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    The streets were covered with filth and grime.... Twisted, dark alleyways hiding unseen dangers... Smoke rising from chimney tops and factories, filling the air with an awful stench and gloom- but the people of Russia. All they cared about was work, money, food for their table, and their families back at home. But for a small boy named Yasha Ostrovsky, it was a different story.

    Yasha didn't have a family, not anymore anyways. They were murdered, or more like slaughtered. In a small, isolated village that didn't show up on any maps... And as far the rest of the world knew, it didn't even exist.

    His parents had been keeping quite shocking secrets from him... Though for a good reason. His parents were assassins. Trained killers that were under the guise of just simple factory workers. They were 'retired' assassins... Though no one could ever really retire from the job, so more like in hiding. They had to go into hiding, once Yasha's mother became pregnant with him, they did not want to be involved with the agency that had contracted them.

    They should have known they couldn't run from such people... They couldn't hide, couldn't run, couldn't escape... And eighteen years later, they caught up with them.... And in the process Yasha's parents were killed. But not before they had made sure Yasha would be the only one that escaped the small, already long-forgotten village... Escaping deep into the woods.

    With what little he knew about his parents being assassins, he escaped to Moscow. There, his parents had said to meet a man named Misha Dementyev, a professor at the Moscow University. When Yasha came to him, on worn out and tired legs, he realized that this man only cared about himself... And saving his own skin. Misha called the police, the very people Yasha knew he had to try and avoid. He narrowly escaped from them... Now, lost and alone as ever and on the streets by himself.

    On the first night of living on the streets though, he meets a gang of thieves and hustlers.... And Your Character just happened to be the leader of that gang of misfits. At first Your Character thought they could just rob the boy of any valuables or money he had... You had enough mouths to feed... Until the boy did the unthinkable and pulled a small knife on you. YOU! The supposed baddest street thug out there... At least you wanted to believe that. But this little runt of a kid had dared to pull a knife you!

    Instead of pulverizing the boy... You start laughing. "You've got guts kid" you say and you catch his nose wrinkling up slightly at the word 'kid.' "I'm eighteen.. I'm not a kid" he retorted, only making you laugh again. "What's your name, kid?"

    And thus their destinies became intertwined.... In more ways than one. Yasha's parents past had yet to stop haunting him... And as for your character... No matter where you ran, your past was always following you.

    ~I also may have an idea with the same characters, and a bit of the same idea, but part of it is changed. So an alternate story if interested!~


    1) I am looking for someone to play dominant! ^.^

    2) This will most likely take place in the late 1800's to the early 1900's!

    3) I would like 1-3 paragraphs. I don't like one liners! :P Also, in third person.

    4) I prefer to rp in threads, but pm's are acceptable. ^.^ I don't not roleplay through email though!

    5) I would prefer realistic pictures for this, but anime is okay. :3

    6) Comment below or pm if interested! ^.^
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  2. Still looking! ^.^
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