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What Happens When a Report Is Made

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What Happens When a Report Is Made

Often, when a report is submitted, the person who made that report does not hear back on the case. The process of how reports are handled is largely a mystery, as are the workings of Security Staff, so this resource is intended to break down what exactly happens once you press that button.


Once a report is received, it is automatically made into an individual thread within the Security team's forum. An incident, once reported, becomes a "case". All Security staff (but no other Staff) can view this thread and will discuss what action, if any, is necessary. The Security Leads will make final calls on cases, barring an Admin overrules them.

Once a decision is reached, the Security Leads will assign a Security team member.

Assigned Security Staff

The assigned Security Staff member might communicate between the Security team and the members involved in the case, or might conduct an investigation into the case itself in order to ensure the result of the case is fair and appropriate. Other Staff may assist in investigation. It is possible to have separate assigned Staff for contact and investigation. A Staffer assigned to communicate via PM will also handle delivering punishments, giving out warning points, or banning accounts if need be.

This does not mean that the assigned Security Staff member has majority say in any punitive measures or the final outcome of a case.

Closing a Case

Once the case is considered handled, it will be archived in a separate forum for record keeping purposes. This thread may be resurrected later and merged with new reports if the issue persists.

Cold Cases

When a case cannot be resolved, usually because of members involved becoming inactive, the case will be sent to a different forum called "Cold Cases". These cases are kept on file until such time as new information is discovered or the members return.

The system that revolves around the case process is designed in such a way to make it as fair and appropriate as possible. No single individual will ever handle a case on their own, no matter how large or severe the case is. We expect Security Staff to be serious and professional. If you have any questions about cases or the procedure, do not hesitate to contact a Security Staff member if you have any inquiries.
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