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  1. Greetings fellow Roleplayers! I'm new and I haven't Roleplayed in some time, so I may be a bit rusty. ^^;;

    - I Roleplay in third person. However, I am comfortable if my partner prefers first person.
    - The length of my replies varies. I will not type anything less than a good sized paragraph though, and I expect my partner to do the same. (6-7 sentences?)
    -I will not do sexually explicit Roleplays. First base, maybe second (is that the word? xD) like kissing etc.. is alright. And since we're on the subject, I will not jump into relationships in the Roleplay immediately. I love Romance, but it has to be slowly built to that point! And not have both characters blushing around each other from the beginning, even if they do feel physical attraction for one another.
    - I do expect my partners to be active. If for some reason you cannot reply within 1-2 days, please, let me know.
    - I will only play as a female. Unless its an NPC, just to make the Roleplay more interesting. I am straight and will only play with males/male characters.
    - I am very friendly OOC! I do hope to make friends here as well as Roleplays.
    - I can be an aggressive Roleplayer, but I expect my partner to help with the plot and not just rely on me for that.

    Pet Peeves:
    - Mary-Sue's and Marty-Stu's.
    - Male characters who are introverted, socially anxious, weak, suffer from self-doubt; you know, the type that blush all the time and never take the initiative. If your character has any of these, I will quit the Roleplay. Sorry I just can't do it.
    Let's get to the fun part! Yaaay~ ^^
    Stars represent my craving level. Blue is what my character will be playing in that pairing.

    Yandere male x Waitress
    (Mental Illness, Gore, Romance, Tragedy)

    From dusk until dawn, the hottest nigh club was always packed with the famous and the extremely wealthy. Recently hired, although without any previous experience, the waitress was going through some difficulties to keep up with her new lifestyle. Working six days a week, staying up all night and sleeping a few hours during daytime, she was quick to be exhausted, mentally and physically. One night, club members began to disappear; only traces of blood would be found in the club's vicinity. Could this have anything to do with her? Or was it all a figment of her imagination?

    P.S In case you're wondering what *Yandere* means:
    Yandere: They have two sides to their personality. Yanderes are extremely sweet, caring and gentle to those they love very much. However, they are usually mentally unstable, causing them to show their affection often through violence.

    Demon x Cupid's daughter
    (Fantasy, Drama, Modern, Romance, Comedy)

    We all know who cupid is. However, he's not the little, naked angel with wings that carries heart shaped arrows. He's an entity, a middle-aged god who lives with his beloved wife and only daughter on Mount Olympus. His job is to help people fall in love, or find their soulmate. Cupid's daughter, however, didn't inherit her father's love for his job. But one day, for certain reasons, Cupid ordered her to find the Demon's soulmate. If she succeeds, she will no longer have to join the 'family business'. She decides to get this job done in one day flat! He is just a mindless Demon after all. How hard could that be?

    Highlander Laird x Science college student
    (Time-travel, Romance, Possible Tragedy, Paranormal, Historical)

    Time travel was just a concept many scientist wished to achieve. However, one notorious scientist DID unravel its mysteries. With the help of his trusted assistant, they 'believe' the time-travel machine is ready for a test-run. Since all their experiments were secret, who was to be their lab-rat other than the assistant herself?

    The list will be updated with time. If I don't like your Roleplaying style ( take no offense please ), the Roleplay will be open again to other members. Hope to hear from you soon~! ♥

    P.S. I don't mind changing any of the aforementioned plots! And if anyone has different pairings/plots they'd like to try, please let me know. I'm open to ideas! (人・_・)♡​
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  2. Still open~
    I'm open to ideas T-T
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