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Iwaku Contingency Plan: If the Worst Happens

  • So many newbies lately! Here is a very important PSA about one of our most vital content policies! Read it even if you are an ancient member!
Iwaku Contingency Plan: If the Worst Happens


Things do not always go as expected, especially in cases of extreme emergencies. Iwaku is a beloved project for many of us, thus we have a few contingency plans in place should the worst of the worst ever happen. These instructions and guidelines are meant to help transition us through these worst case scenarios.

The most important first step: Don't panic! It's going to be okay!
Iwaku has a great backup system and a well trained staff. In most instances, any threat towards the site or it's members is just a bluff or angry blustering. We've dealt with almost all of the situations mentioned in this guide and are still kicking.

That said, here are the potential issues and what to do about them!


A threat is when someone declares an intent to cause damage to Iwaku in one form or another. Whether that is through hacking, doxxing, mass spam trolling, deliberately creating discord amongst members, threats of physical harm, or abuse of power. These "large scale" attempts to destabilize the community, destroy the database, or bring actual harm to people are thankfully VERY rare, but have happened in the past and may happen again in the future.

If you see someone talking about trying to harm Iwaku, take the following steps to make a report:

  • If it is a regular member on Iwaku or an ex-member on another site send in a report form with screenshots and logs. Because most cases are just a bluff, Security will be able to take any needed actions.
  • If you feel these threats have SERIOUS MERIT to the server and are not just blustering, contact Diana (Owner) | Discord: Diana#0979 directly OR jared555 (Server Technician) | Discord: Jared555#6727 if Diana can't be reached fast enough. For example, you've seen a threat posted on a major trolling site and you know a big flood of chaos is coming.
  • If it is a STAFF MEMBER abusing their power use the Report a Staffer Form OR contact Diana directly via Discord if you feel the site has been compromised.
  • If the site is DOWN and you cannot access it or Discord, use the Official Iwaku Facebook Page. Remember to include full details about anything you may know.


In the case of a medical or other emergency and Diana is unable to perform administrative duties, the Leads of Staff will take over the day to day running of Iwaku until she is able to return.

Our Current Leads Are:
@PavellumPendulum in Community Department
@MaryGold in Roleplay Department
@Kuno in Site Support Department
@Nemopedia in Security Department


We hope the day that Iwaku inevitably closes it is by choice BUT in the case of a surprise Diana Death, there is a contingency plan as well.

Astaroth and jared555 will take over as temporary stewards with full administrative access to Diana's Iwaku Relevant accounts. They will slowly shut down Iwaku, allowing members to save their content and move on to new communities, before the site must inevitably close within the year. Software licenses may be gifted to anyone who aspires to create a new badass roleplay dynasty at their discretion.
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