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星を越えて夢 (Hoshi o koeto Yume - Dream beyond the Stars) Naruto AU

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Azuremoon, Aug 11, 2015.

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  1. Ninpo - 星を越えて夢 (Hoshi o koeto Yume - Dream beyond the Stars)

    代替物語 - 月の眼計画のテキスト入力欄!
    (Alternate Story - Success of the Moon's eye plan!)

    What if the Rabbit Queen hadn't stopped Uchiha Madara? What if Naruto and co. hadn't been successful in escaping the Tsuki no me?
    What if life for the world of Shinobi had continued under the grasp of Madara's dream scape? A world where life was eternal, and peace was had the seeming longevity of that life?

    Welcome to the Interest Check for the world I call...

    ナルト - 永遠のスターダンス
    Naruto - Eien no Sutādansu

    This world is Uchiha Madara's dream world. The world created for him when cast into the Eternal Genjutsu.

    In this world, Uchiha Madara is known as the, "Eienkage". The Kage, of the Untied Shinobi Nations. Upon creation of this world, it's castor (Madara) whipped the memories of everything before the after the start of the Fourth Great Ninja War from the current inhabitants and set the world in motion with him ending the known 'Akatsuki' by his own hand framing it's acting leader "Tobi" as the head war criminal.

    It isn't hard to manipulate those locked in Genjutsu, and with little effort on his part, Madara convinced the five shinobi nations to band together and come as one in his dreams. Kage were still instated to all shinobi villages, but they all worked together underneath the Eienkage who ruled from a new Shinobi Capitol known as Yukigakure no Mura, or The Village of Courage. Inspired by the man who'd fought Madara the hardest for the real world. Him and his guts.

    Ω γ Where our story would begin γ Ω

    I'm going to purposely be pretty vague here, for the sake of the OOC post, should we have enough interested. Anyway, in the beginning we'll play through the world with original characters (not from the series) in their natural environment for, say, one mission. This is phase one.

    After this, our group of heroes would encounter evidence of an extraterrestrial presence, which is - if you're not familar with the Naruto lore - canon. The evidence found serves as a beacon to the said lifeforms which are now approaching the planet.

    This is the premise and, in case you're curious, earth is not the only planet in this plot.

    Hope to hear from ya'!

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