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Iwaku Contingency Plan: What to Do When the Site is Hacked

Iwaku Contingency Plan

The Iwaku Contingency Plan is a series of guidelines to be used in the event of Iwaku coming under serious threat by malicious persons. It includes a step-by-step plan of action as well as details of what may constitute a threat to the site.

Please ensure you have reason to believe Iwaku is in genuine danger before proceeding with the plan; abuse of this information may lead to serious punitive action. Pranks or scare tactics will not be tolerated.

What is considered a threat?

Anytime someone states an intent to cause damage to the site, or acts on such an intent, that is considered a threat. This may include:
  • A post on the forums or in the Discord/on-site chats stating an intent to hack the site
  • Private confession of intent to hack the site, via chat clients like Discord DMs or via Inbox Conversations on Iwaku
  • Public threats made on Facebook or other sites like 4chan
  • Any of the above, inciting others to hack the site on their behalf
  • Actual proof of hacking attempts, successful or otherwise
  • Proof of someone with moderator powers using those powers maliciously
If you know of any of these events taking place, report it as soon as possible. If you are a member of Staff, it is your duty; if you are a member of the public, it is simply in the best interest of the community.

Procedure in the Event of a Threat

1. Contact an Administrator.

Upon identifying a threat, you should contact Administration directly. It is far quicker to report to the highest authority right away rather than using the Report system or contacting Staff who may not be able to handle the problem.

The Administrators of Iwaku are:

@Astaroth | Discord: Astaroth#4407
@Jorick | Discord: Jorick#7824
@Kitti | Discord: Kitti#1816

2. If an Administrator cannot be reached, contact the site owner or Server Technician.

Sometimes an Admin may not be available or may not respond quickly to your messages. If you are concerned that the threat is time-sensitive, contact the site owner instead. If she is not available, contact the Server Technician. Either of them should be able to handle an imminent threat.

These contacts are, in order of priority:

@Diana (Owner) | Discord: Diana#0979
@jared555 (Server Technician) | Discord: Jared555#6727

3. If none of the above can be reached, contact a validated Emergency Contact.

In the event that neither the Admins, Diana, nor Jared can be reached by PMs (such as if the site actually goes down) or Discord, we have a list of members with means of contacting either Diana or Astaroth by phone. Do not abuse their contact details for other purposes.

@Xnijmai | Discord: Xnijmai#4927
@Grumpy | Discord: Grumpy#5467

4. If you cannot contact anyone and the site has actually been taken DOWN or cannot be used, contact the official Facebook page.

Our Facebook page can be found here and is operated by the Admins, Diana, and Jared. You can leave a post on the wall if it is a general notice that the site is down or send a private message with more detailed information.

5. Once you've made contact, be clear and concise about the nature of the threat.

For the sake of speed and efficiency, be sure to only include the relevant details. This helps ensure that action can be taken quickly. If more information is required from you, your point of contact may ask or you may be contacted directly by a higher authority.

6. Don't panic!

Genuine hacking and rogue moderators are not very common, and we are experienced with handling such situations. We have dealt with hacking attempts and even successful hacking before with little to no permanent damage! Join the Discord server and hang out until the site goes back up, if it's gone that far. We'll take care of it.
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