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  1. a roleplay between senpai and hikari


    Theme song

    ☩ тнe coloυrғυl lιғe oғ drrr!! ☩
    "The City That Nevers Sleep"

    S T O R Y L I N E

    Welcome to Ikebukuro, where you find color-coded gangs called the "Dollars" roaming and flying vending machines aimed at a man that always carry a seemingly-dangerous pocket knife. There's also the mysterious myth about a headless motorcyclist that drives through the street in the late evening that is never found to be speaking except to an eccentric doctor; nonverbally. But "crazy" hasn't exactly spread all the way, as you can spot a small group of cheeky highschoolers that radiates a sense of youthful aura.

    But they are not the main characters of this particular story.

    Two women has arrived to the wild urban jungle and it's either going to be a hellish-experience or their greatest times.

    Midori Satou, a cheerful woman, visits the Walking Disaster Shizuo Heiwajima daily at work during his bartender days. They banter and reminisce, though despite of this; they aren't exactly close...yet. As the days goes by, will they form a bond and learn about each other's secrets? Or stay apart, keeping their distance?

    Izaya Orihara is sadistic as always, and he found a new toy to play with. A clueless college student named Reika Akiba stumbled upon his presence and mistakened the man to be an actor she's a fan of. But instead of revealing his true identity, he decided to go along with it. How long will this charade last?

    This will all unravel ... only in Ikebukuro.

    M A I N C A S T

    Midori Satou . . . played by @hikari
    Shizuo Heiwajima . . . played by @senpai
    Reika Akiba . . . played by @senpai

    Izaya Orihara . . . played by @hikari
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  2. [​IMG]


    Chapter One
    .:.The Tales of Shizuo and Midori.:.



  3. [​IMG]

    Shizuo Heiwajima
    West Side of Ikebukuro - The Bar

    Shizuo didn't mind his job. Although it wasn't exactly "domesticated" if you count the number of sins he witnessed in this run-down bar, he was satisfied with the paycheck and the work shift he was able to adjust with. But on the current event he is in, he would rather toss this two-legged trash out to the nearest dumpster where they belong. He suppressed the clenched fist hiding underneath the counter so he wouldn't have to lose his job again, keeping a neutral expression while the customer rambled unintelligibly. They were obviously drunk as you can tell by the violent shade of crimson flushing from their stained neck to cheeks.

    "I loved her, I reeaally did you know? Ringo-chan was the love of my life ..." Their breath reeked of booze and it was the scent Shizuo grown used to. "I dedicated my life to her ... My life!" They slammed their clumsy fist on the table as it shook and the ice in tumbler flinched against each other. Shizuo was rigid the whole time, standing there in silence and waited for the middle-aged business man to spare him the sob story and take his leave. However, he could only wish, and instead poured them another glass of strong whiskey; more than he was supposed to but it was demanded by the fussy customer themselves. They snatched their share and chugged their ninth consuming, sobbing mid-way.

    He was really itching for a smoke break.

    "—Heh, why does it matter anyway?" The male continues, and Shizuo was starting to believe he might grow bald if he hears this bullshit spurting out any longer. "'s not like she cared ... Like she gave a damn. Wanna know why?"

    "No." Shizuo shortly clips. He wasn't interested. He wasn't even listening in the start.

    "She cheated on me!" They exclaimed anyway. "I came home, exhausted from a long day at work, then what do I see? The bitch craddlin' on some, some man's lap! It was unbelievable!" They hiccuped and wiped their salty tears using their jacket sleeves, including snot from their pink-raw nose.

    Shizuo wasn't surprised. He was idly wiping the marbled counter-top with a dish cloth and his head was turned down, not facing the client properly. But being a bartender apparently required social interaction because the man towards him was not pleased with his silent gesture.

    "Aren't ya gonna' say anythin'? Huh?" The customer demands, pointing an accusing finger at Shizuo. Flecks of spit from their gibbered mouth flew on his bowtie. They stood up from their stool and leaned closer from the confidence of the alcohol running in their body system, "Give me some advice! Thas' what a bartender suppose to do, ri...right? Help a pop out—!" They grew desperate as the second ticked by and their speech became even more slurred, displaying their vulnerability of not only a wasted soul but a pathetic, unpitiful sight.

    His lips are drawn and slowly, his heavy eyes gazed back at the man. Despite him wearing tinted glasses, you can see a warning, cold glare. The person may be too drunk for their brain to comprehend what sort of danger they just put themselves in, because messing with the Strongest Man in Ikebukuro is a very deadly challenge.

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  4. Midori Satou

    Eyes glance at the shelves upon shelves of novels and tomes, and Midori lets out a sigh. Her shift is the last one in the library, and though she does not particularly mind how late it is, closing up always makes her feel a bit gloomy.

    A young girl stays in the mystery section, her hands drifting over the spines as her brows furrow. She is the last one in the library, and after she leaves Midori can go home. But she seems like she can't find what she's looking for, so she decides to help out. Or at least manage to provide another alternative to what the girl wants to read.

    Approaching her, Midori asks, "Anything I can help you with?"

    She looks almost startled, before nodding. "Ah... I'm looking for something..."

    "And what's the title?" Assuming she has already decided on a specific book. If not... "Or, what kind of book are you looking for?" adds Midori.

    "One with a deep title."

    "...A deep title...?"

    She nods, looking away. "It's a weird request, but yeah." With a small grin, she continues, "I want a title that speaks out to me, y'know? Something that makes me wanna read it. And a good cover would be appreciated."

    The teenagers of today are certainly strange, muses Midori. Several book titles come to mind, but it all really depends on what she considers 'deep'. "And you like mystery novels?"

    "No, to be honest, I just thought that mystery novels probably have deep titles so..."

    "...Ah." Midori is unsure of what to make of this girl, but regardless, if helping out here means another person finds something good to read, she will do her best to help out. "And what kind of titles do you like?"

    After fifteen minutes, she ends up getting Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick.

    A satisfied smile plays on her lips – closing up the library and leaving all those books behind is significantly easier today, yet Midori doesn't want to go home. There aren't many places she can go to at this time of night, and if she were a tad more responsible she'd go home and get a good amount of sleep. But she has never been very responsible.

    There is one place she could go to, she thinks, one that is nearby – a good thing because the streets of Ikebukuro aren't the safest at night – a bar she has been frequenting lately. Conversations with friends in person are not something that happen often nowadays, since her close friends are all busy and they keep in touch through the internet and texts. It's only natural for Midori to wish to talk to someone.

    The bartender is nice company. Watching him get pissed at people can be entertaining, in a twisted sort of way.

    Soon, the familiar smell of alcohol fills the air, and she is not surprised to see someone severely pissing Shizuo off – something that happens quite often, and she sits on the chair next to the dangerously drunk man who may or may not end up going to the hospital.

    "—hey," she greets, eyes flickering between the drunk and Shizuo. "Rough day?"
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