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The biggest heist of their careers. Simply what it was, and that meant all the problems in their lives. It wasn't the actual job that was the problem, it went off well. Now they just have to survive the escape.

12 hours with more money than any of them could spend.

12 hours with a ship full of criminals, and no where to run.

12 hours for all hell to break loose.

12 hours from now 'til then.

Can they survive themselves for 12 hours?

So if you didn't catch it, this RP is about a group of criminals who just pulled the biggest heist of their lives, and their trip from the job to their safe house.

This is a Sci-Fi RP.

I will control time progression to roughly one hour in the RP being one day, other than that I'm not controlling much. Do not take this as you can do whatever though, keep everything somewhat realistic to the situation. Your characters are human, but they can be anything in addition, an undercover cop, a backstabber, etc.

if you have plans for something to happen, e.g. undercover cop having police ambush the ship, send me a tell and I'll work out the timing for it.

Other than that, enjoy.

Character sheets
Job: (whether for the heist or on the ship)

The Ship:
Essentially a transport/smuggling ship

Sleeping Quarters
Cargo Bay

The Crew:
Name - Job - Played By
Athena Byrne - Cabin Girl - Rayne Dolore
Rose Evans - Safe Cracker - The Raven
Brian Cobb - Navigator - Fluffy
I'm new here but ready to start(:

Name: Athena Byrne
Age: 23
Job: Undercover Reporter/ Cabin girl ( Runaway)
Athena is close to being fired from her job and needs a big story fast. She boards the ship hoping to find a hidden treasure of some sort. But discovers the group of criminals and pretends to be a runaway. She claims to have left because of "family issues", and begins her investigation.
I been meaning to make a character for this, TC. Hopefully more people will be interested! I'll concoct something soon, unless this isn't even getting off of the ground. ;_;

Brian Cobb
sorry for taking so long on this Rayne, but looks good, sending you a PM about a few things though.
Fluffy and Raven looks good, if something comes up I'll PM you.
I have a character idea if you're still accepting! Send me a PM if you can make room for another guy!