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  1. I notice that barely any of the requests in this part of Iwaku ever get filled. I want to get a banner made but there's no point in requesting it in the art threads cuz I knw they won't get made. So is there any one out there who can make me a banner?
  2. What kind of banner do you want?
  3. I want a banner for my ongoing rp Chains from heaven. The link is in my signature. I was hoping for something that keeps with the theme of the roleplay. So maybe a banner with chains coming from a clear blue sky. Or if that is too difficult, I could come up with something else
  4. If you could give me a little bit, while I finish my chores I can make something for you.
  5. 30 minutes to finish my chores and another 10-20 minutes to finish the banner.
  6. Great!! I will love u forever if you do this for me
  7. Sorry it's taking me a bit longer, but I'll send it to you tonight.
  8. No problem
  9. How is this?

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  10. It's already sized for iwaku standards.
  11. Its great. Better than I expected actually. Thank you!!!!!
  12. I think it needs to be resized to 800x100.
  13. You sure? I looked at the banner submission page before I sized it.
  14. They made it bigger, I didn't notice. I'll resize it.
  15. I'm not sure what the problem is but it keeps saying Error- Image uploaded for this zone should have size 800x100 exactly.
  16. It's exactly 800x100

  17. that one actually worked. Thanks for the banner (and patience)
  18. No problem ^_^
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