with a blanket around her.

    Jocelyn noticed that the girl seemed to have a cat with her, a cat that for all intents and purposes looked absolutely bored. Jocelyn would not say that she hated Cats, per say, rather she hated a singular cat. Jocelyn's sister had gotten a cat when she was 15 as a present, and Jocelyn swore it was the hell spawn of the devil or something. The cat lived to make her life a living hell, and she swore it was secretly plotting her murder, not that anyone believed her or anything.

    Jocelyn had maybe loved the cat for all of 10 minutes before it decided that it was going to forgo the litter box and use her bed instead for her needs. No matter how often she had shut the door, somehow the cat managed to get in there and defile her once safe hideaway. Jocelyn didn't let her hatred of the she devil taint her view of other cat however, since she seemed to get along with every other feline she came across.

    Jocelyn ended up cutting her inner musings about the cat short however when the male introduced himself as Erelius Augustine Accardi with a slight accent that Jocelyn couldn't decide if it was Spanish or Italian. Putting aside a note to ask her new roommate about it later, Jocelyn gave a him a little wave. Since she knew herself extremely well, she had no doubts in her mind that she was going to completely butcher trying to say his name and vowed to give him a nickname or something.

    "Hi, my name is Jocelyn, but you can call me Joss" she said to the two conscious humans in front of her. Any anxiety from before was slowly dissipating as she slowly got more comfortable around her surroundings. While she was maintaining the smile on her face, on the inside she was just about ready to drop dead like the girl on the couch, but she knew that it would do her no good to sleep now.

    There was a movement in her peripheral and she turned to see Erel- something standing up and said. "Shall we see if there is some food in this house? I can make some spaghetti or something." Just the thought of real food made her mouth water. Jocelyn hadn't really eaten anything on the plane, since it was expensive and not worth wasting her money on, with the exception of some overpriced junk food she had bought before her flight. But there is only so much junk food a girl can handle before she vomits, and she hit that mark somewhere over the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii.

    "That sounds amazing actually" She said giving the man a very grateful smile, "I can help cook if you want?" In her mind she slightly vowed however to take a shower of change her clothes at the very least before she even stepped foot into the kitchen however. Jocelyn just hoped that the kitchen had the proper ingredients for the pasta, or any food at all for that matter. If not they could always go out shopping, and at the very worst order in something if they were so inclined. Giving the two a slight exhausted smile, she hoped that they did find some kind of food.

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