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Iwaku's Bills: Where the Money Goes

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Interested in the how and whys of Iwaku's bills? Over time, it gets expensive! When we do a big site up we try to keep this list updated. If you'd like to help Iwaku keeps these bills paid so hungry cats don't maim us all, check out the Account Upgrades or the Patreon that supports our site collective.


Domain Services: $20/y
Server Hosting: $1560/y
Xenoforo Core: ($140) $80/y
Multi Prefix: ($20) $10/y
Sticky Any Post: ($20) $10/y
Conversation Essentials: ($45) $25/y
User Essentials: ($35) $20/y
Moderator Essentials:($45) 25/y
Sticky Thread Order: ($10) $5/y
Easy User Ban: ($18) $5/y
Ad Manager: ($59) $24/y
UI.X Dark: ($30) $20/y
Donate Manager: ($25) $15/y
Tag Essentials: ($24) $12/y
Prefix Essentials: ($36) $18/y
Addons by Andy: $25/y
ThemeHouse Addons: $100/y
Prefix Forum Listing: ($10) $5/y
Conversation Category: ($15) $10/y
Advanced BB Code Pack: ($35) $20/y
Dice Roller: ($30) $20/y
Collaborative Threads: ($45) $30/y
Gift Upgrades: ($20) $10/y
Signup abuse detection and blocking: ($40) $30/y

Yearly Costs: $2099

Note: One-time payment add-ons are not listed, and neither are add-ons we own but no longer actively use. These kind of modifications either come with lifetime access to support and updates and do not need to be renewed, they are incompatible with current software, or have been exiled from the internet.


Iwaku often runs special events and contests! These contests usually come with gift certificate prizes of $20 or more.
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