1 x 1, Male needed :)

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  1. So, I've been role playing for years now, although I am only very new to this site, and don't yet completely understand the way this website works. So I figured, starting small with a 1x1 might help me get the gist of things. I'm open to any ideas and also have a few up my own sleeve if you're interested. :)
  2. What kind of plots do you have in mind
  3. If you are interested in a fantasy-based 1x1 I can share some ideas that I have.
  4. That'd be great! Fantasy is one of my favourite genres. :)
  5. Awesome! I am very into medieval fantasy if you have any plots based around that.
  6. Medieval fantasy is really fun! Uh, I once did a 'Kingdoms at War' one, where two enemy kingdoms battled constantly, almost as though they were tribes. The princess of one and the prince of another, meeting in the forest whilst both of them hunted. As a princess she wasn't allowed to hunt, so she would sneak out to do it, and as a prince, he had to be in battle for his kingdom and was out looking for supplies. When they meet, they realize the difference in the kingdoms they both come from, instantly developing some kind of hatred towards each other, though slowly over time their hatred lessened. That was just a plot of one I had done, if you would like, we could build from that plot to create a new, more original, more fantasy type roleplay. Unless you have any other ideas, yourself..? :)