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  1. firejay1

    Christmas Curiosities (firejay1 & LuckycoolHawk9)

    Ottilie Marsh liked her mask. It was simple as the masquerade types went, a simple black base with only one extravagant butterfly wing spreading in latticework metal around one eye. It matched well with the long, sparkling red dress she'd brought for the day. The pin was a white lily so small...
  2. Wade Von Doom

    A Ball For A White Christmas -- A Secret Santa Roleplay

    If this was going to be a Secret Santa event, then it would be one celebrated in style. Megan's trip to the mansion may follow the lead of others also invited to this 'unique' situation, of an eccentric old man inviting a variety of guests under the guise of celebrating the holidays with...
  3. Gotham Knight Todd

    The Christmas Ball (Jason Todd and Avangelica de Forest née Niemeyer)

    All things considered, reviving an invitation to one of the richest men alive’s mansion came as a shock to Jason. Somehow, this person had known he was alive, and was inviting him to this Christmas Masquerade ball and secret sant event. It was never something the young man would have considered...
  4. Sorrelfur

    Iwaku Secret Santa 2023

    Hello and welcome back everyone to Iwaku's Secret Santa event! First, a little information to explain this event to everyone. It isn't an irl gifting exchange secret santa. How this event works is you'll be doing this gift exchange thru roleplay! Your character is going to be partnered up with...