What Happens When a Report is Made

All about reports and what happens after.

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    What happens when a report is made.


    Many people on Iwaku don’t actually know what happens when they hear of a report being sent in, even some who submit a report themselves don’t know. So this resource will be dedicated to explaining the process so hopefully you have a better understanding of how we take care of the community's reports here. I will also provide an explanation of the process we use to ensure decisions are made fairly and appropriately in proportion to each individual case. So let's start with what happens when you press the report button and send it off.


    Cases or a ‘case’ is the term we give to all incoming reports. Once a report is received it is immediately and automatically made into an individual thread within the Security teams forum. This thread is what will be known as the ‘case’. From here the case is open to any and all security staff to look into the case where commonly staff will discuss what necessary action needs to be taken. It is likely at that time when a Security team leader will assign the case to a particular staff member. However that doesn’t mean that assigned staff has complete and final say on the case result.

    Once the Security team has come to a decision and has discussed appropriate action, an agreed upon solution will then be written up by the assigned staff member who will then communicate directly with the members involved in the case. The assigned staff will also communicate the Security teams decision to the individuals involved and may continue to work on the case.

    Assigned Security Staff explained:

    The assigned security staff works to communicate between the Security team and the members involved in the case. However that isn’t their sole responsibility, an assigned staff might also conduct an investigation into the case itself in order to gather more information to ensure the result of the case is the most fair and appropriate. Investigating a case takes many forms, it can be from analyzing profiles, reading through reported data or talking to the individuals to gather important information. The assigned security staff works alone for the most part, except for the decision making process.

    After the decision is made:

    Well as I mentioned before after a decision is made the assigned security staff will communicate with the individuals involved, that includes delivering the result of the case whatever that may be. Once the case is considered handled or concluded, it will be archived in a separate dedicated forum for record keeping purposes and additional information should the issue within the case persist.

    What happens when a case can’t be concluded:

    When a case can not be resolved, for reasons such as: Members not responding or not coming back online. A case will be sent to a different forum called ‘Cold Cases’. From here cases may still be concluded, but it is unlikely. Cases are usually sent here after a certain period of time has past since the last attempt of contact was made to those involved in the case.


    The system that revolves around the case process is designed in such a way to make it as fair and appropriate as possible. No single individual will ever handle a case on their own, no matter how large or severe the case is. Furthermore cases are handled with the uttermost seriousness and professionalism to ensure that everyone is well protected and feels comfortable while operating on Iwaku. If you have any questions about cases or the procedure, do not hesitate to contact a staff member if you have any inquiries. Thank you for taking the time to read this resource and I hope it helped.