10 Billion Dollars to Change the World

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  1. In an anime called "Eden of the East" there are 12 chosen people who are given 10 billion yen in hopes that they will change the world for the better.

    If you were given this same opportunity (10 billion dollars in this case) how do you think you would change the world?

    EDIT: For you nit picky people the amount of currency doesn't really matter pertaining to the question as a whole because we aren't getting super detailed but 10 billion yen is 11,786,893.48 U.S. Dollars. Use that number whatever :P
  2. But that's not the same. 10 billion yen is closer to 100 million US dollars. That's like saying a 6.5 earthquake isn't much different then a 7.5!

    Complaints aside, I wouldn't want that sort of responsibility put on me from someone else. If I came upon that money by some other means, lottery, inheritance, savvy business strategy I'd take the challenge without thinking about it. Education would be my vector for changing the world for the better. Knowledge is power, and well rounded education gives people the chance to make better choices for themselves. It takes longer then some other fixes, but I'd rather have something that is done right and last for the betterment of everyone then something flashy.
  3. Agreed with Ocha's 1st part, one American dollar is worth 98 Japanese yen, last I checked.

    I'd push for demilitarization in places where we don't need our military. Also, moar theme parks and avarice. Everyone needs to be corrupt.
  4. Start a Dionysian Cult specialising in international art terrorism.
  6. I would start somewhere that I know I could make the biggest difference. o__o Which would probably be in third world countries where building schools, homes, etc and providing work/education could dramatically improve quality of life.

    At first I thought I would start in my own state/country first, but politics and bureaucratic bullshit always cockblocks good deeds and progress. >:[ Nothing would ever get done unless I took over the country myself. And who wants to deal with THAT. >>
  7. Use the money to get more hard-right conservatives into the U.S. congress.

    ...what? You didn't say I have to change the world for the better.