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  1. So I'm really excited to try out one these RP plots. If we RP, I prefer to do it over PM, but if we go on a thread that's fine too, I'm trying to get over my fear of threads so... xD If there's a * sign behind it, that means I really want to try the RP plot, and I can play both genders XD!

    Assassin X Assassin*
    Assassin X person to be assassinated**
    Time travel
    Zombie apocalpse
    Serial killer X Victim*
    Yandere X person
    Best friend X best friend*
    Rival X rival*
    Angel X Demon*
    mythical creature X human*
    mythical creature X mythical creature*
    Mythical creature X hunter*** ( xD )
    Prince X Princess**
    Prince/princess X slave**
    Maid x Master**
    Doctor x Patient *
    Teacher x Student **
    Hunter x Hunter*
    Anything else can suggest
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  2. I'd like to do the Mythical creaturesxhunter please
  3. I'd be interested in the Assassin / Assassin or Assassin/Assassinated rps if you're still interested in them
  4. Sure! We can discuss more about it on the Pm ^-^!
  5. Okay! We can talk more about it over Pm.
  6. I'm interested in either the prince x princess or x slave ^^ you still looking for partners?
  7. Yeah! I'm still looking for partners. And I send you a Pm so we can discuss more.
  8. I really like the idea of Angel X Demon. It seems like a lot of fun~
  9. People took all of the ideas that you had most interest in QwQ
    I like all of your ideas and got super interested in Mythical creature x Hunter... but oh well.
    Assassin x Assassin sounds nice? :3
  10. Sure! We can discus more over PM.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.